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Grrrrrrr Denmark didn't give any point to France :x
(ok, the Belgian-French singer was lame :? )


Hm? Who won?


The Xena-like Ukraine singer



Grrrrrrr Denmark didn't give any point to France :x
(ok, the Belgian-French singer was lame :? )

Hey sorry! (maybe we were still bitter that we didn't get to compeat :D ) I did not even see yours! I only saw very few, because my boyfriend I were watching a movie so only in the breaks I got to see some of them! I saw Ukraine's though - it was ok (a bit xena like yeah - but ok)


Don't worry, "it's just a game"


Hahaha, Norway did it again, 3 points!!

I had a preparty that day, and we had this drinking game that is like this: pick a country, and when the votes are announced, you have to sip as many times of your glass as your country's given points. I picked England, but I still managed to get pretty smashed Wink



Don't worry, "it's just a game"

Oh i'm not taking this serious :D I just like to watch it because I think it's funny - that's all!



Hahaha, Norway did it again, 3 points!! [img]
I had a preparty that day, and we had this drinking game that is like this: pick a country, and when the votes are announced, you have to sip as many times of your glass as your country's given points. I picked England, but I still managed to get pretty smashed Wink

Well, the song sucked so I'm not surprised.
Anyway, that sounds like a fun drinking game. I'll have to try it next year maybe.


I couldnt care less about this show.


OKAY PEOPLE, it's EUROVISION time again!!! :D

Have you set a party for the date? Gathered your Eurovision fanbase? Listening to the ridiculously bad and ridiculously good songs (if they excist)? Picked a country to cheer for?

Well, start already!! We're planning THE party of spring in my apartment. The final is may 20th and I simply can't wait. It's the day you're allowed to have the baddest taste in music ever, laugh at people trying their best and sing along to german ompa schlagers.

Are you into Eurovision??

(To you people who have no idea what this is... it's a European "song contest" that hasn't really been a proper song contest for ages. It's been running since 1955 or 56. It's an extraordinary glam show with really, really bad music. But it's so much FUN!)


It's an extraordinary glam show with really, really bad music. But it's so much FUN!)[/quote:69e5c232fa]
Ain't that right! Grin
I'm always so annoyed and embarrassed if I see what dumb music some countries come up with (especially my own :oops: Grin )
And of course, many times you already know which countries will give what countries the points.... (for example, Belgium gives the points to Holland, Holland gives the points to Germany... and they never get back points anyway! :P Sssso silly.....)


I don't like Eurovision.

I prefer music.

(Ba-DUM chink!)



Anyway, I'm voting for Belgium (is that the english word for it, anyway?) this year. KATE RYAN, JE T'ADORE. It's burned into my mind.

[i:26d477b373]Je t'adore, here's my heart now take it
Je t'adore, only you can break it...[/i:26d477b373]

Yeah :mrgreen:


I don't know what I'm voting for this year, but gosh I want to see Lordi perform Grin It will probably prove out to be something spectacular and/or hilarious. :roll:
...I wouldn't vote for them in the final, though.


Alias: Lol, indeed!

I saw a few videos the other day, bleedin' hilarious!

There was one decent song, though - ummm, from one of the Balkan countries. Had nice ethnic touches and so on. Didn't sound like yet another Abba 'Waterloo' clone.


If not Google, [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurovision_song_contest]Wikipedia is your friend[/url]. Wink


OH MY GOD Eurovision is SOOOOO much more than a song contest! It's older than time itself (nearly) and is the ultimate showdown for Europe's worst musical acts, battling it out for absolutely no prize whatsoever!Abba's career was made through Eurovision. That says it all really.

Several countries participate, including Israel (because they're meant to be in Europe?!) and at the end, points are given by the different countries, rating their favourite 10 acts. The scores are added up, and the country that wins get the great honour of hosting it next year!

Also, countries usually give points based on politics rather than the music, as it's all horrendous and predictable anyway. The Scandinavian countries always vote for each other, no matter how bad they are. No-one votes for the UK.


I actually like our song this year. And like the band too. They are so fun! Last years song was so boring, (Allthough Grace CAN sing...)

So I'm going to view the euro contest to see how the girls are doing. Who are you voting for?

Edit: Does anyone know why Russia competes in our contest? :roll:


I didn't mean to be smarty-ing around, I'm just too lazy. :roll: In my opinion, the contest is a show of the worst music almost ever Grin Sometimes there are good songs there, though. Maybe one in fifteen...


Same feeling here.
But it's always a good occasion for a laugh ! Grin


Horrible! Why they even keep the contest up? I haven't watched it for a couple years.
And about Lordi. I don't like it. Two of my classmates are related to him but still I cannot like that music.
Music in Eurovision is always bad. :? Not even one of fifteen is good. xD


Maybe that was one in fifteen years.

