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Political Activism


Political Activism---Is anyone involved in anything of the sort. As small as giving donations to a party or movement to volunteering for a group?

What are your principles? How is the world not upholding them? Do you think we're headed for a Nuclear War? How do you feel about activism?


Well im very involved with the republican party, and bush's fundraising campaign. Yes i support him(didnt reply to this thread to defend him, just state what im involved in).....very active with teh arts in new york, Do a lot of fundraisers and chairities to raise money to save and promote the arts, and for various musuems.

Even do some private fundraisers for artists i have a lot of faith in.

as far as the bush fundraising, i work the phone banks, host parties, organize block parties, rallies, data entry and recruiting.

for the arts, i try to get as involved as i can with organizing the fundraising dinners and auctions.

also did a lot of work with UNCF(united negro college fund).

pretty active member of black republicans.

I believe in keeping the standard of american living well, and protecting and strengthening my nation in all avenues, military, economy, its people. I think right now the powers in charge are upholding them well, so i have no complaints, thats probably why i volunteer so much to re-elect them.

As of yet i dont think we are headed for nuclear war in teh immediate future....

and as far as activisim. its not for everyone.. but its basically like, if u arent doing anything to change a situation, u cant complain about it. i just think if u believe in something strong enough u should work hard towards it.


Whoa... and I thought I was the only libertarian/republican around here! Way to go Lord Darkhan!

I'm not an activist, though, by any stretch of the imagination. I cast my vote as close as I can in keeping with my morals, but don't have the time or inclination to convince others to change theirs. I'm too busy going to school, looking for a job, loving my partner... in short, being a spectacularly cold-hearted capitalist. ;)


[quote:5882e987ea]in short, being a spectacularly cold-hearted capitalist. [/quote:5882e987ea]

Hey there Tiger...

Nothing wrong with that. Thats how I make my money :D

I understand about nto wanting to convince people. Its work. Thats why i dont get too political on the forum here. This is where I come after all the convincing and fundraising to relax, last thing i wanna do is talk more politics ...lol :D


Interesting guys, I'm on the other end of the spectrum. What exactly do you think Bush has done well to be frank? The economy has suffered under him, our international status has suffered, He mislead the public, He renegged on years of environmental legislation, He appointed a Notorious Segregationsst: Charles Pickering, as a Federal Judge(on MLK day no less) He pulled out of the Kyoto Agreement, He suggests in his speeches that Homosexuals are sinners(ok-that's a matter of opinion I guess) and he's responsible for a 521 billion Dollar Budget Deficit.

Besides that, I guess he's great...I mean...such charm :P

What has he done besides waging a war on Terrorism, and then side-tracking that war by attacking Iraq, that has left you of the impression that he's a solid leader?

I do applaud your political activism though Darkhan, always stand up for what you believe in...I am neither Anti-Republican, or Anti-Democrat...I think being conservative(which Bush in many ways hasn't been---The Patriot Act is a violation of our civil liberties, intended more to crush dissidence than terrorists) can be great...I mean...we have a constitution for a reason. I also think it can be extremely self-serving, selfish and detrimental to society(Cold-blooded Capitalist---I'm sorry the state of affairs has led people to believe that this something to be praised. It's not, Just like anything Cold-blooded) Liberals can also go to far, extremists can be very detrimental to society----however I stand with all those who say(both well-informed and thoughtful Republican(believe it) and Democrats and others) BUSH IS THE WORST PRESIDENT WE'VE EVER HAD.

Anyway----if you're interested in talking more, do so...if not----Go in peace and enjoy the rest of the forum :D That's great you support the Arts in NY...I'm happy to hear that...our State is doing very poorly(California) with that.

Shade and Sweet Dissidence:)


What has Bush done that's good?

Well, I'm not dead. And he /retaliated/ after 9-11, while a lot of people around here were whining that it's our own fault.

And I'm a lesbian--I've been with my partner for four years. I would love to get married. However, being alive and keeping the money that I earn is more important to me than a ceremony and legal benefits, much as I would love to have both. Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying that Bush is the best thing since sliced bread--but I do think he's better than Kerry. I guess that makes me cold-blooded in truth as well as in sweet turn of phrase.


[quote:98cf83f12c]What has Bush done that's good?

