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Name (your real name, or whatever you want us to call you): Kristen R. -- krwordgazer is my username. Call me Wordgazer if you like.

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Occupation: Mom, legal assistant, private flute instructor.

Got a job/are you at school? graduated with a BA in English. I've worked for the same lawfirm for 16 years now.

Favourite food: chocolate!

How long have you been a fan of EQ? Only about 7 years. My husband introduced me. He's been a fan since his early teens. (He waited a while-- we've been married 16 years this month!)

How did you become a fan? He brought home the first four hardbacks from the library. The rest is history.

Who's your favourite character? Cutter, Rayek, Strongbow. All about equally.

What kind of music do you like, and which bands/artists? Folk is my favorite (love the EQ music!), and also artists like Neil Diamond and John Denver. Never liked the popular stuff just because it was popular.

Which other comics/graphic novels do you read? Akiko, Bone, and Thieves & Kings. I read a lot of prose fantasy works -- Diana Wynn Jones, C.S. Lewis, Robin McKinley, Patricia McKillip.

What are your hobbies? Writing (working on my own young-adult fantasy series in collaboration with my husband.) I've written a lot of fanfics. Also I play flute, and love playing with my kids and my kitten.

Favourite films? LOTR definitely, though I also loved Seabiscuit. I'm an idealist and love Frank Capra-type movies.

Do you like videogames, and if yes, which games? Not really.

How are you like/describe your personality: I'm like Redlance-- nurturing, sensitive, diplomatic-- a peacemaker. I'm a Christian, and my faith is very important-- though I never push it at people or judge them, I'm a very moral person (meaning I'm kind of straitlaced, I guess. Wink )

Describe how you look: Large blue-green eyes, short, fluffy brown hair, a bit plump.