But even then, I find this optimistic.

I'm starting to wonder if the whole Eurovision thing is not some kind of horrible precursor to Reality TV, a conspiration of European countries to embarass each other.


Then what would you think about "Intervilles" ? ... ( Grin )


THAT sounds like a horrible idea. Surprised Imagine what would that be like? 275 participants ranging from the littlest village to the capital...



Then what would you think about "Intervilles" ? ... ( Grin )

The same thing as about the current state of TV: it's a good example of Sturgeon's Law ("99% of everything is crap.") and its corollary ("There's no guarantee the remaining 1% is not crap, either.").

I tell you, the Internet is a blessing. 8)


But don't we all know, that... Grin

Three days until fun.


We're not in the finale? -Norway, I mean.
Sure,the song sucked a$$, but ...*pout*
how about Finland? hehehee I'm gonna root for them if they're there!


Norway is in the finale, because Wig Wam made it to the Top Ten list last year.


they were cool...and too funny


Well then, have you seen Lordi from Finland...?
nrk.no/mpg <-- you can see all of this years contestants here


Lordi is the contestant this year Grin (I'd say that even if I wasn't from Finland!)


they look scary Grin


I have a suggestion. If you can, try to watch the Eurovision contest on BBC, probably BBC Prime, if you can get it. Terry Wogan's commentaries make it much more entertaining. :)


...more than Jostein Pedersen?? I don't believe it!!!



Norway is in the finale, because Wig Wam made it to the Top Ten list last year.

And guess who didn't... SWEDEN!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!


Oh, gosh-a-me, I can't wait for tonight! Can'twaitcan'twaitcan'twait!!! *head spinning*

But I'm rooting for Carola and Silvia Night tonight. Oh, and I actually think Lordi is rather cool. Or, different, at least. Grin

Where is my sedative???

Edit: Oh, and all hail Jostein Pedersen! :D


Well, I was mainly addressing Alias and the other Eurovision-hecklers here. :) I'll probably watch it live on NRK myself (no stereo sound on BBC Prime), but tape it from BBC to at least hear him during the opening, the intermission and the points tallying.


At first I hated that Sylvia Nótt- song, but now it has glued itself into my mind...

I'm rooting for Finland, Belgium, Iceland (even thought I know the live version is HORRIBLE) and besides that, the girl from Denmark is cool (but they're already in the final, right?) And the German country thing was actually kinda cool! It's very german humour, but it's kinda party if you get into it. And I like that song that is half in italian... is it Romania? "Tornero, torneerooo...." Grin England has a nice chorus, but the guy is rather boring. In general I think there are a lot of cool songs, but the performances will have tons to say when it comes to what will work or not.

I can't wait for tonight either!!! :D :D



At first I hated that Sylvia Nótt- song, but now it has glued itself into my mind...

Same here. Grin "Congratulations, I have arrived." I mean, you just gotta love it. Grin

I'd like to see Finland go to the finals, yes. Denmark is already there, but I didn't like that song at all. Germany will be fun to hear again... (I just remember the outfits Grin). Belgium isn't really my cup of tea these days, but I wouldn't rule it out after hearing it once more. Oh, yes, and the "Tornero, tornero, tornerai, tornerai" might be lethal to my head (as in get-stuck-in-it), even though I don't really see what's the big deal about it. England just plain sucks. Sorry. But yeah, the performances are going to have a lot to say. Oh, and... eh... Now I've forgotten the country, but the gal singing "Superstar"? Luuuuuved that one! :D

And again, Carola. I mean, she's a homophobic, uber-Christian, downright dumb egomaniac of a woman, but gosh, I just love her. She better be careful with that wind machine, though, or else she'll blow right off stage. Nearly did so in the Swedish finals...


You actually like that Superstar-crap?? Surprised (It's Turkey, btw...) I think it's horrible! Especially that high note she hits on the chorus... I have to brace myself every time... I'm afraid she won't make it Grin

I hope Finland goes to the finale Grin



You actually like that Superstar-crap??

Well, like and like. Do I really like anything in Eurovision...? Grin But yes, I guess that if that is the one song I remember the most, then it's touched something in me. And it's not hate, because I don't feel upset about it, so... Eurovision is an eternal source of confusion to me. Always have been. But for the simplicity of it, let's just say I like it. Wink (And I remembered the country the minute I posted it, just didn't bother to edit... :oops: Turkey it is.)

Ten countries. So far, they are: Turkey (haha), Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Macedonia (I think...), and Russia. The other four...? I'll have to see the live performances first. Wink


I am rooting for my own country. Just because I think Treble is sooooo cool and they are such nice girls. (And I really like percusssion...)

