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As my name says.... Eyes High! Although we haven't seen much of her I like to believe she is my kind of girl! Of the living ones, I confess..... Cutter has been my first reason I started reading EQ, closely followed by Skywise! One of the first issues I read is the one Leetah finally accepted the Recognition. Cutter opened his heart to her, showed how he felt.... I was still very young and was in awe over this. This was how a boy had to show his love for me.... instand love for Cutter! With Skywise it was like I found myself in EQ. I have the same love for the stars, the same desire to know what is out there. And he is Soulbrother to Cutter! When he asked/said to Suntoucher "what if all stars are suns too", I knew I could talk to him all night, looking at the stars. (Hey, I was only 10, what else could you do all night? ;) ) That also explains my love for Eyes High, she must have been much like Skywise! So.... I am a stereotype kind of fan.....lol.