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What They Want...


Spoliers for Searcher and the Sword!


This was originally just a set of drabbles, based on this thing by Viridian5, called my harper, which can be found here :arrow: http://viridian.shriftweb.org/, and it rocks. But gradually, they all achieved a similarity. Ten points and a drabble of choice to the person who guesses it first.


My Redlance

Is brave.

Is wise.

Loves Nightfall.

Loves Twen.

Is fully aware that, sometimes, they aren't the same person.

Loves Cutter, and Leetah.

Loves Tyleet, even if he doesn't always understand her.

Loves his cub's cub, even if he's never met him.

In person.

Loves the way the grass grows thick and the trees grow tall, and the flowers come before berries, always before berries. Loves the way leaves throw themselves down in the wind.

Has almost forgiven the humans for what they did to him. Hopes that someday he'll understand why.

Hates his facefur, but is too shy to ask Leetah to get rid of it.

Loves his life as it is.

But would still like another cub.

Would say it's unfair that Strongbow and Moonshade have had three, except for Crescent.

Hates the fact that he's so jealous.

Loves Twen.

Loves Nightfall.

Loves the trees, and the wind in the trees.

My Shenshen

Loves Leetah.

Sometimes wishes she were tall and slender like Leetah, wishes her eyebrows arched the same way Leetah's do, wishes she could dance like Leetah, wishes her hair cascaded down her back, like Leetah's.

Loves Leetah.

Wishes every lad would fall in love with her, as they do, with Leetah.

Well, not every lad.

But one would be nice.

Wishes she could, wishes she would, Recognize. She doesn't want twins, but one child of her own would be nice.

Doesn't mind borrowing other's in the meantime.

Loves Suntop.

Wishes he would be more careful with himself. Wishes he would watch out a little more. Wishes he still had nightmares and would still call out or her, as he did when he was a cub.

Is glad that he's too big for that, in a quiet, sad sort of way.

Wishes she were more.

More something, anything.

Sometimes looks into the reflections of herself scattered throughout the Palace, fluffs her topknots, and smiles.

Sometimes thinks, whatever will come to her...

... is worth waiting for.

My Newstar

Is occasionally surprised to see that she's nearly the same age as Leetah. And Dewshine. And Nightfall.

Wasn't ever really sure she'd get this old.

Loves her son. Loves him, loves him, loves him.

Knows that, with his help, Shuna will achieve her dream.

Misses her Mother.

Misses her Father.

Misses her little brother.

Misses her other little brother, and hopes he'll visit soon.

Is surprised at how much she misses her lifemate, in quick stabs of grief that come and go.

Is surprised at how much she enjoys Skywise.

Wonders, sometimes, if it's a good thing she isn't in love with him.

Hopes for another cub, but not too soon.

Spends nights holding her son's baby clothes, hoping he'll come home soon.

My Baby

Is terribly confused at this strange place she's found herself in.

But loves her family, even the strange one with the wings in his hair.

Sometimes wonders if it's safe.

Has decided to make the best of it, anyways.

Wishes she could go back inside mother.

Has decided that, since she can't, it would be nice to see someone her own age around.



I love these... but I don't get it - who's the last one about?


Um, oh, dear. You've read Searcher and the Sword? Right?



I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be guessing, Kathleen. It's clear that what they all want is another child to be born. But who is the one calling them "My"? Is that what you want us to guess? Because I know whose the baby is, in your but not sure she'd call Shenshen, "my Shenshen." I'm pretty sure she wouldn't, actually. Grin

In any case, they are so beautiful. They're actually poems, not stories. :)


those are another wonderful example of your poetry/prose writing. I know i've said it many times before but it never fails to amaze me how vividly you grab my emotions with so few words. My heart was aching for ShenShen; i empathize with the waiting so well. And Redlance! Incredible how by just saying things he loves, you've managed to paint him so well.