So far I only heard Lordi as a contestor, and I really think they are cool, but I thought that last year of the "Grandma hits the drum" and Wigwam. And look where they ended. :roll:


Trebble is terrible..... tremble for terrible trebble


Lordi will win!
Or at least we won't hear that humiliating "Finland: Zero points." sentence.
Something good...


how do you know for sure?

i think they look idiotic


There has been so much fuzzle over it.

And who looks idiotic!?


Lordi is amazing, I hope they do well :mrgreen:

Aaaah can't wait for tonight!


ofcourse Lordi...who else looks THAT idiotic :roll: ....and you do know hyping doesn't mean it will be good


Wig Wam, Wig Wam, I luuuuuuuv Wig Wam! :D I'm still mad they didn't win last year. And look what we send this year... I mean, cool it's in Norwegian, but come on. Does anyone think we can win with this stuff? Ah, well, it's been years since I rooted for Norway the last time (except last year, hehe).

CAAAAAAAAAN'T WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!! An hour and a half left, people!


Wig Wam was the only act i liked and even remember from last year..they looked like Kiss...which was hilarious.... But the Lordi look?... idiotic 8)


But we got ice hockey at the same time. :(
Guess what people wanna watch?
Ice hockey, of course. *grumble*

But it doesn't matter.
I'll be asleep within an hour or two anyway. :P Gotta go to work tomorrow and I think watching Eurovision is not the best excuse to be away.



Gotta go to work tomorrow and I think watching Eurovision is not the best excuse to be away.

Then what in the world is?? Of course it is, Badger! Helloooo?

And yes, Lordi looks stupid, but the song isn't too bad.


I'll send you all this on next Valentines Day...


And my reply will be "No, thanks. As sweet as you may be, I think I'll rather go with someone that spends less money on make-up than I do. Have a nice day! :D"


It's not make up.
It's masks and costumes. Must be kinda sweaty and heavy. :roll:

I could join to Lordi's band, I'd play... Um... Bongo drums?


Hmm, Belgium didn't go through... weird. But I have a new favorite: Ukraine! :D

And yeeey, Lordi is in the finale Grin


that song sucked...like the dutch songs.... the only one i remotely liked was Turkey......
God you shouldve seen the night when i was out in Anwerp and they put on that belgium Kate Ryan song...everyone went graze....exept the dutch people and i had to laugh so hard...

but allas...it's sad that belgium didn't get trough...i wanted to cheer someone on...i will go for Turkey i guess


What the hell? Belgium...? I demand a re-vote!

Gosh, I have so much to say. Okay:

Armenia. I mean... Speechless. Unibrow nightmare.

I gave plusses to Bulgaria for classy dresses, although a bit boring. Ukraine also had a wonderful dress, and here the song was a bit better in addition. Good going to Iceland for the first outfit, but the whole thing got way too silly along the way. The telephone in the shower didn't help. Also, Portugal had a sassy and slutty pink dress, which I loved, but a rather forgettable song.

The Abba award this year went to Estonia, however it was horribly executed, and Macedonia gets my prize for worst outfit (jeans shorts).

The worst participant, however, was Andorra. Aweful, aweful, aweful. And what the heck is the deal with Lithuania?? Who the hell voted for this fotball song?

So to the good news: SWEEEEEEEEEEDEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! My undisputed favorite. I had Belgium as a close second, but we all know what happened there.

My Top 5 now are Sweden, followed by Greece, and then a tie between Norway, Russia, and Turkey - 'cause she's a supppper star! Grin


Ah, yes, the Waterlo... ueh... Abba teens! :D In the beginning one of them actually sang: "Waterloo." instead of their own song. Hows that for humiliation.

I was quite taken by Albania, no show, 100% good song.

But what really rocked my world were the: "WE ARE THE WINNARS! VOTE!VOTE!VOTE!"
Pure genius... 8)



Ah, yes, the Waterlo... ueh... Abba teens! :D In the beginning one of them actually sang: "Waterloo." instead of their own song. Hows that for humiliation.

My friend did the exact same thing. Grin

And the "We are the Winners" people got to the finals, so you never know...

Albania didn't really do anything for me, but for some reason I fell head over heels with Slovenia. Figure they didn't make it. But man, you could tell that guy was deliriously excited to be on that stage! I got so happy just by watching him. Grin


The only Eurovisian Songcontest-song I looove is uh..the Voice..from what's her name again..

Eimear Quin?


Quinn, yes. And that was such a total rip-off from Norway's Secret Garden the year before. :x


Thanks for the tip, Yngvar, but I think the only level of possible entertainment I can get from this is, if a Swiss radio did to it what it did to the 1992 soccer World Cup final: "turn the TV on, kill the sound, turn the radio on and we will provide the sound."

