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lunakat said: I also don't think she's ever been that calculating. Kahvi was more of a 'rolls with the punches- then punches you back' type than a scheming manipulative type. Urdah was right- there was no way she could have hid that kid forever- so for her to have planned to do that makes no sense. I think she reacted to his behavior during her pregnancy and made that choice then. I think that is in keeping with her character. The other is in keeping with Winnowil's character.
Well, that is a point, Luna, and maybe you're right. The problem is that when a character lies, the reader often can tell no more than the other characters, when she's lying and when she's not. If this is true, though, then it makes Kahvi's behavior towards Cutter when he was in wrapstuff much worse. I thought she was planning to cut him out of wrapstuff, convince him to have sex with her, then let him go right back into wrapstuff. If she couldn't conceive at will, then she might have had to keep him more or less imprisoned for years, maybe decades. And it does raise the question of why she never got pregnant during the 500+ years she was sleeping with him before he went into wrapstuff.