I too am confused tho about the guessing thing. I can guess the baby but is that what you meant? (i think we all want to have you write our own drabble Wink )


The my refers to me. As in Kathleen's ShenShen. Also the tendency among fans to claim a personal ownership of their favourite characters. Now look closely, and you'll see one wish that they all have. Wink


They all hope for a cub to raise or (in the case of the last one) to play with. :)


A drabble, or short for Manga!
Pick a character or any pairing, and i'll write it.
Oh, and I want everyone to write a "my" Elf thingy for homework.


I've got one, do we post it here or in fanfic in general?

O' Seeker of the Aternative Trouserleg...


Here's good, or whereever you want.
Oh, I forgot, it can be any character(s) that you feel a particular affinity for, not just elves.


Pritty pritty Drabble!!! Me loves!!! Wants a Clearbrook one... Pllleasee!!! :mrgreen:


Well here's my drabble/swansong to my favorite character. I know that no one really understands why I like Shuna so much, or why I like to take her in directions that most people seem to find disturbing. But maybe this will explain things. And besides, it was a 'homework assingnment' given by Worldpool Girl.

My Shuna

Knows in her bones she is different, though she knows not why.

Remembers the touch of a dark elven woman and that memory keeps her warm and safe at night when the screams of her mother sound in the dark.

Knows she must fight, even if it costs her her life. And so she picks up the sword, cuts herself away from all she has known.

Has felt the fear and the exhiliration of battle and sometimes wonders why she survived when her comrades did not.

Uprooted herself to follow a dream. To feel the love of family, something so foriegn, yet needed and dreamed of every night.

Is clumsy amoung the graceful, youthful amoung the wise, hesitant amoung the confident. She has lost her way.

Feels she has something to give, searches for her gift, wants to give back, needs to be counted, needs to give back. Even when only love is asked for...

Looks at her new family, looks at her new friends and loved ones...and knows she is home.

There it is. Hopefully somewhere in there is why I adore Shuna as I do.


You have such a great sense of Shuna, Nomad. You should write that Dart/Kimo/Shuna threesome. I doubt I could give it justice.
The challenge is simple, Rainedancer.
What does Clearbrook, or any character, mean to you? What are their hopes, dreams, motivations? In what way are they "yours"?
Then write us a drabble!


Ah, so it is the baby in SaTS? Yes I've read it.

Ah well, here's my try...

My Skywise

Loves how Cutter comes to watch the stars with him although they are only little lights in the sky to him.

Loves Maleen, and Vurdah, and Ruffel, and Aroree, and Newstar, and Leetah, and Nightfall, and Tyleet, and Ember, and ShenShen and... everyone. Even Shuna.

Would die for Tam.

Still isn't certain which shape he prefers - Timmain-the-Wolf or Timmain-the-Elf. Loves both, and never forgets they are the same person.

Would never call himself Master of the Palace. Not anymore.

There is one female he could never love or want. Winnowill.

Hears the starsong.

Doesn't think about his parents as often as he used to. Still has the ornament Eyes High used to wear in her har. Looks at it sometimes, and cries.

Remembers his mother's sending-voice.

Has no memory of his father, and that may be what he mourns most -never getting to know him.

Fears Recognition...

but harbors a secret dream of Recognizing Timmain.

Doesn't really know what to think of Yun. Loves her. Wishes they'd met sooner. Wishes he knew who her mother was.

Feels too young these days. And when did Cutter become so wise?



Beautiful, Nomad, and Leanan.

Nomad, I don't mind that you see Shuna being with the elves more easily than I do. You have a love for her that I share, too. :)

Kathleen, please write a Rayek drabble for Manga and me. Because I guessed the right answer too, just before she did. (Look at my post and you'll see. Wink )


I was wrong, so one drabble for KRwordgazer, and one for Manga.
Both Rayek?


Kathleen, Manga and I both like Rayek, so I have no objection to sharing a Rayek drabble with her. :D

If you want to do one for each of us, that's ok, but it's not necessary. If you do one for each of us, well, I like Strongbow, Cutter and Rayek about equally.


interesting challenge Kathleen! It'll be really neat to see what people come up with for their favorites.

Leanan and Nomad--both very nice. They touch on the parts that echo so well with us.