THAT was entertainment. 8)


God, I love Eurovision. I'm listening to snippets of this year's songs in the official site, and I don't want this to end! I am so buying the CD. 8)




Thanks for the tip, Yngvar, but I think the only level of possible entertainment I can get from this is, if a Swiss radio did to it what it did to the 1992 soccer World Cup final: "turn the TV on, kill the sound, turn the radio on and we will provide the sound."

THAT was entertainment. 8)

I was never a soccer fan, but here in Norway, that was what people used to do whenever fabled sports commentator Bjørge Lillelien was on. His primal scream when Norway beat England became legendary.

Of course, that was back when we only had one radio and one TV station.

Sadly, he died. If he'd seen us beating Brazil, I think his heart would have given up anyway. :)


wow...those are two completely different and polar mirrors of eachother...

football (very straight)
Songcontest (very gay)

god ,how more label-y can one get


...and Litauen's song this year is a mix between the two :D


I'm going to a Eurovision"party" tonight. :D Not because me and my friends like it so much, but because it's fun to look at the funny costumes, dancing, songs and of course because Jostein Pedersen is so funny to listen to. Grin Havent heard the norwegian song, but i don't think she will win anyway... :roll:

as to the football/soccer thing, I think that it is stupid. Sorry, but i really don't like soccer, and where I live, if you don't like sports (especially soccer) you are being looked upon as nothing. Stupid sports... :x


I don't like Lithauen's song either. I like Romania, Denmark, Greece, Ukraine, Finland... I don't like Turkey, but I think they will do well. Who will win? My bet is Greece, Romania... or actually, Norway or Bosnia & Herzegovina, because they are so different from the rest. Of course I think the victory should go to a country that hasn't won yet, so my fingers are crossed for Finland.

Who should NOT win... Turkey, Sweden, Moldova (as if!) and I think Greece should get a good place, but I don't think they should win. I hope Norway does well, but I don't think the song deserves to win. Then I'd rather go for Bosnia & Herz.

My pick for the evening is Ukraine. I love the song, the girl and the dancers (and the costumes) but I think it is too much like the winners from 2005, 2004 and 2003 (girl singing with 4-5 backupdancers). I wish a male singer could win, because of what has been the past 3 years, so if Romania does well, he could actually win.

Oh, and because of the latest years, I think the debutant Armenia will do good.

So... I think it will be a ballad this year. Or a rock song. So Greece, Finland, Norway, B&H... or maybe even Denmark. Watch out for the outsiders!



I am not as worked up about it... The only Eurovision song from the past decade that I've actually enjoyed was the one that came in third the year Turkey won. It was a nonsense song called Sanomi by a ... Dutch...? alternative group called Urban Trad... I love that song :)

heh, I know that Sanomi song, it's actually a Belgian group :) But that song really really annoys me. They have played it like a million times back here, what was really frustrating.

Belgium should have gone through to the finals! I mean: Kate's song was better than the 'we are the winners group'. But I'm not such a Eurovision fan actually:)


I never bothered with the semifinals. I'm hearing Lithuania's entry for the first time now. Oh, God! You were right!


i am voting for Turkey......and god, the dancer behind her, with the angry face....so delicious.. 8)

the Greek one can sing the best, imho

i hope finland doesn't win....god how i hate that group/song...too idiotic ...



i hope not Unhappy


bleh....europe shows us that they have a very bad taste....my god...finland...my god... Surprised


screw it..... i am going to bomb something



Finland deserved to win. BY FAR the best entry.

Everything else was either plan bad or performed half-assed. Why Russia got so many points is beyond me. And Sweden?! Who the hell voted for Carola? We suffered enough the first time she won.


Drunk now. Finland won. So deserved. All honours! My party cheered all the way for them!!!



I am so gonna have a party! In my opinion, Lordi is the best thing ever happened to Finland.
I still can't believe this is happening, and I'm so HAPPY! Grin Grin Grin



I don't get that Finland won, but then again, who else could have? The rest was mainly just a bunch of half-naked, sexed-up, botox people (and I don't think that Carola was the worst!) I was rooting for Israel, I only saw them on the review but they were kinda fun! Wink


Yeaaaaa! Finland won! By far!!!! I thought their song was sooooooo cool!


yay! Go Finland! I NEVER vote in these kind of competitions, but last night i voted for Finland. And i loooved that Norway gave Finland more points than Sweden (because i don't like Carola...) :D


Yay! The right song won! (I'm speaking of song now, since I can't say anything about the country, being Finnish myself. Of course it was the right choice, but... :woll::)

I voted for Norway and Lithuania, myself. Lithuania was awesome Grin
Norway's entry was just beautiful. I liked it. Really really liked it.

