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RedheadEmber said: (BTW, am I the only one who first thought Sunstream getting taller was simply so he wouldn't be shorter than Brill?)
I also got the solid impression he did that deliberately. He's the only one that shot up really tall over a short period of time. He grew that tall in two years- and the rest of them have been there more than twenty years.
RedheadEmber said: Skywise seems less sure about Ruffel getting paler than about her getting taller. Again; getting a bit paler when you go from living in a desert to living indoors is pretty normal, having a sudden growth-spurt when you're well over 10,000 years old (assuming Ruffel didn't sleep during the Long Wait) is... a bit more unusual.
Uh- no. You don't mention something like that that way if you don't want to make a point of it... as an author at least. I think, if it hadn't been intended that way- we wouldn't have all read it that way. Did anyone not read it that way?
RedheadEmber said: Actually, I'm not even sure that conversation between Skywise, Sun-Toucher and Ruffel indicates that the Sunfolk are getting paler, as much as it says they're getting taller.
They said both.
RedheadEmber said: They went underground at the same time as the Shards War, and got rescued right after.
So of the handful of examples I chose, that's the one that may not be completely the strongest. The others all stand. I still think you missed my point. I mean- can we all agree that this is just an awkward thing to throw into the story? Sure you can say that, technically it fits. Sure, you can hedge it and say "maybe even though a character said it's happening it's not happening because, who knows, maybe that character has perception problems suddenly" or "of the three examples you chose, one doesn't exactly pertain because of z" ... But that still doesn't in any way discount that this is just an awkward element to throw in, given the larger context. And it's something that doesn't really have to be there. That's all I'm saying.