Dang, I guess I really AM that easy to guess.

Hm. I know! How about a drabble, featuring Cutter, Strongbow and Rayek discussing their daughters?? That'd feed my Rayek/Venka need and include Wordgazer's other favorites. <g>


Wow! I like that, Kindred!

What an interesting set of parallels!


Well, hmm... Let's see. I'll do my best, but Gracie's saying, "Mom it's snuggle time. Get away from that thing." So I don't know how long I'll be able to write tonight, not to mention I have a thought that I might get a new cat...
...No. I don't need one.
His name is Odie!
He isn't neutered, or vaccinated.
Yeah, Cat calling.


Kathleen, you have a cat named Odie? Do you have a dog named Garfield? ;)

Yeah Kindred, those really are some interesting parallels. It took me a bit to work out exactly who was who, though. heh. :)


The cat I"m thinking of adopting is Odie. My little sweetie is called Gracie, which is short for Amazing Grace.


Well, I tried the talking thing, but they still aren't speaking to each other.

Silly Elves!

At any rate, for Krwordgazer and Manga.

Krwordgazer, before you say anything, I'm also working on a Rayek Drabble, but it turned into a Worldpool, and now it's making me obssessive, so please, be patient... :(


The first time Cutter saw his daughter, it was in her mother's sister's hands, squalling and angry at her forced eviction from her mother's womb.

The first time Rayek saw his daughter, he looked into eyes that rested level with his, were cool where his were bright, were wise where his were proud.

The first time Strongbow saw his daughters, he marveled at how sweet they were, how finely made they, marveled that this was the best of him and Moonshade.

The first time Cutter touched his daughter's mind, on her own, she was eight days old, and insistently staying up, to watch the moons that Leetah said she couldn't see yet.

The first time Rayek touched his daughter's mind, it was her sending to him, a quick, sharp, painless blade.

The first time Strongbow touched his daughters minds, it was in the womb, to be sure they were safe and happy.

The first time Cutter taught his daughter, it was to show her how to tie her sandals.

The first time Rayek taught his daughter, he wasn't there, and she watched through the long years as Cutter's faith waxed and waned.

The first time Strongbow taught his daughters...

...The first time has happened once, and hasn't happened yet.

The first time Cutter lost his daughter, it was in the way of a young cat, reaching out and taking the mice, regardless of how the other cats feel.

The first time Rayek lost his daughter, it was in the fear of another lost daughter, who wounded to save herself from pain.

The first time Strongbow lost his daughter, it was in the hatred and fear of the ignorant, of those who wore the hide bound anger of a startled tree wee.

The second time Cutter lost his daughter, it was in the way of a young wolf, setting off with her agemates, to found her own pack.

The second time Rayek lost his daughter, it was because of a snake in his belly, curled and posed to strike. To save her, to save them, he left.

The second time...

...The second time, Strongbow holds his daughter tightly, and glares out into the night, to the quiet night, and growls, low in his throat, this unspoken promise.

There will be no second time.


Beautiful Kathleen!!!!


Very nice! I like the way it goes in cycles. It connects in a strange way. :)

I don't understand this part tho':

[quote:2e4bfaf029]The first time Rayek lost his daughter, it was in the fear of another lost daughter, who wounded to save herself from pain. [/quote:2e4bfaf029]

Who is this other daughter and who's doing the fearing?


I was reffering to

Spoilers from Kahvi

I mean it

Kahvi's history of abuse, which maybe a reason she finds it so difficult to trust men. If you really think about it, Two Spear espoused a lot of the same philosophies as Rayek.


Ah... I never read the Kahvi series so I wouldn't know about that Two-Spear said.

I find it interesting that you think he and Rayek said some of the same things. I thought Two-Spear was all about being wolfy and that's the last thing you'd ever hear Rayek say!


Later on he was, but at first he was all like, "let's be High Ones" and he had this big dream for the palace and stuff. He was a lot liike Rayek in many ways.


Beautiful and moving, Kathleen, as always. I love the bit at the end with Strongbow snarling over his new daughter.

