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Ayoooah! Well, I have been around for a bit, but couldn't figure on how to make a AV. I figured it out, and thought that I should introduce myself also!

Name: Jesse, but I don't mind Heathcliff (if you don't know who Heathcliff is, you HAVE to read Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Awesome)

Age: 31, born in March---Pisces!

Gender: Man

How long EQ fan: Well, I can't remember....I bought the WaRP graphics magazine sized b/w versions off the Newstands, so what years were those out? (does anyone else out there know what I am talking about?)I also bought all of the Marvel reprints in Colour, so for around 17 years?

Music: Hey I like NIGHTWISH too Mir! I think that Tarja is awesome!

Food: Lasagna

Other comics: I have every Conan the Barbarian (1971 onward!) issue as well as the complete run of Savage Sword of Conan. I also bought quite a few Xena comics when they were for sale, but nothing else.

What I do: I am an illustrator, (My AV is a detail of one of my oils), and I hope to be an elementary teacher when I (finally) graduate from University. I also work in construction to pay the bills lately

Anything else: I think that I am becoming a Forum addict!

Questions for the other Forumers: Hey are any of you planning on going to the San Diego Comicon? If you are, lets make a plan to meet, 'cause I am making the trip this year also! :D

Shade and Sweet Water!