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I like so many of them and, bit of a confession on my part, I want to hug or bro-hug all of them equally. Maybe roll in the furs if they're game for it [though, as a human, it might not work out that well for me, example being Little Patch]. But let's see about explaining some... Shenshen because she's freespirited, cute, trying to be recognized as worthy of being Leetah's sister, and eternally optimistic. And more in touch with her emotions which is something I kinda envy. Skywise 'cause the dude's always got his soul-brother's back, is a philosopher, and possibly the only person out of the current few generations to recognize a High One. Which is always wow. Did I mention that he's got that whole wise beyond his years thing going for him? Rayek because he's got that need to prove himself at all times, perfectionistic [dude knows what I feel about that], and a metric ton of development. Aroree because she just wants a place to be after losing Voll and is, like Shenshen, a form of beautiful that I just can't help but want. Helps that she can freaking fly! And I get a total brother instinct of wanting to comfort her or fight off people who'd torment her. Redlance and Nightfall. Favorite couple aside from Cutter and Leetah. Gentle redhead who WILL tear you apart if you mess with him and his family and a hot archer lady who shows that it's ok to be the woman in a 'man' role. Kahvi's just that little bit nuts but tough enough to back it up. She knows what she wants and she will find a way to get it. May be a bit fickle and possibly totally insane but she's still worth a try. Two Edge 'cause he may be totally nuts but he wants to know who he is and prove that he's worthwhile. And he's a damn good smith and 'chessmaster' so that helps. Seriously, he plays the game so freaking well. Kinda admire that, even if he's out of his gourd. Let's not forget Ekuar. He managed to survive TROLLS for centuries, can shape earth and stone, keeps Rayek of all people from going off the deep end and has his respect, and is possibly one of the wisest Elves in the entirety of Abode [sans Savah and Timmain]. Dude has balls of steel for sticking around Rayek when Winnie's possessing him and keeping him from letting her out. If that alone does not make him worthy of respect, I think you're beyond hope. Timmain, Timmain. Wolf-mother, shapeshifter, radiant and eye-catching, eyecatching, quite fetching if you ask me. And in my opinion, mother I'd like to love among mothers I'd like to love. Might think of others and more reasons later but yeah. Just some reasons why I dig some of the characters.