Yes, Two-Spear. He also had a touch of, "my goals for elf-kind must be fulfilled no matter who it hurts." No wonder Kahvi had trouble with Rayek. :(


Very nice Kathleen! I like the parallels b/w the three fathers.

Kin--were those also the 3 dads in yours? I definately see Cutter in there. And Rayek. And Strongbow but is that right?


ok, that's what i was thinking too but then i thought i might be way off.



Oh, and I want everyone to write a "my" Elf thingy for homework.

Ok, here's mine, but it's more along the lines of,


(Spoilers for Rogue's Curse & Searcher and the Sword!)


Breathes the scent of home with a joy too deep even for tears.

Watches Shuna, still amazed -- for even the Now of Wolf Thought can't wipe away the image of her hand offering itself to be shot.

Hears Eyrn's soul name, deep and deeper, for the third and most profound time.

Touches his daughter with hands that have found a new reason to protect, to provide.

Tastes the sweetness of peace in every morsel of his kill.

Thinks he has never been so utterly, so shatteringly happy.


Wakes up one evening and realizes he isn't counting any more.

Wonders why Skywise used to seem so young to him. Feels much, much younger himself.

Sees that that thorn wall wasn't such a good idea after all.

Lies in Leetah's arms in the shadow of the Palace, and decides that soon he will lead a howl. For Rayek.


In a cave one night, shows weakness to Winnowill-- on purpose-- for the first time.

Wakes the next day and realizes that-- for the first time-- he has slept through a night.

Wonders, without daring to hope, what this might mean. . .


Brilliant! Wordgazer, as usual you manage to cut to the quick of each character.

Kathleen--i'm afraid my cat ate my homework. :( Nah, I've thought about it but all that comes out is "My Scarlettdoll" Grin (i'm really not egotiscal, I swear!)


You??? Never! I couldn't imagine! No way! You must be kidding!
too much coffee again

All I gots to say to you missy, is pass the coffee! I want some of that! Grin


Group effort. I love group efforts.

My Clearbrook

Loved Sur. He was her body, mind and soul.

He died and a small part of her body, her mind and her soul went with him. It didn't die, it just went with him so he wouldn't lonely without her.

Loves Scouter. Even if he is overprotective of his womenfolk.

She hopes her grandson is protected. Not coddled, but protected. She loves him too. Sometimes, she and Nightfall quietly whisper about how much they'd love to know him.

It's their right as grandmothers.

Loves Pool. Because he is her grandcub.

Loves Treestump. It was always friendship, but now he protects her. Protects her, but lets her fight as she will. The joinings they share...the joy...the Now.

Understands Strongbow. The pain of losing a girl cub. That arrow pierces deep and the point can never really be pulled out. They both hid tears and swore vengeance that never came.

She loves Dewshine. Because she made Scouter happy. And because shee is part of Treestump. And because her singing rivals the birds'.

Loves Tyleet. Because she gave her a grandcub. Because Scouter loves her. Because she never refuse the girl anything.

Talks to Pike. Because he sings her songs of when she was younger. He reminds her of Goodtree's Rest. Of the thrill of the hunt. Of the Way.

She loves the Way, because it gives her peace.


A loving and sensitive portrayal of Clearbrook, Wind Walker dear. :)


Very good, everyone. I love these...

My Aroree

Was like one asleep but walking, back in Blue Mountain, until Skywise woke her up, to life, to a fresh, new wind.

Loved Voll, and respected his wisdom so much she never saw he, too, was asleep.

Respected and feared Winnowill, but never loved her.

Loved Kureel, once, long ago. Which is why it was so easy to hate him, later.

Loves Skywise. She thought she would teach him the ways of the High Ones, but it turned out he was the one with a lesson to teach. A hard one.

Before that lesson was learned, she thought she owned him, saw him only as someone who could answer her needs, and ignored most of his words, only to remember them later, and understand.

Has almost forgotten what it feels like to sleep and dream dreams of her own.

It took losing Skywise and becoming a member of the tribe, an Elder, to find out who she was.

Loves Skywise, but no longer needs him to tell her who she is.

