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Actually, I'm not even sure that conversation between Skywise, Sun-Toucher and Ruffel indicates that the Sunfolk are getting paler, as much as it says they're getting taller. Skywise seems less sure about Ruffel getting paler than about her getting taller. Again; getting a bit paler when you go from living in a desert to living indoors is pretty normal, having a sudden growth-spurt when you're well over 10,000 years old (assuming Ruffel didn't sleep during the Long Wait) is... a bit more unusual. Sun-Toucher says that the Sunfolk will go from looking like Skywise, who is short and pale, to looking like Savah, who is tall and tanned. Ruffel tells Skywise that he should not wait too long with changing. Also, the change has already happened to Sunstream, and he's still tanned. (Not counting the time he spent as a rainbow coloured fish)...

lunakat said: And Suntop and Ember spent most of their lives in a shaded forest
... which is actually what Sunstream has spent most of his life as... (BTW, am I the only one who first thought Sunstream getting taller was simply so he wouldn't be shorter than Brill?)
lunakat said: And as far as the Sunfolk themselves are concerned- I believe they spent a good deal of time living underground before they were rescued by the Palace, with very little natural light available.
They went underground at the same time as the Shards War, and got rescued right after.