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Randomly been thinking of the time-passage in Final Quest, and sorta coming up with an "accurate" timeline (you know... accurate if you don't have a calendar) Long time-skip in the Special: Twenty-odd years (it says so right there in the text). This is simultaneously the best time-skip and the worst, in terms of knowing how much times passes; they tell us, and then they don't! What does 'odd years' indicate? Basically it could be anything between 21 years and 29 years. Which of course is really unimportant for immortal (or extremely longlived) people like the elves. Between Ikopek's death and Ruffel's death: I always got the impression that this was less than a year, as in it's the first New Green since Ikopek died. Long enough for Newstar and Ohler to begin living together in the Holt. Short enough for the pain at losing Ikopek still being pretty fresh to Shuna. Between Special and issue#1: Long enough for Moonshade to have gotten a pretty new dress, and for her to become pretty well-versed in the knowledge of communication with the spirits (as seen in issue#4) Long enough for Sunstream to have returned to the Holt. Between issue#6 and issue#7: Long enough for Windkin to have gone in search of - and found - the Go-Backs. Long enough for Treestump and Clearbrook to have finished Ember's and Teir's swords. Short enough for Ember's tribe to still be in the process of settling in their new holt. At least it seems so to me.