And hey, the votings tend to not go by the song, but by politics. (Yugovision, anyone? :roll:) But as my sister said, no one votes for Finland because of political reasons. People maybe don't vote for Finland because of it, but no free votes, I guess.

But just guess what album will be the top of charts for the next month in Finland? :roll:



I don't get that Finland won, but then again, who else could have? The rest was mainly just a bunch of half-naked, sexed-up, botox people (and I don't think that Carola was the worst!) I was rooting for Israel, I only saw them on the review but they were kinda fun! Wink

so true, o so true

nobody should've won....

god...why do i even give a crap... Grin ...i wasted precious time that i won't get back...ever...

silly silly


Yup... so now this thread can go to sleep again, and will be awakened in spring 2007 when it's time to go to Helsinki :mrgreen:


Haha forum meet in Helsinki 2007?

*does happy dance* I didn't watch it - still no TV. But I like Lordi. I've no idea what the other participants were like, but of course I'm glad our guy won. Even though he looks like a goblin...


Pfft...because I got taken to some gaybar yesterday, I've seen some songs of the contest.
I didn't pay much attention to it, but the Bosnia song I like very much, and it's kinda funny they ended third.
And yeah, Lordi...so cool!

The absolute winners! *rocksign*



Europe chose originality over the ordinary... ...

since when is the euro songcontest original.... Grin it became plastic and fake years ago......

But unlike Wigwam, the song sucked..

wigwam should've won last year....

so and with that i am done with it all 8)


I don't know what to say. Eurovision has certainly changed (which might be a good thing, though. Not sure yet.)

I applaud Finland for doing something different, and the song was sure good enough to be in the competition (I mean, Armenia??), but to win? No way. Top Ten, fine, but this is beyond me. Still, after 45 years (Finland participated for the first time in 1961, their best result is a sixth place, and they're the country with the most last places - which says something, considering that Norway is the country with the most "null points."), it was time. And they've sent far worse, so... Leanan, btw, what do the Finnish newspapers say about the shocking win?

Well, my favorites this year were Belgium, Slovenia, and Sweden (in opposite order), and with the two first ones not making it past the semifinals, my odds didn't seem to have much credit. Still, Swden made it to fifth, beaten with two points by East Block Trash Boy from Romania. (Fine, so the guy could sing, but honestly.) Anyway, they're qualified for next year.


And Sweden?! Who the hell voted for Carola?

I did. Yep. 8) With my cell and all. Carola is such a hag that I've went over the edge and completely adore her. Grin

Other favorites were Greece (she's sooooo Euro-Cher), but her voice didn't really make it as dramatic as I was hoping for. Still, loved that outfit.

Bosnia & Herzegovina had some gorgeous music, but the guy was terrible. A friend of mine said he looked like their equivalent to our Tor Endresen, and those of you who remembers him (Oh yes, we've sent him in the past - and he competed in the Norwegian finals this year. Nearly won, too...), know that that ain't no compliment.

Which brings me to Norway. Well, no surprise, really. I kinda liked it (especially with her new dress and all), but we don't have the slightest clue of what people want. Look at the winners the last five years or so. Who seriously thought that "Alvedansen" ("Elve's Dance") had any shot at all? With all these Balkan countries, we never stood a chance. Our Scandinavian countries didn't care for it, either, and a Swedish critic reportedly fell asleep during it and woke up in the middle of the Spanish song. Well, I don't know if that's true - it's hard to imagine an ESC fanatic fall asleep at any moment during the competition - but still. And now we have to go through the semifinals next year. I dread this.

Lithuania sucked, but my least favorite of all was actually France. God, they send so much crap to these events.

Oh, Turkey. Mustn't forget Turkey. I loved Dana International meets Tori Spelling-Sibel, and I'm surprised it didn't make Top Ten. And the dancers... Yummy. 8)

And yes, I remember that Urban Trad participant from when rapping harem diva Sertab won (yet another unjustified victory). They (Urban Trad) had those hand movement going on - it looked like they were milking a cow. I was at a Eurovision party that night (of course), and we had so much fun with that "cow-milking." Grin

I agree with you, Thitida. Denmark never hits home with me. And "Wings of Love" is one of the worst songs to win ever. Hate it. Hate that song. (Still, this year's "Twist of Love" has grown more and more catchy, I'm afraid.)


I liked Alvedansen. I even voted for it! It was awesome.
I may be a bit opinioned (because of my nationality and music taste), but I still think that Lordi did deserve to win. But arguing isn't a good thing, so never mind ^^

The UK song was... bad. I don't like rap, but even if I did, that guy was quite... erm... well, weird.

