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I like "rock kid" Thoughts on soul names... What's the purpose of a soul name? Savah said it, right? To "protect" one's secret, innermost self during telepathic communion. The Wolfriders have this need. Other elves don't seem to. What's different about Wolfriders? They are the only elves who are part wolf. And not just the only elves who are part wolf- but the only elves who are genetically mixed with any type of mortal creature born to the abode. What do we know about wolves? They live in packs. But they are not telepathic. Coneheads were a collective, telepathic group with no boundaries between them. Other elves don't seem to have a problem with their mental boundaries either. The Gliders were willing to be linked together under Winnowil. The Wavedancers are like a school of fish- and they are all mentally linked. The Sunfolk would probably have done it if they could have sent earlier. And Sunstream's big ability is going to be to mentally link all his people- they've been working toward that for years now. And it's kind of a bizarre goal, if you really think about it- isn't it? Maybe the reason that Wolfriders have soul names is that the very small, mortal, animal part of them needs that mental barrier because wolves- although they are pack animals (like the elves) are individual creature with isolated, independent minds. Maybe this is an adaptation to allow the elves to be the telepathic aliens they are, but also preserve the isolated mind of the animals they also are. The animal's instinctive need for and expectation of that inner privacy. Maybe that's why the violation of it is so shocking- because it jars against the nature of what they are?