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krwordgazer, thanks!
I am very happy over that piccy, the photographer is a relative of my best friend :)

woebringer, I've seen "The Net"... but with my best online friends, anyone even attempting an identify theft would be begging to be locked up forever if trying to pull such a stunt :twisted:

Aww, Elvinthespian that's sweet but I'm afraid I'm a too cynical and odd person to get along with atm, I am best understod ivl too, I mumble and talk so silently irl and just keep confusing people :D

*tickles Arfurido*
This isn't my first board, babe ;)

Hiya Heathcliff!
Oh, Xena comics, the 3 issue series with Xena vs Callisto I have seen, but how many others were there?
I thought the artist captured Xena ok in that, but Callisto and Gabrielle looked so odd in the faces. However outfits looked good!

Ah yes, that twisted comic.. I have um heard of 8)

*waves to dark_arrow* :)
Oh, Dragon Arms? How long has that one been around?
If it's specifically about dragons, I am very curious now!