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Elfquest Wanted... Looking.


Hello hello all,

These are a few items that I am looking for to mostly complete my collection, I check ebay religiously as well as a few other places, but I figured I could actually put the list up here as well.

1996-1999: Elfquest II - #27, 28, 30, 32, 33
1998: Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #4
1998: Elfquest: The First Twenty Years
2001: Wolfshadow Summer Special - #1
2001: Recognition Summer Special - #1

Reader's Collections
#1: Fire and Flight
#2: The Forbidden Grove
#3: Captives of Blue Mountain
#4: Quest's End
#5: Siege at Blue Mountain
#6: The Secret of Two-Edge
#7: The Cry From Beyond
#8: Kings of the Broken Wheel
#8a: Dreamtime
#8b: In All But Blood
#9: Rogue's Curse
#9a: Wolfrider
#9b: Blood of Ten Chiefs
#9c: Kahvi
#9d: Chief's Howl
#11: Legacy
#11a: Huntress
#11b: The Wild Hunt
#11c: Shadowstalker
#12: Ascent
#12a: Reunion
#13: The Rebels
#13a: Skyward Shadow
#14: Jink!
#14a: Mindcoil
#15: Forevergreen
#15a: Dream's End
#15b: Phoenix
#16: WaveDancers
#?: Worldpool

And, Elfquest: Score (1998) I think is the correct title.

I'm still kicking myself for not buying the RC once they came out, that will teach me to ignore my first instincts. :)

Willing to buy directly, or trade for items. I have a rather good collection of extra back issues in comics. Just let me know.

Thank you muchly!


Hi Emma! I have a extra Shadowstalker in nice shape, has just a small amount of shelf wear on the cover. This is one of the harder to come by issues so I'd sell it for $50 or trade for something nice (or a few comics).

I don't have the EQ/20 issues you need but I need 22 if you have an extra :)

I think I do have a copy of the Frazetta #4 in minty condition, I read the story and bagged it. Copy was bought from Wolfrider store not long ago but is unsigned.

I asked about the Score a bit ago and I believe ElfPop said it was something they just never did/got done...

I have a killer file that is a Word Doc and lists everthing EQ did pretty much with lots of images. If you (or anyone else) would like a copy let me know...


Yes I would love a copy of the list you have, I have several but they seem to either be lacking material... or have items that were never even out. So confusing...



Full-color, hardcover, 1st print editions of RC 7 & 8 are currently for sale on ebay if you haven't found them already. I know the person selling them and I also know he has all the rest of the RC's you're looking for except for World Pool.
He hasn't posted the rest of the collection on ebay yet, so he said I could post a head's up here since some are looking. Details as follows:

RC's 1-6 soft cover, full-color $85 ea
RC's 7-9 & The Hidden Years hard cover, full-color $100 ea
RC's 8b,9b,9c,9d,11b,11c,13,14 $100 ea
all other RC's soft cover, b&w $75 ea

All are in excellent condition - except for a VERY slight browning of the pages, you'd think they were purchased yesterday. The oldest was purchased about 20 years ago or so, the most recent about 7.


What'd your buddy do color each page? I thought the RCs were B&W? Never heard of color hardcover RCs...


Early RC's - those printed in the 80's and early 90's - were in color. I guess you didn't discover EQ until much later? Ask Richard if you don't believe me.


There's a little misunderstanding -- those [b:55b0288452]RCs[/b:55b0288452] are the newly issued, smaller size books. The color versions you're talking about are known as [b:55b0288452]graphic novels[/b:55b0288452] to the rest of the forum. :D

Welcome to the scroll! :D


Oh, sorry. In that case #'s 1-9 are all graphic novels, but 8a-b, 9a-d and the rest are correctly named as RC's.


yea, to me RC = Reader's Collection which are the books specifically called Reader's Collection. The Starblaze books are Graphic Novels and I guess the HC Rogue's Curse would be a graphic novel too.

I got into EQ in about 1980 but grew a life which excluded reading for fun in 1995 and just now have the time to enjoy again :)

Anyway, pictures will tell what they are but your buddy also has some pretty high pricing on some of these items. You might want to check here on EQ.com and see what you can buy those books for new. Some are rare and out of print and some are still in stock.

EMMA - I tried to send the list to Richard but it is HUGE, it is basically FurFace's list with the pictures. If you want it PM me and we will work out a way (yahoo IM would work if you use that). Also I still have the Shadowstalker (softcover, B&W, RC) if you are looking and would take $25 + shipping ($5 in US).


Pricing was based on what he saw (and didn't see) in the Shop plus a little extra since he wasn't sure if stats there were still current. Besides, I'm not sure he really wants to get rid of them. He could use the money, but I have the feeling he wouldn't be that upset if they didn't sell. However, since one auction is being watched and the other has had questions, his assumption that someone somewhere is willing to pay the requested price seems to be playing out. :)


Don't know if you're still looking for these, but I have the Recognition summer special (NM/M) and might have the first 20 years book as well (not certain on that but I will check today).