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Another thing I noticed after reading these four graphic novels as a continuous storyline... Cutter is not the main character. He was the main character of the Original Quest, for certain... and he's definitely acting as a leader here... But he takes a back seat to Rayek, Skywise and Leetah. They are the protagonists. The story arc is mainly about Rayek- with Skywise and Leetah acting as prominent players. Skywise is the instigator- and he spends most of the storyline (From Siege to Kings) being kicked around to a surprising extent. He's not playing 'damsel in distress' to the extent that Redlance and Strongbow sometimes have... But he is taking a punch in some way, shape or form pretty much every time he shows up (except for that one scene with Aroree). He's like a guy in a boxing match who is definitely losing- and that becomes clearer every round. Rayek is the main character. He's the one facing the major challenges, taking the most major actions, wrestling with himself and experiencing a true character arc. But he's a tragic hero. His flaw is bringing him down- and his fall is great. In true Shakespearean style, he loses everything, but he brings it on himself. He just can't help it. In that context, Winnowil is pretty much the villain who inspires his demise. She's the bad advice he didn't have to listen to. Ekuar is Banquo- while Winnowl is the three witches to Rayke's MacBeth. She's Iago, while Ekuar is Cassio to his Othello. Cutter, meanwhile, is playing Duncan or Desdemona. He's the innocent victim... who pretty much has no control and just has to roll with it. Leetah? Leetah is the straight up hero all the way through. She rescues everyone from Winnowil in Siege, then again, fights off Rayek and Winnowil and saves Shuna in Kings. When she is knocked out, Venka steps up to plate. She's not the main character- but she does save the day pretty much every time. Skywise couldn't stop Rayek- but Leetah did, simply by refusing to go along with his plans regarding Winnowil. She is the most powerful character. And she fully puts him in his place... until Venka becomes his moral voice. So anyway- that's my impression. Rayek is the tragic hero. Skywise is the secondary character who gets beat up and kicked around. Leetah is the hero who periodically saves everyone. Cutter is the general victim- the good king whom everyone loves. And the whole thing moves along at a fairly fast pace. It's just bam-bam- bam with the plot- so when everyone is reacting irrationally and emotionally by the end of the story... you can understand why. Too much has happened- and everyone is at the end of his/her rope. Out damned spot, already!