Oh, and the Finnish newspapers: The two tabloid papers here were quite much like "OMGWTFBBQ" and celebrating it all through. At least the other one has a 22-page report on Lordi and ESC.
The "true" newspapers reported it quite normally, as you would expect a newspaper to report on the Eurovision winner. Of course there were more interviews etc. in the articles, but quite basic article IMO. At least here.
The whole Finland is still going all "WTF", I guess.


Mwaaaaaahahahahaha I KNEW Lordi'd win!
:twisted: :twisted: Grin :twisted:


Grin nope, I just hoped and wished for it :P
-and besides, haven't you noticed that lately, in the contest, every contribution that separates itself from the crowd, tends to win?

So, psychic? No.
Clever? ooooh yes 8) :P


Well, I am biased, but I thought the Norwegian entry stood out a little on its own, with the Hardanger fiddle and the Jew's Harp. And for the first time, after they decided that it was OK for a non-English speaking country to have an English song, they switched back to Norwegian. :)

Well, I suppose that was part of the problem. :)


[b:05927337d8][size=18:05927337d8]Eurovision Song Contest 2007.[/size:05927337d8][/b:05927337d8]

Less than two months left now. :D And I'm so excited! :D :D So to shorten the wait, I've listened through all the entries this year (except for Great Britain and Russia), and these are my immidiate thoughts. (Press the titles for YouTube videos.)

[b:05927337d8]Already Qualified:[/b:05927337d8]

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtyTpZ8rT7s]Armenia: Hayko ”“ Anytime You Need[/url]
Starts out kind of nice, but gets boring too quickly.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht-LSZBO9is]Bosnia & Herzegovina: Marija Sestic ”“ Rijeka Bez Imena[/url]
Incredibly boring song with an even more boring singer who couldn't sing if her life depended on it.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4nPD41h7MM]Finland: Hanna Pakarinen ”“ Leave Me Alone[/url]
Foxy lady, but a depressing and nagging song. The Finnish are finally starting to sound temporary, though.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3a2i-XjGp4]France: Les Fatals Picards ”“ L’Amour A La Française[/url]
Pale 60s retro, probably an attempt to charm. The "singer" is just silly.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsaJAQHSwwU]Germany: Roger Cicero ”“ Frauen Regier’n Die Welt[/url]
The German Michael Bublé, which is good for them as I like Bublé. Charming song, but probably misplaced.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N52gQc1embQ]Greece: Sarbel ”“ Yassou Maria[/url]
Another poor Ricky Martin knock-off. But it's dangerously addictive, and might very well score lots of point.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TlGREikBRA]Ireland: Dervish ”“ They Can’t Stop the Spring[/url]
Irish ballad. 'Nuff said.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLU7LGbTZKo]Lithuania: 4Fun ”“ Love Or Leave[/url]
Café ballad. Comfortable.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxrksuZgyBo]Romania: Todomondo ”“ Liubu, Liubi, I Love You[/url]
Seems charming at first, but turns on you and gets extremely tiresome.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et82MWR11AY]Russia: Serebro - Song Number 1[/url]
Nice gals. The song's not too shabby, but too mainstream. Might very well get some points, though.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_evYD8A5gWk]Spain: Nash ”“ I Loe You Mi Vida[/url]
And the days of boybands were not over! Four closet cases with no rhythm.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oKXIAqwujo]Sweden: The Ark ”“ The Worrying Kind[/url]
Glamrock. Climbs on my list thanks to the lousy competition. Accused of plagiarism.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkoU3lJymj4]Ukraine: Verka Serduchka ”“ Danzing[/url]
WTF? The weirdest drag queen I've ever seen. And I've seen lots. Sounds like the math teacher from hell.

Great Britain
N/A. (Selection March 17th.)


[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyqG2xaVpTc]Albania: Frederik Ndoci & Aida ”“ Balada E Gurit[/url]
Powerful ethnic ballad, but might be ”“ or seem ”“ too long.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mISRvH3B0Z4]Andorra: Anonymous ”“ Salvem El Mon[/url]
Boring version of Busted.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDw70YalQY8]Austria: Eric Papilaya ”“ Get A Life, Get Alive[/url]
Soul meets rock with a nice vocal. One of the best songs of the year.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcCZa3Am7IU]Belarus: Dmitry Koldun ”“ Work Your Magic[/url]
This year's Dima Bilan. Pumped with confidence, which weighs up for the bad vocal. Might score many points.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jg1pgtrrNuA]Belgium: The KMGs ”“ Love Power[/url]
Funky disco retro. Makes me think of Earth Wind & Fire, which is totally a compliment.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq-0GTDZDD0]Bulgaria: Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov ”“ Voda[/url]
The beat is okay, but that doesn't help the nagging and intrusive voice.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIS4vzw-Y70]Croatia: Dragonfly feat. Dado ”“ Vjerujem U Ljubav[/url]
If you haven't stopped smoking by now, take a look at this guy. Pretty forgettable song.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2QLymLZHyU]Czech Republic: Kabat ”“ Mala Dama[/url]
Someone was inspired by Lordi”¦

