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lunakat said: I also got the solid impression he did that deliberately. He's the only one that shot up really tall over a short period of time. He grew that tall in two years- and the rest of them have been there more than twenty years.
Not necessarily. Sunstream's situation was unique. He went into wrapstuff to develope his special ability and learn how to manage it. Guess he also studied the Palace and it's magic like the Sunfolk just in another way, by other methods. During this time he was fully exposed to the influence of the Palace. While his mind was learning his body has nothing else to do but to follow growth impulse triggered by the Palace magic. In backview it makes sense that he had growth spurt during these three years. Both psychical and physical growth were optimated by chosen method. No distraction of mind. No practical needs for the body. Of course it was a "nice side effect" ^^ that his size matches his lovemate now.