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Oh sure- you can totally justify it. I'm just saying, it's an unnecessary change that doesn't reflect well in the larger context. Sure, you can say technically, that the palace is changing them. For it to make sense, the change would have to be caused by the palace itself- because simply not being in sun doesn't seem to change characters in that way. Venka (since you brought her up) was born in the snow, raised in the forest and ended up leading her people through the snow again. She never got less dark for all that. And Suntop and Ember spent most of their lives in a shaded forest. They also didn't lose their tan. And as far as the Sunfolk themselves are concerned- I believe they spent a good deal of time living underground before they were rescued by the Palace, with very little natural light available. None of them got lighter because of that. The only way for this to make sense is if the Palace is creating the change. I'm just saying- it's a pointless, unnecessary and conceptually problematic change. It's an element that didn't need to be there to get the point across. And it's sort of uncomfortable- and not in that good kind of way.