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYXI0xGAl6g]Cyprus: Evridiki ”“ Comme Ci, Comme Ca[/url]
The 90s are back! And it doesn't sounds as bad as expected; I even forget it's in French.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwreOVvcC6I]Denmark: DQ ”“ Drama Queen[/url]
The second drag queen this year ”“ and the best one. Still no Christer Lindarw, though. There's a reason why most drag queens lip-sync.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iyff_bUB4k]Estonia: Gerli Padar ”“ Partners In Crime[/url]
The Baltic Pink with a song which never really takes off.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWOfzaSVizo]Georgia: Sopho Khalvashi ”“ My Story[/url]
Georgia's Eurovision debut. And this Björk copy must have used up its country's entire cultural budget on fabric.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6fV_vBxnCg]Hungary: Magdi Ruzsa ”“ Unsubstantial Blues[/url]
Original Eurovision entry. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but this is too boring. Nice, but kind of boring.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES1YOCa8Rzk]Iceland: Eirikur Hauksson ”“ Eg Les I Lofa Dinum[/url]
A song that grows while you listen to it. The guy has a nice voice, and I'm a sucker for guitar solos.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_h_rLKTLvs]Israel: Teapacks ”“ Push The Button[/url]
Oh the horror.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9BL99w6xP8]Latvia: Bonaparti.lv ”“ Questa Notte[/url]
The three Latvian tenors. Way too pompous.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTZoDdH8fG0]FYR Macedonia: Karolina Goceva ”“ Mojot Svet[/url]
Obviously inspired by the Far East. Not so bad, but nothing that stands out.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwdwIZRf_nI&mode=related&search=]Malta: Olivia Lewis ”“ Vertigo[/url]
Dramatic from start to finish, but not intolerable. Sounds like a soundtrack, actually.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0r-69PmKhw]Moldova: Natalia Barbu ”“ Fight[/url]
Sounds like a radio hit, but I'm not sure it will reach out from a stage.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q61jLbRQ50]Montenegro: Stevan Faddy ”“ Ajde, Kroci[/url]
Drama king you'll remember. The song you will not.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RNiTzyZbWA]Netherlands: Edsilia Rombley ”“ Nooit Meer Zonder Jou[/url]
Grows after a while to a soulful radio hit, but sounds a little outdated. Won't get lots of points.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX9Q64Dnf1E]Norway: Guri Schanke ”“ Ven A Bailar Conmigo[/url]
Typical Eurovision, although a little outdated. Okay, but not much more than that.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4gtdBmY08k&mode=related&search=]Poland: The Jet Set ”“ Time To Party[/url]
90s retro that grows on you. Sounds American, which might save it or doom it.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS3iMStNJMk]Portugal: Sabrina ”“ Danca Conmigo (Vem Ser Feliz)[/url]
Outdated as well. Can't help but compare it to Norway's entry, although this is slightly worse.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDEMqKuMEps]Serbia: Marija Serifovic ”“ Molitva[/url]
Is that”¦ Kelly Osbourne? With Down's syndrome”¦? No, no, oh no.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMkL1fMwCDo]Slovenia: Alenka Gotar ”“ Cvet Z Juga[/url]
Opera and dance in one. Interesting. It will probably get a lot of points from the East Block countries.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxFW8kJ5IhA]Switzerland: DJ Bobo ”“ Vampires Are Alive[/url]
Oh my God. Didn't think we'd see Bobo again. But this is dangerously addictive. LOTR meets Aqua. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this song wins the whole thing.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK9Ci7N6Whs]Turkey: Kenan Dogulu ”“ Shake It Up Sekerim[/url]
Warning! The light effects may cause epilepsy. Even more 90s, but this is catchy. And a little sexy.

[b:05927337d8]Personal top three:[/b:05927337d8]
Austria, Belgium and Cyprus. Still not decided on the order, but I really like Austria. Poland and Turkey might make up my top 5. And I must admit that DJ Bobo is growing on me...

I was going to say that last year was better, which I'm still inclined to think, but I'm going to have to get to know all these entries a little better first. And with all this 90s retro, I'm starting to think that Norway should have sent Infinity after all...


