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I'd rather tell you my birthday: 3rd of January, a girl born in 1986. I go to high scool/secondary school and sometimes work during summertime.

I've read EQ-comics since I was about 10, but they were only the first five parts (Fire & Flight) translated in Finnish. I fell in love with the style of drawing, the liveliness of the pictures. I'm not sure who my favourite of all the elves is and it's been a while since I've read any. Haven't had money to buy new issues.

Yes, I do eat. Love the chicken stuff we have at school. Not too much into potatoes. Popsicles and salmiakki when talking about sweet snacks.

I think I've mentioned this already, but I listen to David Bowie (went to his concert once, many times to come hopefully), Queen, Aerosmith mostly. Nothing too undergroung, heh. Reading isn't actually my cup of tea, but I do read Garfield and, um, this slightly pervert netcomic x) Favourite movie...hm, you could say Moulin Rouge is one of the tops. RPGs are the games that are a big interest, again, when I have the energy.

I'm into martial arts when I have the energy. Now I just spend my time sitting on a train travelling whether to see my parents or my boyfriend. My personality is getting more balanced and stabil. The worst years of puberty are over and I've found a piece of myself. I look like me, short and a bit plump but still normal weight. Short hair and I often used to be thought to be a boy. Not anymore, though. I don't like making mistakes and I'm annoyed because I don't feel my English is fluent enough.