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Ahh, the soul name! I followed the discussion on FB as well. It made me think more and finally realized my fascination of it was to know who you are. The soul name would explane everything! Don't most Wolfriders struggle with who they are? Am I wolf or Elf. Does my soul sing the starsong or the wolfsong? They are made out of two worlds, unlike the immortal elfes who are made out of the world from which the High Ones came.... So, my guess is immortals don't need a soul name, because in a way they know who they are, they (I think) hear only the starsong. But the soul name explaines to the Wolfriders how they can hear both songs, together! And maybe it explained to Leetah who Cutter really was. Not just a "half-breed-savage"......but much more! So.... as for my fascination. I have been looking for who I am for a long time, still am in a way, since I am still learning every day, and I would love to have a name, private and only for me, to see who I am and what I could do with my life. But I am getting close in my search for my very own soul name!