Understood the depth of the wrong she did stealing Windkin only when she saw what losing his children did to Cutter.

Hates war, but did her duty for the Shards of the Palace, because she was needed.

It is everything, to her, to be needed.

Would like to have a talk with Door. About Winnowill. About pain.

Is looking for Tyldak. Because they are kin, because of shared memories.

Is also looking for Kahvi. For many reasons.

Pities Two-Edge. Understands his pain.

Respects Venka, and sees in her what Winnowill should have been.

Finds herself having to remind the Go-Backs again and again she is not a High One. Remembers a time when she thought she was.

Misses Skywise. But not as much as she thought she would.

Is not called Sad Eyes anymore. Because she isn't.


Insightful, very, very insightful, Leanan.

That thought about Aroree now, having to remind the Go-Backs she's not a High One, and remembering when she thought she was. Good thinking-- and that should be useful to me if Kathleen posts more "Weather the Weather" and wants me to pitch in again. :)


Cool! :D
I like the ending. I'm so glad Aroree is over being sad. Now she has the chance to be fully developed character.

I guess this is a good point at which to insert mine! Wink

My Skywise:

Is mischievous, curious,
clever and sly

His face is made for smiles
and wry looks.

He grins and glances knowingly
From the corner of his eye.

And he chuckles quietly to himself
He knows

Not to take life so seriously
Because all things come and go

Treasure comes and goes
One day you’re king
And the next tossed off your throne
In a game of toss stone- he’s seen it

And your most prized possession
Is easily snatched by quick and dexterous fingers

Forests come and go- and come back again
Everything comes full circle in the end
Chiefs come and go, and ways of knowing
And wolf-friends, and parents, and children and beliefs

Youth comes and goes
Well, for his tribe-mates anyway
And friends come and go
But let’s not think about that

Laughter comes and goes
So enjoy the maidens when they dance
And don’t get too attached to any one
After all, each is so beautiful in her way
How can a lad possibly get choosey?

What is the one thing that is eternal?
It can’t be found in this world of shifting seasons
Gaze upward, then, and seek it among the stars
Small lights, themselves, that blaze and die

Maybe it’s a dream, merely,
That tugs at the soul like a constant summons
The whisper of what’s possible
More seductive than any maid

Or maybe it’s a different call
The tug of one heart to another
Of two souls bound deeper than blood
Like brothers

An understanding, hard won
That, if change is constant,
Love is never lost

Just the faith
That across time and distance
Despite differing dreams, choices
And chances, despite the impossible
Briefness of life
Love will not be lost


Wonderful, luna, poetic and powerful... thanks for the sharing...


*Throws flowers at Lunakat's feet*

That . . . was. . . profound, lovely, and astonishing.

Thank you, my friend. :)


:claps hands: I give everyone gold stars and A+'s.

Very pretty, Lunakat.


Bumping this tread so all can see. They are so beautiful declarations of love towards this characters, so insightful, so lovely.


Oh wowsers! I completely forgot about this!

Do you realize? We wrote these almost ten years ago.


I did! They are old, but oh so lovely. :)


So, how do you make these?


Think about a character you love. What are their motivations, what are their dreams, and how has they lived? What makes this character resonate with you? Most, if not all (including my own, in my own thread) is structured around the lives they've lived. :)


My Tyldak:

Cares for Dewshine, but he doesn't love her,
not the way he loves Kahvi,
or the way he knows Scouter loves Dewshine.

Is glad he had a good relationship with his son in the end.
Except; Windkin isn't his son,
Windkin is Scouter's son.

Took several millenia to understand the meaning of the phrase
"Be careful what you wish for."

Thought Winnowill giving him wings made him free,
in reality it made him more trapped than anyone within Blue Mountain
Except for the rockshapers.

Now he knows freedom has to be in the mind.

Is glad to have his old skin back
Except he hasn't got a skin anymore
His old shape-form-something
Suppose it doesn't matter, he's a spirit after all.


Ah, this was lovely! I love how grateful he is to be "back in his own skin" and how he tjought he was free. And how he sees Windkin as Scouter's son! Perfect!


