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I found that the only seller of Apoxie Sculpt (which is what the professionals use) in my country is in Bruges. And that's, like, 100 kilometers away. Just 62 miles! I hear you Americans laugh! Yes, but give me a break, my country is only some 150 miles across. I can't afford to burn that much gas on just a bit of potential tinkering, so I made this into a little road trip. I drove as far west as I could, until I met the North Sea, and I stood on the beach. It was a clear but blustery and blisteringly cold day, and I got tired from being sand blasted soon. I then did what any normal person would do, and visited the ancient city of Bruges. Nobody goes to Bruges in February except me and it was nice, quiet and romantic. And then I returned home with my prize- 4 pounds of clay, because that was the only size they had. I sense a lot of sculpting in the future!