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Name (your real name, or whatever you want us to call you): Krystl

Age: 24

Gender: female

Occupation: United States Navy (CTM2)

Got a job/are you at school? see above

favourite food: pretty much anything that doesn't involve spinich or bananas

How long have you been a fan of EQ? about 8 years

How did you become a fan? found a hard cover novel in the attic!

Who's you're favourite character? Nightfall

What kind of music do you like, and which bands/artists? Listen to anything that isn't rap...I like both traditional and modern Irish, as well as arabic drumming, and of course good old rock. Too many bands to mention.

Which other comics/graphic novels do you read? Aside from EQ...Nothing recently, but I was reading a lot of Cry for Dawn. I mostly pic up comics for the art (except EQ, which is for both art and story)(except the Barry Blair stuff)

What are your hobbies? Reading, drawing, hiking, SCA, archery, and now falconry.

Favourite films? The last unicorn, and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Men in Tights as well...it's just hillarious.

Do you like videogames, and if yes, which games? oh yes. Never Winter Nights, Baulder's Gate was a lot of fun for a hack-n-slash, again there are too many to count. Videogames are great for these rainy English days.

How are you like/describe your personality: mentally confident, stubborn(Capricorn), kind of b****y sometimes, but very fun loving. I'm quite the nature person, too.

Describe how you look: 5'8, blonde hair to my lower back, pretty fit, but in a strong way. Well, you can see my avatar. I will add blue eyes since you can't tell in the photo.