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Lost_unicorn said: Also (if it's canon) there were only 10 high ones to start with.
Depends whether you go with "The Blood of Ten Chiefs" prose stories or the comic "How shall I keep from singing". In the BotC anthologies it is said there were clearly more survivors - still a very small group in human terms. "How shall I keep from singing" tells the story of the Circle of Nine - and Adya was killed at first contact. So there were only 8 elves to procreate. Haken left before the procreated and Gibra went to search him after she gave birth to her first child, Vol. Leaves six of the original group ... From them - according to the comic - came Timmorn and the Wolfriders. Two-Spear's splinter tribe ended up as the Go-Backs. They probably merged with the Frozen Mountain Elves (Ekuar's birth tribe) who lived near the Palace and might have own ancestors. I don't know whether the Gliders have own "High Ones" or actually originate from Haken, Gibra and Vol. The Sunfolk developed from the survivors of a splinter group of Voll's Gliders. Maybe there can be found more about the Gliders' origin in Voll's or Winnowill's bios. And then there are the Wavedancers - nothing told about their ancestors so far.