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@Thornbrake- I know you want me to make my comments on Facebook. I did make a couple of posts- and I would happily make more comments, except... A lot of the people that I'm "friends" with on Facebook aren't really friends- so much as they are old work buddies and contacts. A lot of my friends (true friends) also double as professional contacts. I don't want to make too many intense comments about a comic book, honestly, that would show up on their newsfeeds. That's not how I use Facebook. For me, it's mainly a 'keeping in touch' tool. For what it's worth, I also have some very strong political views and opinions about society that I also don't share on Facebook. Some people I know do- and I respect that... but I try to hold back because of who I am connected with. If you have a conversation with me, however, and you ask my opinion of these things, I'm more than willing to share. I also have involved myself, over the years, in organizations that impact the world in ways I like. For me, the forum is where I go all geeky nuts on Elfquest. The whole point of this place is to overshare your thoughts on Elfquest with people you know have the same interests you do, and who actually enjoy hearing what you or I or anyone has to say. I have, actually, emailed Dark Horse directly, though- as you suggested.