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Name (your real name, or whatever it is you want us to call you):My real name is Maayan (pronounced: "Ma- ayan". Isreali name :roll: ) but I prefer to be called "Daystar".

Age:14 (so small compared to you all, I know... Unhappy )


Occupation: school (obviously..)

how long have you been afan of EQ? 7 years

How did you become a fan? my older sister is also a fan of EQ & one day (about 7 years ago) she accidently left the 7th book (" the cry from beyond")open on my bed. I sat down & started to read it but hardly understood anything cuz I had no idea what it was about. so I took the first book & didn't stop reading since.

Who's you're favourite character? skywise, pike & winowill

what kind of music do you like, & which bands/ artists? various

which other comics/graphic novels do you read? "astrix", "tintin", "garfield".

what are your hobbies? reading, writing, drawing, playing on the piano, daydreaming mostly, doing all sorts of things on the computer.

favorite films? "LOTR", "pirates of the carrabien- the curse of the black pearl",& much more...

+favorite books? "the neverending story", "the giver", "king of the wind", "harry potter", & some more that I can't recall at the moment..

how are you like/ describe your personality: shy :roll: , a good friend to those who are good friends to me, quiet, but asid eof all those friends find me very funny & laugh to my almost every joke! :D

describe how you look: not beautiful.. but not ugly either.. pretty tall compared to other girls my age (1,61m last time I checked), long twirly brown hair (my best feture, in my opinion), bright brown eyes, cute round cheeky face & a bright smile when I mean it.