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Sidekicks! Haze and Farbright :D


Am I the only one out here who wishes we might someday learn more about these awesome WaveDancers sidekicks? :D Yes, I've been dying to know more about them since I first saw that snippet in the Summer Special. They looked so cool! :love: I love Haze's turquoise hair :love: :love: :love: and Farbright with her smirk has always reminded me of a sailor-elf of sort, like Zephyr's band. Too bad we never found out anything about their personalities - myself, I imagine Haze was a Strongbow-like kind of guy, silent, headstrong and devoted body and soul to his lifemate, while Farbright was possibly akin to Krill or No-Ripple - the fiery one. Yes, I imagine them as the Wavedancers equivalent to Nightfall and Redlance *_* Still... it would be nice to know for sure. They had a fabulous design and, heck, they might as well have been the parents of Brill and Krill!! I really hope we're going to see more of them in the future WD stories, even in spirit form... they are just too intriguing to remain virtually unknown sidekicks!
So... here's my thread for WaveDancer couple that once was. Love them? Hate them? Don't have a clue who I'm speaking about? Post away!!


*whispers* ....pics, Christina...pics :P

...I just thought of something...in preserver terms, Farbright = Flash Light! :rofl:


Grin :roflmao:
As for some pictures...

Seen by Steve Blevins...

... retouched (partially redrawn?) by Wendy! *_*


Some fanarts of mine...

Entry for the Beloved Dead calendar (didn't make it, but it was still fun to draw them :D)

Cropped version of the above :D

"Huh??" or... What kind of fish is this? ;)
What-if meeting of Tilaweed from the Original WaveDancers and Farbright of the NWD!

And... coming soon... "They Were the First" my latest project! (I know, I am crazy. I only have so much free time and I spend all of it 'shipping the WaveDancers? Well, I wouldn't be Christina Raibert if I didn't ;-) )


Surprised Why do they look evil in that first pic? Surprised ...nice pics, by the way Wink


Probably 'cause I can't draw worth a crap, they were supposed to be grinning, not really evil :oops: Hopefully I have improved since then :D
Thanks anyhow! :-D

Forgot to add - I also included them in my entry for this year's calendar, Water Fun! :D


YAY!! Mine won't be the only Wavedancer related piece for consideration in the fan-calendar! :o ...then again, I should have know you would have been with me on this one Wink


:D Always good to have more WaveDancers art ^_^


WOOHOO!!! :o


And now for a little photomanip...









Lifemates, then and now *_*
(and I'm supposed to believe that they are not related to Brill? :? )


ok..CR..i thought since you requested them that i would post this here for you as well! enjoy! (krill is coming as well!)



Could the pictures be shrunk a little bit? it's kind of bothersome to go back and forth to read the posts and not get lost.


Haze and Farbright.

They were the first.

Lifemates, elders, tribemates.

Gone but ever present in their tribe's hearts.

Blue and green.

If you wish to know more about this couple, if you think they are cute guest stars, if you can't get enough of them, don't miss Christina Raibert's new groove "They Were the First", opening on Friday, Sept. 1.


Six more days before I can share my newest creation with you all... :D


*jaw drops* b e a u t i f u l


I don't know much about these two-- but I'd have to say Dewshine's picture of them is among her best work. :D


Well, sorry for the wait, but the server hosting my site went down due to spam reasons and I had to find another, move all the files... and on top of it all had to go through several issues in rl. Buth ah well, WaveDancers never sink ;-)
Sail over to [i:3d85cfdb97]"They Were the First"[/i:3d85cfdb97], my finned friends ;-)


it sz the account has been suspended???


Yeah, it turned out that one of the sites hosted was spamming, and all accounts were closed down. *sigh* Twice in a row, am I lucky or what?
And so I had to move the site to http://theywerethefirst.planx.uni.cc/
Sorry for the downtime! :)


Site is back :D Been down a few weeks as the host was moving to better and faster servers. Yee-ah!


Movin' again, due to spam reasons >_<
Anyway you can now find "They Were The First" at its new addy: http://theywerethefirst.uni.cc


You know... today, while I worked on an update for my Haze & Farbright site, I noticed a little something that might have escaped me so far...

Until now I had always assumed that Surge's mother Coral (to the left) and this chick to the right who's seen talking with Surge in a flashback were the same person. There's a strong resemblance between their designs and I had thought Surge might had been having issues with his mother - the way Snakeskin was having issues with him. The headpieces look similar, as do the tops, not to mention her hair. As good a guess as another, right?

Now compare this pic:
with this:


Surprised I swear, had I not opened both pictures next to each other in Photoshop, I probably would have missed the resemblance. Sure, there still are some differences - the female has no bracers in the b/w pic, and her earrings are missing. And yup, the guy's eyebrows and ears are different too. But the hair looks much alike - and the girl's headpiece actually looks more like Farbright's than Coral's own. Not to mention the guy's jawline - I kid you not. And his nose. And the shape of his eyes. What also surprised me is that these two were standing very close as they talked to Surge, as if they had been a couple or something.


So - what do you think? Is that Coral, or are they actually Haze and Farbright?

Just thought I'd throw it up - anyone wanna speculate? :-)


I love this pair


trying to get christina's pic back:


Now compare this pic:
with this:

Easter EggQuest 2013 found ................. Easter EggQuest 2013 found


The joy of a mother knows no end and no generations :)

(And we are to believe that these two are not mother and daughter?)


I hope they are ... if only to connect the elder couple closer to the story.


@Embala - amen to that! And it would come full circle with Brill's choice to give birth to her daughter in total freedom (why do I have the feeling it will have something to do with Korafay's role, not just in her tribe, but in the Final Quest story) if Korafay's grandmother had been a tailed WaveDancer... wanting to swim more "freely" in the water (as a counterpoint to characters like Longfin and Strand, who stayed mostly on the land).


I'm getting more and more convinced that Haze and Farbright are indeed the parents of Brill and Krill.
But of course, you could convince me pretty much everything in relation to the Wavedancers @ChristinaRaibert...


I made you these ages ago, but I donno if I ever posted um


Awww... the tiny couple - so adorably cute. Your mastership with sprites is adorable, kat!