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The misfit trolls return to battle the eager Go-Backs, to the delight of Two-Edge, who forms an astonishing alliance.
Okay, the first part hardly leaves question, even more as it is illustrated in the cover - there's combat between Go-Backs and Trolls ahead. But WHY is this to Two-Edge's delight? Does he still follow the ieda that an fight between Trolls and Elves can settle his inner conflict and define "who he is"? Is his mind still so twisted that he thinks he can protect "his maiden" whilehe enjoys a "battle of decision" between her tribe folk and the Trolls? Or is it simply the delight of a mastersmith who see his weaponary needed and well used? 8-X This astonishing alliance - what does that phrase imply? An alliance so extraordinary and surprising we would never have expected? An alliance never seen before? Or ... is it a little overemphasized to make the announcement more thrilling ... and it will not be SUCH a BIG revelation in the end? Or ... Wendy made up something beyond our imagination. !Nonna Whether something is astonishing for me depends on my expectations and on what I think to know. Under this conditions an alliance between Two-Edge and the misfit Trolls WOULD be astonishing because I believe (think to know) that he wants to keep harm from Venka. Maybe - he becomes an ally of the Trolls in order to protect Venka? Or ... how's this: He'll actually form an alliance between Go-Back and Trolls? I'd call this astonishing \m/ - and it would be sort of a conclusion for his inner conflict as well. Coexistance. Just playing around ;) with ideas, possibilities, craziness and ... impossibilities? So who is around to form an alliance with - be it with Two-Edge personally or the Go-Back tribe? There are the Misfit Trolls - they are supposed to be the villians. An alliance would be kind of a turnaround. Maybe there's a splinter group, tho ... Are there other Trolls, too? Are there still slaves, former Holt Trolls enslaved again after Picknose was driven away? Is Two-Edge plotting with them for a while? The Misfit Trolls have traditional gender roles, judgeing from what we've seen so far. What about the females? Are the sick of it and ready to revolt? Is Two-Edge plotting with them? There may be Rayek and Ekuar. We know that those two and Venka will meet at some point ... and that it is likely during a battle. The elf shadow on top of the cover holds a pose I easily associate with Rayek. But he(?) wears Go-Back duds and I miss the high ponytale ... actually it could be anyone. Would an alliance be called astonishing? I don't know. It would be likely that Rayek suppoerts his daughter. A cooperation with between Two-Edge and Ekuar, the technological mastermind and the rockshaper? Interesting ... butastonishing? Two-Edge and Ekuar were as close to friends as it could be in the beginning of KotBW. Are there Humans? So far we have not met a human tribe so far north but we know that they could exist. An Elf/Human alliance would be rather astonishing in my opinion. Or are there unknown Elves? Venka was worried about foreign sending ... why should she when there never was an encounter with (potientionally hostile) foreign elves? btw: What meant Two-Edge when he said: "I am full of surprises?" in FQ #7? Anything special maybe? Is he forming this alliance already?
Meanwhile, Rayek hungers to partake of the increased magical power of those who dwell within the Palace.
This and his look on the cover of FQ #8 indicates for me that Rayek is in another part of the WoTMs than Venka ... and aims for another goal right now. He wears very differrent clothing in the teaser film when we see him with Venka - and he looks like he has regained/increased his powers. Not the worn out wanderer who struggles with Winnowill's spirit ... Then again - the Palace could be moved back to the Frozen Mountains in order to make the Holt save for Sunstream's call ... The Go-Backs would necessary band of protectors, backed up by selected Wolfriders. The Trolls would have a real reason to attack the Go-Backs again. And Rayek would head to the north ... Of course it's as likely that Venka and her tribe want to visit Cutter (and the Palace), use the old Troll tunnels and run into the Troll warriors close beneeth the Holt.
But Cutter’s greatest concern is Angrif Djun’s massive war fleet, which seeks to crush all elves and their allies.
Their allies. Allies again ... Picknose's and/or Drub's Trolls? They dwell underground and not the best support on sea, I bet. Just some scattered elf-friendly Humans? Or is it about Two-Edge's "astonishing alliance" again? For the weird note - and alliance with Winnowill's spirit would be astonishing , wouldn't it? :!!