Your diggings brought a real treasure back to light, Startear!

It's a treat ... many treats ... to go through those thoughts, learn about the viewon characters by fans. About the most recent ones ...

krwordgazer said: *Throws flowers at Lunakat's feet*

That . . . was. . . profound, lovely, and astonishing.
I can only agree, lunakat. *bows*

I love you view on Tyldak, Redhead. He's one of my favorites as well and you finally gave him the love he was missing most of the time. Thank you!

Would you repost the thoughts of "Your Serrin" here as well, Startear? Your love should shine here too.


Here you go!

My Serrin

Is born to a land and a folk which was still healing after horror and bloodshed. She learns what that means early. Not by experience or sendings. But by catching soft cries in the night that have nothing to do with pleasure.

Does not look like her parents. Her skin is paler than mothers and her hair’s darkness can rival the night sky. Is theirs by scent, softness and prowess in the hunt.

Was scared of recognition. The feeling was too intimate, too scary to comprehend. Knows what she must do. But it isn’t before Talmah winks at her, and tell her to “go get that lad” that she picks up her knife and descend the stairs.

Emerges with two lifemates and a growing life inside her. Loves them all equally.

Watches how much Bowki resembles her. And Dart. And Talmah. And the desert.

Lets Dyrr go, knowing that no one can give him what he needs.

The death of her son came quickly, in a hunt gone wrong. She spent the following night howling her grief to the moons, and the wolf within remembers. That night she feels things she did not know that she felt.

Watches a grandmother, grandfather and eventually a father die of old age. Misses them all.

But they are around her in spirit, just like her kitling. Keeps the task of filling the jars, waiting patiently for the Palace to return.

Feels almost empty when it finally does.

Meets many new faces… one of them belonging to those who attacked them before she was born. Finds herself looking at this Chot, thinking of how the violence he brought with him has affected Ahnshen, Minyah, Ingen, Jarrah… how it affected Dart. Thinks unkind thoughts, thoughts no elf should feel towards another.

Especially one that looks so lonely when no one else watches.

Is still glad when he goes away.

Has known the aftermath of violence since she could walk. She has heard it in the cries coming from Ahnshens hut every night. She has observed it in Minyah’s shaking hands. Has felt it in a recognized lifemate.

But it is different to seeing something that close to what an elf looks like running towards you, wishing to inflict violence. She shivers in the dark shelter when it is over, worrying about Savah. Grieves over Ahdri.

Lives in the Palace now. Recognizes that she is not the same elf as she was, knows that Dart knows too.

Is still alive. And that is all that matters.


My Teir:

Loves his Firehair,
his Ember
his Zheel.

Finally understands his birth-mother's reasons for abandoning him,
is grateful for the loving adoptive family she placed him with.

Sometimes Wonder what happened to his adoptive mother and brother,
still misses his adoptive father sometimes
and still thinks of him as "father".

Chuckles about the fact that he reminded Dewshine of Windkin.

Is still a bit confused about the fact that his sire is older than his own mother.
Time-travel; he'll never understand that bit!

Trying to wrap his head about the fact that he's suddenly related to half the tribe,
except of course it isn't sudden; he was always related to them, he just didn't know.

Realises that he doesn't have to be lonely anymore.
Is home!


Nice! I really like that he sees the humor in Dewshine seeing Windkin in him. And related to half the tribe. But the best part is him understanding! I loved it!


My Tingeh

Was told that The Hidden Ones where monsters,
knows better now.

Looks into the golden haired healer's eyes after he heals her and sees gentleness,
but also the ability to kill when someone is deemed an enemy;
she isn't,

Promises to be good;
because she can,
because she has to,
because she wants to.

Grieves for the deer as it plummets to its death.

Is saddened to learn that the sanctuary has long been abbandonded;
deep in her heart she had dreamt about a place where elves would be welcomed by humans, not feared.
Realises that she can help make it such a place.

Wonder if it would ever be possible to be real friends with the elves;
they're so strange.