Well, I'm not dead. And he /retaliated/ after 9-11, while a lot of people around here were whining that it's our own fault. [/quote:98cf83f12c]

And...why should you be dead. It took the terrorists years to coordinate such an attack on New York and DC. For one, it was possibly preventable, and Bush's administration was to blame for that, along with Clinton's in part.

No middle east country is even CLOSE to having nuclear capabilities. The sense of fear you felt, was exactly what the terrorists wanted, and precicesly what Bush took advantage of by waging war on Iraq--who if you haven't heard---was never an imminent threat, not even close, and never had nuclear capabilities, nor had ties with Al Quaeda. This has been in the most Conservative media for quite some time---in case you've read it.

As for his retaliation: Wasn't he supposed to find Bin Laden and prevent further terrorist attacks? Instead he goes to a completely unrelated country and bombs the hell out of them. Get real, it doesn't take brains, courage or anything to retaliate, or basically seek revenge as Bush did, ANY president would have---if that's your sole claim to him as a virtous and efficient president, then I don't think you have an argument.

I'm mixed on my views of Afghanistan. We needed to tear apart the terrorist organizations that resided there---(that by the way--the US put in power--yep, the good old CIA) however, our approach was far from effective or diplomatic. Instead of using ground forces we bombed the hell out of them: End result: We have control of Kabul and nothing else, and we say that we've liberated Afghanistan! The rest of the country is just breeding more terrorists intent on attacking the brutes that we are.

Let me place a hypothetical question: What if you could have security and legal rights for you and your spouse...what if your president wouldn't suggest that you were sinners going to hell? What if you could have such a president---and you could even call him conservative if you wanted, that encompasses all this?

What if this question isn't hypothetical at all?


I am, in fact, a communist. boo! *gets blown up by Tiger and Darkhan*


Some believe that Communism---its its true unspoiled form---hasn't really been tried before.

If it weren't for the oppresive embargos we have on Cuba now...I doubt Cuba would be in such a mess...it has its history of humans rights abuses, but then--so does every country---but it has a higher literacy rate than the U.S., A standardized Healthcare, and people are more cogniscent of what's going on in the government and the world.

I went to Cuba for a week...about half of the people I met were disatisfied with Cuba and Castro, the other half was exuberant...However, I think this disatisfaction was in large part due to their economy and less about the politics...there are however alot of people who were very discontent with the govt for good reasons: All of Florida Cubans...but then again...a revolution is not a tea party. Heh...

I would be a communist, except it has a really negative conotation with most people---ie "communist" russia. I'd have to say I'm a social-democrat in the way that I vote...I want reform, I want more democracy in the hands of the people, more participation, standardized health-care and education...things most people want, but can't agree on how to get it. The rich are often republican because---well money buys you things in this country---and you can buy good healthcare and schools, but where does that leave everyone else?


totally agree Elvin.

I have no problem with people with opposite opinions of me, but the question is, would they have the same view if they were not born on the "lucky" side of the world??


Oh, you know : communism has died in Kronstadt in 1921.
Didn't live long.
What we had were pseudo-socialist bureaucratic dictatorships,
  in East and Cuba.
Though not far from the "communist" point of view, I am an anarchist.
Read "V for Vendetta" ( UK series ) and you'll get my point.
See you !


so you really think the human society can function with out rules and restricions? remember that a chain is never stronger than its weakest link...


I have no belief or respect for politicians, so I've made a conscious choice to ignore politics altogether. I don't vote and I don't follow politics.
It's not that I don't believe politics can make the world a better place - I just think that the people in power care more about public relations and their own wealth.
I'm sure there are politicians who are honest and good who really, really try to do their best to change things for the better. I just fear they aren't given the light of day.

Now maybe I come off as being bitter or that I harbour thoughts of anarchy, but that's not the case. In fact, I do my best to make the world a better place by being a nice person, and perhaps making my immediate environment more pleasant. It's not much, but I'm sure every little thing helps.

Maybe it seems like complacency or pure lazyness on my part, but when I have such a lack of faith in our leaders, I don't see any reason for engaging myself in politics. It's a shame, I guess. But that's how I feel.


[quote:23d09f1f9b]so you really think the human society can function with out rules and restricions? remember that a chain is never stronger than its weakest link...[/quote:23d09f1f9b]

Classical mistake about anarchism.
Rules ARE needed, even (moreso) in an anarchist system.
But this term has taken such a pejorative sense...

Read !
Btw : Books are the ultimate anarchist weapon, to my sense.

