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tool die and mould maker
school and work
any thing southern
saw blood of ten cheifs book in big lots for a dollar i liked the art so t bought the book and was going to take the cover off and gule it to my note book, but i frogot about it and left it in the car and one day i traffic i desided to read it and here i am
nightfall she is hot
midnight syndicate charley danials steve earl
conan punisher
hunting any thing that moves, ps2, writing, gril chaseing, getting even, fighting, drinking, making moonshine, playing magic the gathering, and watching movies on newgrounds.com
glaitor, conan, barbarian queen, deep blue sea, ect
yes i like viedo games, draken the acents gate, fear effect, contra, the origonal final fantasy for nes, buladers gate dark allance 1&2, tomb raider with the nude code active,
as far as my personality goes i am fairly nice to those who are my friends, respectful to thise to whom i am indefferent to, and crule to my foes, i dont like little kids due to the noise that they make but i wont go out of my way to shut them up, i am nice to grils and ladys i hold the door for them and the like, i have never cheated on any of my gril firends, they have all cheated on me.
i am 6 eet tall and i weigh 250 pounds my torso is not that of a civilized athilet but is lion like, my arms are thick and senewy, my hands are scared from all of the fights that i get in, my hair is an acceptable length, and is gold-red, i have a thick beard that makes me look about 5 years older than what i really am. i ware cammo and a tattered mossy oak vest. i usualy have wolverine boots on. and a ball cap that is either cammo or has john deer or a #3 on it. my eyes are grey as old steel. and i am white with no impurities in my blood line