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marinayurk said: I think that people have an analog of the Soul Name. This full name in the passport.
Or your social security number (in the United States). It gives you access to everything. This is sort of an interesting business. If the soul name is cultural- then the personal quest to find it that most elves supposedly go on makes sense. It might be that you just meditate and get in touch with yourself, until you generate for yourself a word that encapsulates you and acts as a mental key to the deeper areas of your psyche. But then, there's Cutter- who was born knowing his soul name. How is that possible if it's merely cultural? It seems a lot more organic than that. And the story about the recognition of Tanner has Tanner learning his lifemate's soul name before she learns it herself. When she does finally discover it, it's a personal revelation that unlocks who she really is. If the soul name were constructed by the character, the order of all that would be very different. There would be no soul name for Tanner to know before his lifemate conceived it. And she wouldn't have needed it to be complete. The way it's been presented in the story, a soul name seems to be with a character from birth- and is organic and intrinsic to the essence and identity of the elf. So what the heck is it?