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Name (your real name, or whatever you want us to call you): Just call me Marina, it's my middle name :)

Age: 23

Gender: female

Occupation: student of "Mind Magic" in cubs :)

Got a job/are you at school? see above

Favourite food: Ice Cream and Chocolate :)

How long have you been a fan of EQ? Not sure, 13 or 14 years

How did you become a fan? A friend of mine invited me to stay at her grandparents during a holiday and her grandma would get her EQ, I read the first issue and was very impressed by the drama when the elves stood trapped in the tunnel of golden light.....

Who's you're favourite character? Strongbow!! And Nightfall 'cause she is the kind of woman I'd like to be...But I like most of the she elves 'cause they're sooo cool and strong. Then again I like most of the he elves 'cause they're sexy and know how to treat a woman :) I especially LOVE the way they can mindlock with the she elves to help deliver the cubs, although the only ones who did this were Cutter and Redlance I think.....

What kind of music do you like, and which bands/artists? DIDO!!!!!!!!!! RnB, Classical stuff also and Alanis Morisette, Michael Jackson's older stuff and Madonna :) and loads of '60/'70/'80 disco and pop music.

Which other comics/graphic novels do you read? Manga such as Kare Kano, Neon Genesis, Nausicaa if and when I can get them, it's all pretty expensive. keeping up with EQ is not a cheap thing when you're living on this side of the Atlantic.....

What are your hobbies? apart from the one mentioned above, reading loads of (children's) books, writing, going to the movies, kung fu.

Favourite films? Never Ending Story, Annie are childhood fav's, Steel Magnolia's I can't help but cry when Sally Fields is ranting on the graveyard.....My neighbour Totoro and some other Ghibli stuff, LOTR, Pirates of the Carribean and things like Charlie's Angels.

Do you like videogames, and if yes, which games? Not much into it, every once in a while I like playing Mortal Combat and other fighting games. The one I could really get hooked on must be Dance Dance Revolution :) it's a good thing I don't own a console...

How are you like/describe your personality: Well...take Strongbow stubborness, Nightfall loyalty, Cutter curiosity, Skywise thing for stars, Leetah desire to heal, young Ember's cheek, Bearclaw mischief and some Venka logic and you're typical Sunvillagers love for feasting and dancing, add a little Kahvi temper and you've got a pretty good idea of who I am and why I like EQ so much :D It seems like almost every elf has one or two of my own personality traits, good or bad.

Describe how you look:
Sunvillage dark only my hair is definitely not that sleek. I'm 1.60 metres tall, which must be about 5 foot 3 I guess. Dark eyes and I don't know what else to tell you, so......