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Occupation-jewelry designer, session vocalist, political opinionist

Got a job? yes, all the above, for the most part I work at home, lucky me:)

Favorite food- Thai, Italian, soul food

Fan of EQ- goin on 19 years now...

How did I become a fan- It apeared to me at a New Age store, shopping with my parents. Since then I've been hooked

Favorite character-Hmmm...Joyleaf for standing up to that bully Bearclaw(sorry, alcohalism isn't apealing to me) Skywise because well...if he were like real, I wouldn't hesitate to...oh...sorry...I see there are underagers here....Redlance and Nightfall also because their love isn't forced or complicated..they just know...

Music-Well...being my first love, this could take a while, but I'll make it short-Bootsy Collins, Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell, White Stripes, James Taylor, Elton john, P.J. Harvey, Sting, Eagles, Bonnie Raitte, Etta James, Nina Simone...and countless others

Other comics-honestly none...mabey Old Spawn and Maxx, they were neat....

Hobbies-I'm lucky in that I've made my hobbies my work. Other than writing naughty thruths about Mr. Bush, I write a little fantasy on the side for fun....

Favorite films-well, This too could be a long list..The Secretay, The Eye, Cousin Bette, Valmont, Ghost in The Shell, Fist of the North Star, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Bowling for Columbine, Fabulous Baker Boys, Last Temptation of Christ, High Fidelity, Dogma and so on...grin

Video Games- Fatal Frame 1&2, Silent Hill 1-3

My Personality- Well, opinionated, at times crass and don't think before I speak, but overall a nice person to know...grin...Unless you are flushing our counrty down the toilent with tax reform and loss of privacy rights, I'm pretty tame...

How I look- Brown hair, Blue eyes, tan by artificial means untill summer comes then I'm outside 8 hours out of the day. I'm about 5'4, on the short scale, and before my babies I use to be a scrawny 110lbs. Since then however I've been blessed with bein 130, YAY, I finally have boobs! I only have one piercing, my nose and no tattoos unfortunatly, plan on changin that however. I have a small scar under my left eye from bein bit by a Bull Mastiff when I was 11. Dat's about it...nice to meet you all:)