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manga said: I think you could be right but on the page where Leetah was talking about this, the image was Cutter and Leetah in front of the great Egg after the confrontation with Winnowill.
True- but they are only talking about the fact that he will die. She isn't offering, at that point, to remove his wolfblood. That never gets mentioned. He just says that he's resigned- that "Bearclaw always said a Wolfrider's life was short and sharp.. then I met Savah and I dreamed of living forever... But I'm awake now and the truth is good." I just think that was the point at which Leetah would naturally have said "But you can live forever, beloved! I can realize that dream for you with my healing abilities!" If she had known she could do it. Instead, she just stands there and cries.
manga said: It may be Winnowill's racism talking. It may also be that the WAY she chose to remove his Wolfblood is the issue. She's not the type to care about any damage she does, whereas Leetah would look for a better way.
THat's a really good point.