I remember about Louise Michel's testimony, who, at the end of her life
  dared say : "I feel less and less a socialist,
  and more and more an anarchist..."

Shade and sweet water !


if not that, then what is anarchism?


Just ask yourself :
Do I need a chief ?
Do I need to follow (or give) orders ?
Do I need a God to tell me "DOs and DON'Ts" ?

But rules are needed, the first one being : "Share !"
( Read "V for Vendetta" (UK comics) )

Anarchism is not the "land of do as you please"... (by far)

Shade and sweet water !


ok, so its not no rules, but no authorities?


YES ---READ V FOR VENDETTA----(This should be in the recommended comics section)

My favourite Alan Moore comic, yes the great Alan Moore. Wink

I agree...I am myself a firm believer that--like the bumper sticker says: "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention"

I manage to stay sane by reading Chomsky, comics, and watching the Daily Show with John Stewart----DUDE THEY MENTIONED CHOMSKY on an interview---How monumental is that??? Most people are like: "WHO??"

Wow, I really must sound like a californian. Needless to say, I think, well...I'm not too sure...I mean, no, I don't need all those things. I guess we need leaders, but not leaders who have such authoritarian power that we can't change them with the drop of the hat.

My stupid thought of the day(in a californian accent):

"Dude, I've got it, the USA is too big----why don't we just form separate countries in the states...I think smaller is bigger personally...we should just ban govts that have too many people. In which case, I'd probably not live in California, hmm, dude, NYC maybe, or Vermont, hmmm Hedonistic Hawaii...you're calling me baby! Yeah, I guess this would be a hard transition---everyone would want to live in Hawaii despite aggreeing with the politics."

This has been your stupid thought of the day(in a california accent)

Seriously, this is the first day in a long while I've felt somewhat optimistic about the future---probably had to do with Chomsky being mentioned on Comedy Central.

Should you read Chomsky? YES! I mean No, no, nah, watch the News they're very objective, and listen to your leaders, they're looking out for your best interests, oh yeah and American Idol votes are purely based on talent.



[quote:d6a32f0fcf]ok, so its not no rules, but no authorities?[/quote:d6a32f0fcf]

In fact, it needs MUCH MORE organization to work
  than all autocratic powers we've lived in or know of...
First : you don't need a chief when you know what to do, how to do it,
  with whom, and why.
And as Louise Michel put it once :
  the most important thing is to educate people (at all ages, all subjects).

Btw : how would you qualify most elves "governments" ?

Shade and sweet water.



[quote:aa4cf22daf]ok, so its not no rules, but no authorities?

In fact, it needs MUCH MORE organization to work
  than all autocratic powers we've lived in or know of...
First : you don't need a chief when you know what to do, how to do it,
  with whom, and why.
And as Louise Michel put it once :
  the most important thing is to educate people (at all ages, all subjects).

Btw : how would you qualify most elves "governments" ?

Shade and sweet water.[/quote:aa4cf22daf]

I figure so. try anarchy anywhere right now and you most certainly will get chaos. people would need many years of preparations to get used to these ideas, and even then there will be lots of "resisters"... I still dont have that much faith in humanity.

Wolfrides: old style monarchy
Gliders: dictatorship
Sun Folk: ??
Go-Backs: monarchy

check out nationstates if you want to give leading a counrty a try.


[quote:ce4d85305a]try anarchy anywhere right now and you most certainly will get chaos[/quote:ce4d85305a]
Nope : you'd get what anarchism got everywhere and anywhen it was tried : slaughters.
And the main reason for autocratic neighbours to crush this kind of experiment immediately ( and make everyone forget them ) is :
( most sign. : Commune de Paris, 1871; Makhno, 20s'; Spain, 1937 )

About elves : they simply don't have enough history
  for the "government" concept to have sense in their world, in my eyes...

Shade and sweet water !


When I was much younger, I participated in the March for Life on Washington. In college, we picketed a Klan rally.

(The latter was the shortest rally I've ever seen. They showed up in a bus, on the main street of a small town. A bunch of men got out, ran down the street in formation, and got back on the bus. One man handed out newspapers. Then it was on to the next town.)


I used to be politically active- when I was younger. Now I'm too short on time. But I do give money monthly to Planned Parenthood. Does that count?


lunakat said: Now I'm too short on time. But I do give money monthly to Planned Parenthood. Does that count?

Of course :)