My Reef

Is still sometimes haunted by the ghosts of his past,
but not so often anymore.

Loves spending time with Korafay because he sees no pity in her eyes,
and he know that when she looks at him she only what's in front of her;
just Reef,
not that other hideous shape,
not 'The Broken One'.

He doesn't blame the others for still remembering the way he was before,
of course they'd remember;
he wore that hideous shape for time untold.
And maybe, deep down, he's still 'The Broken One'.
In mind
if not in body.

Maybe he will go to the Palace with Korafay one day,
to catch up with his old tribe-mates.
Those he knew in the old days,
before he was broken.
After all;
He needs to tell them that he's fine.


Our Angrif

is aptly named
because grief is what he causes.
He's a focused man.
He doesn't let sentiment trip him up-
Not for his deranged half brother-
Not for his children.
Not for the children of his enemies
And certainly not for these nasty, little
Creatures of myth that plagued his father
Ended his reign and
Sliced right through his bloodline

That's some grief!
And now he's focused
on securing either his revenge
or reconstitution
It's the same hunt, after all

Sails away!

Our Madcoil

Is a living migraine.
Is a sour neopolitan
Is a melted pile of licorice and plastic
Is a pretty bad mistake

Our Guttlecraw

Is a nasty old saw

Our Winnowil

Is quite a pill

Who else is evil?


Male Door...

lunakat said: Sliced right through his bloodline

This line is great! >:D


Our boy, Door

was quite a bore
But he don't work there


Lunakat, you just made my day. :))

Redhead Ember, I love that!


Our Guttlecraw
Is gone, ha ha
Eat elves? There should be a law!
Meanest troll we ever saw
He should have listened to his Ma.


hah! That sounds like something the trolls would sing!


Our Winnowill
Is hard to kill.
She's living inside Rayek still.
She puts his psyche through the mill--
If only he could take a pill!




A loing view on Tingeh, Redhead. She's really a little darling - I hope that the last parts of your dravbble will come true. For Tingeh ... and for other Humans.
You've pictured Reef beautifully. I love your describtion and explanation for his special relationship with Korafay.

lunakat, this is ... hilarious ... and spot on. Wish I'd find the right words for a praise ... Red and Wordgazer summed it up perfectly.

Actually both of you made my day ... and Wordgazer added a cherry on the cake. =))


Our Kureel

Rhymes with 'eel',
thought killing Dart would be the deal.
In the process got himself,
promptly killed by another elf.
As a spirit he soon forgot;
how his life had become not.


love it!


same :-bd here


Thanks. These little "Baddie-Ones" are rather funny to make.
Which reminds me; someone should make one for Zey.


Love that, Redhead!


Hey Zey

You went the wrong way
But at least you got to be
chief for a day.


lunakat said: Hey Zey

You went the wrong way
But at least you got to be
chief for a day.



Our bony-woman
Was as ugly as a troll
just many times more.

(No offence to any trolls)


You nailed it, lunakat! ...short as his chieftainship...

XD ... and with worse manners! :-j
(edited ... I.hate.such.typos.)


My Kahvi

Spent her entire childhood heaing "you're not good enough!"
Finally had enough,
it almost cost her dearly.

Became leader of a changed tribe
A tribe that had lost something;
spent her life searching for something to give back to them.
First it was the Palace
Then the Little Palace
Then the Little Egg of six spheres
and, finally, a fawn with Cutter
In the end she learned that neither mattered.

Briefly wondered if she had been wrong,
lying to Rayek about their daughter.
Decided she hadn't.
Not because she thought Rayek would've been a bad father
But because he might've taken Venka with her when he made his time-jump,
and who, then, should've stopped him?

Thought she could never stay with the same person for more than a few crustings,
was wrong!

Remembered the harsh words of her childhood:
"You're not good enough"
and decided to give her son up,
so he wouldn't hear those words.


RedheadEmber said: and decided to give her son up,
so he wouldn't hear those words.
I like this POV ... might become my head canon ...


She said it herself. She gave up Teir so he wouldn't know she'd been disappointed by the fact that he was a boy.