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Name: I haven't found my tribename yet, still pondering on that one. Hahah. Soul Name [if any]: Nuei (rhymes with 'due way') Age: Young adult (similarly aged as Cutter and Skywise were when original quest began) Race: Elf Gender: Male Appearance: elfsona Of average height, with a little extra cushioning. Personality: Soft spoken and extremely shy around strangers, he has a tendency to quietly observe others as they interact, rather than participate himself. When in the company of those he's known a decent time-frame, he's more apt to be a bit more vocal and forward. Outlook is upbeat, more often than not. Well-known by close family as always looking for the 'silver-lining' even in bad situations. Makes friends easily(when exposed to others often enough), but very slow to open up and trust. Typically gentle and sweet. Steadfastly loyal and there's nothing he wouldn't do to protect those he loves, quick to anger and quick to defend on behalf of loved ones. Laid back to a fault when it comes to defending himself. Very nervous and uncomfortable among infants and young children, despite his nurturing nature. And much to his displeasure, children seem to be somewhat drawn to him. Constantly worried about his worth/contributions to the tribe, he often mentally 'dooms himself to mediocrity.' Though he frets over this much, he seems more content to simply worry about it than actually make a commitment to change things. Torn between opposing desires to be by himself, and yet not alone. Goes through alternating bouts of both self-isolation and heightened interaction with others. Loves to collect things. Be it feathers, stones, beads, antlers(a favorite), or a mish-mash assortment of stealthily pilfered human trinkets, you can be assured he's got a little pile set away somewhere. Notable Talents: Good with his hands(not in -that- way, XD). Very good at making sweets. Loves making jewelry and painting/drawing, has passable skill though he certainly isn't the best. Diplomatically minded. Fairly good with most animals. Can whistle very well(and enjoys doing so, much to his tribes-mates' frequent ire). Can always find direction while outside. Very tolerant to the cold. Greatest Skill: A toss up between his baking skills and his art skills. Racial Benefits [magic and such]: Very weak plant-shaping magic(can make stubborn seeds germinate, but can't actively change mature plants), and ability to float small objects(less than a pound in weight). Weaknesses: Can't handle the heat. Nervous and shy, often to the point of mild anxiety. Lack of motivation and/or dedication. Extremely self-conscious. Weakest Ability/Skill: Communication with and trusting others. ~~I apologize for this being uh, probably not very interesting? I'm not much of a writer, and I'm even less of a character builder(or is this simply of lack of finding the right way with words? I certainly don't know). But I wanted to see about filling this out to get a better grasp on him).