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RedheadEmber said: The circle of nine + Orolin (the scrollkeeper) + the three Haken mentions when he returns to the Palace + several other unnamed ones.
I must have missed that. I't does make more sense though.
Embala said: Depends whether you go with "The Blood of Ten Chiefs" prose stories or the comic "How shall I keep from singing"
I never read the prose stories, my only source is the comic.That's why I got the impression that only 8 high ones survivived. If indeed there are more suvivors that means that the gliders are not necessary related. Since they stoped procreating very early on, there can be more than enough genes that didin't mix. What we do not know is how far the high ones we related to each other before they arrived in the world of two moons.
Embala said:
I don't know whether the Gliders have own "High Ones" or actually originate from Haken, Gibra and Vol. The Sunfolk developed from the survivors of a splinter group of Voll's Gliders. Maybe there can be found more about the Gliders' origin in Voll's or Winnowill's bios.
Interesting I didin't know that. Based on Haken's appearance in the comic you would say that he is at least an ancestor of Winnowill an Rayek. What would mean that Gibra was successful in finding him, and at some point was might have been part of the pre gliders and sunfolk tribe.