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I agree. Just because there isn't text that says point-blank, "x amount of days/years has gone by" doesn't mean there are no gaps of days or even weeks or years that we aren't shown. Cutter and Leetah, suffering from the effects of unfulfilled Recognition, actually have time to start losing weight during this period. Plus there is no way, knowing Rayek's character, that he would have given up after only two days. Nor do I think Redlance went from having no tree-shaping magic to having it, in only a few days. In Blue Mountain, too, there is plenty to support the idea that the Wolfriders were at least a week or two in Blue Mountain. Again, Dewshine and Tyldak suffering from unfulfilled Recognition, seem fairly clearly to have suffered for more than 24-48 hours. Strongbow had to have time to build up to blowing up at Cutter and leaving-- his loyalty, if not to Cutter, to the idea of the chiefhood, would dictate that he wouldn't just come to that place overnight. I could think of more if I had time, but I'll let those evidences suffice.