The Ark?.... really?.... are they stoned?


Thanks for the information, Aldar! I'm so psyched for this year, haha. I always am.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_h_rLKTLvs]Israel: Teapacks ”“ Push The Button[/url]
Oh the horror.[/quote:d11b2fba85]

Why Israel is ever in the competition is beyond me. They never provide a decent act, AND since when is Israel part of Europe?

That being said, I think Morocco once competed. :?


[quote:a0cb5fb9a3="Elsa"]Thanks for the information, Aldar! I'm so psyched for this year, haha. I always am.[/quote:a0cb5fb9a3]
Oh, me too. *claps hysterically*

Israel's song this year is gruesome. I miss Dana International.

[quote:a0cb5fb9a3="Elsa"]I think Morocco once competed. :?[/quote:a0cb5fb9a3]
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BozIY_bvgog]They did in 1980[/url]. I even like the song, but it came in next to last, so they decided not to do it again. Besides, they had issues with Israel...


I stopped watching many years ago, before I left Europe, when Moody Blues were accepted in the competition. It's like having Celine Dion compete in American Idol, how ludicrous can you get. Then I heard they had Turkish, Moroccan, and Israeli entries. How the @#%$^& are these countries qualified as European?


It has little to do with geography. All countries that are members of the Eurovision Broadcasting Union (ABU) are allowed to participate.


I've actually listened to most of Aldar's links... I don't think I've ever consciously listened to Eurovision contest entries before


Respect. 8)

But more importantly, did you like any of them?


Well, none of it is what I'd listen to normally, but I wrote some comments :P

Hungary: Magdi Ruzsa - Unsubstantial Blues
I rather liked this one, actually

Bulgaria: Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov – Voda
If they got some extra empty barrels and junk to bang on...

Lithuania: 4Fun – Love Or Leave
In a wine-bleary barely-noticing-it background music kinda way I mightn't mind this one too much

Albania: Aida & Frederik Ndoci - "Balada E Gurit"
Briefly touched me in some fashion, but tragically mired in glammy television cheese

Turkey: Kenan Dogulu – Shake It Up Sekerim
Tolerable, considering what it is...

Sweden: The Ark - The Worrying kind
I know the singer!!! No, wait. Maybe I don't. Well, at least they know they're trashy

Austria: Eric Papilaya – Get A Life, Get Alive
Not too bad, but so ordinary...

Belarus: Dmitry Koldun – Work Your Magic
Woo, spooky... in a shallow and artificial kinda way

Ireland: Dervish – They Can’t Stop the Spring
I like me some folksy Irish stuff but this one's insufficiently faerydusted

Denmark: DQ – Drama Queen
Could be fun if the vocals were more dramatic

Portugal: Sabrina - Dança Conmigo (Vem Ser Feliz)
Makes me feel like I'm drunk and really wishing I could go home but nobody's driving and the next train's in 3 hours and the music's too loud and will never stop and

Switzerland: DJ Bobo – Vampires Are Alive
Can't eurotrashno die already? If only this were nice corny fake 80s synthie pop!

Romania: Todomondo – Liubu, Liubi, I Love You
Quit grimacing, please... 1:30 of this would have been enough

Finland: Hanna Pakarinen – Leave Me Alone
Why am I thinking of the pink styrofoam rocks on Star Trek?

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Marija Sestic – Rijeka Bez Imena
Not actively offensive, but then again I can't actually remember it

Germany: Roger Cicero – Frauen Regier’n Die Welt
Ugh, brass stabs and lyrics I actually understand. And stop pointing your finger at me

Verka Serduchka - Danzing
Cheesy dance beat and tired transposition... otherwise not entirely intolerable

Spain: Nash – I Love You Mi Vida
Sweetened condensed milk, high fructose corn syrup, potassium sorbate (preservative), artificial vanilla flavor... probably tested on animals

Armenia: Hayko - Anytime You Need
I so wanted a corny teary slow-motion b&w docudrama backing video with that :(

Slovenia: Alenka Gotar – Cvet Z Juga
A so-so song thrown back down in its place by an utterly uninspired wimpy umta umta beat. Sounds fairly childish to me

Greece: Sarbel – Yassou Maria
I almost like the part where he shuts up... not my thing, obv.

France: Les Fatals Picards – L’Amour A La Française
Hello? We're being vivacious here, please? I'm cute and charming, I think? Eh...

Montenegro: Stevan Faddy – Ajde, Kroci
Is this man ill?

Moldova: Natalia Barbu - Fight
Couldn't make it through this one... just nothing for me to be interested in

Israel: Teapacks - Push the button
Maybe if they'd let Foyer des Arts have a go at it...

Listened to a couple more but ran out of things to say...