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Richard shared some interesting info about soul names on Facebook that I thought would be a good addition to this old thread (and also be a better way of saving it for future reference than Facebook). The question Richard was responding to was about why Sunstream has a soul name if he doesn't have wolf blood.

RichardPini said: Sunstream has a soul name (and by the way, everyone, it's two words, not one) because Suntop had a soul name, and Suntop had a soul name because, immortal or not, he was born and raised a Wolfrider. His upbringing, his life lessons, his innermost mental and emotional makeup were shaped by the tribe of which he was a vital part. For the Wolfriders, the having of a soul name is fundamental to their life and survival, as they have lived and survived - in secret, with caution - for millennia. There was never a question that Suntop would have one. Also, for the record, only the Wolfriders have and use soul names.
To which I responded: Thanks for those tidbits, Richard! So it does seem like use of soul names is more of a cultural thing than it is a genetic one. Interesting. Not that I expect any further pinning of it down. Richard then added this:
RichardPini said: David - You said, "Not that I expect any further pinning of it down." You are wise beyond your years, grasshopper. Wendy and I are here to tell a story which, to us, is a beautiful butterfly. You can enjoy the butterfly as it soars and flits to and fro in the sunlight. Or, you can pin it to a board and dissect it to understand how every nerve fiber connects to every bit of muscle. If you do that, you may understand the literal mechanics of how it once flew. But it will be no less dead.
So now my wheels are turning...! !Venka