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Rosetta Tales


since we lost all the Holts, I'll be the first it seems to re-post my Holt. lol come one everyone, let's get this section back up and running.


Rosetta Tales is a “world” RP. We have free forum RPs, an ElfQuest Holt, plans for a Pern Weyr, and many other ideas here soon once things settle down a bit. Rosetta Tales is a Mature Community. We ask that people who wish to join be [b:47e1486860]Age of Consent[/b:47e1486860] in their [b:47e1486860]Country of Origin[/b:47e1486860]. I know this cuts down on the possible member pool, but I do not believe in stifling creativity, mine or anyone else’s. So, there will be occasional sexual elements and violence. We welcome any who aren’t afraid to play mature RPGs. Everyone can find their own level of enjoyment.

Residing in Memory Time Holt are two Elven Tribes, a tribe of Trolls, a Human tribe, and a handful of Preservers to add to the chaos. Wanderers are welcome as well. Most everybody’s on the mainland, but one tribe of elves are on an island off the coast.



[i:506f5c87cc][b:506f5c87cc]Memory Time Holt[/b:506f5c87cc][/i:506f5c87cc] is mainly situated on the mainland continent. There is an island off the east coast that is roughly twenty square-ish miles. The only tribe that lives on the island is Tidewater. Everyone else is on the mainland. Not that this doesn’t mean that the Trolls don’t have access to the island, or that fishing humans don’t occasionally either go on purpose or get blown off course to the island.

In [i:506f5c87cc][b:506f5c87cc]the Mountains[/b:506f5c87cc][/i:506f5c87cc] the wildlife is varied. There are Snow Leopards, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goats, Snowy Owls, Golden and Bald Eagles, Cave Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Llamas, Yaks, Hairy Mammoths, Skunks, Mice, Rats, Badgers, Weasels, Opossums, Monkeys, and Bats.

In [i:506f5c87cc][b:506f5c87cc]the Forests[/b:506f5c87cc][/i:506f5c87cc] there are various packs of Wolves, Elk, Moose, Bear, Jaguars, Lynxes, Panthers, Tigers, Cougars, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Badgers, Weasels, Opossum, Rats, Wood Mice, Macaws, Parrots, Hawks, Falcons, Barn Owls, Skunks, Bats, small Monkeys, Boas and Pythons, Tree Frogs, Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, and Chameleons.

[b:506f5c87cc]WEB FOREST[/b:506f5c87cc]
[i:506f5c87cc]Web Forest[/i:506f5c87cc] is south of the main human camp. While it has all the animals’ normal to the forest regions, they are all wrapped in cocoons. In fact the whole forest is webbed, and no one knows what has caused the webbing of the place.

In [b:506f5c87cc][i:506f5c87cc]the Lakes[/i:506f5c87cc][/b:506f5c87cc] reside Salmon, Trout, Catfish, Frogs, Toads, Turtles, Mallard Ducks, Beavers, Geese, and Mink. The Rivers hold much the same as the Lakes with the exception of Piranhas and Crocodiles added to the mix.

[i:506f5c87cc][b:506f5c87cc]The Grasslands[/b:506f5c87cc][/i:506f5c87cc] hold a wide variety of creatures. There are Saber Tooth Cats, Antelope, Bison, Jack Rabbits, Coyote, Kit Fox, Rattlesnakes, Corn Snakes, Kangaroo Rats, Rats, Prairie Dogs, Mastodons, Horses, Antelope, Gazelle, Rattlesnakes, Spitting Cobras, Jaguars, Skunk, Fox, Badgers, Weasels, Armadillos, Hamsters, Field Mice, Cottontail Rabbits, Bats, Pheasant, Chickens, Robins, and Hummingbirds.

[i:506f5c87cc][b:506f5c87cc]The Ocean[/b:506f5c87cc][/i:506f5c87cc] waters around Tidewater and off the mainland coast contain Dolphins, Sperm Whales, Right Whales, Great White Sharks, Tiger Sharks, Mullet, Sting Rays, Manta Rays, Crabs, Shrimp, Abalone, Blue Fish, Rock Fish, Salmon, Octopus, Oysters, and Plesiosaurs (Loch Ness Monster).
The Insect life is wide and intermixes in all locales. There are Honeybees, Monarch Butterflies, Grasshoppers, Stinkbugs, Tarantulas, Dragonflies, Praying Mantis, Emperor Moths, Jumping Spiders, Mosquitoes, Flies, Ants, Grubs, Worms, and Beetles.


[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]TIDEWATER HOLT [/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Combination of Water Breathing Elves and Air Breathing Elves. Air Breathers live on land in Cliffside caves that have tunnels connecting to underwater tunnels that the Water Breathers live in. The Water Breathers can survive on land and water, but prefer the water and live in caves underwater under the Air Breather’s caves. Some are Elf looking with only webbed feet and toes and ears. While others may have fish-like lower bodies and only webbed hands and ears. Pretty much what can be found in the ocean is a possibility for lower body parts.

The Air Breathers fish and hunt, they even have small garden like farming. They tan hides for clothing, and weave plants into clothing. They also gather wild plants. The Water Breathers hunt larger fish then the Air Breathers, they farm Kelp and Seaweed, and also gather other edible vegetation from the sea. They tend to use Kelp and Seaweed and shells and coral for clothing woven loosely.

[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]Tidewater has many Ceremonies as well, that both sides observe together.[/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]

[b:892db5fa88]DANCE OF NEW LIFE[/b:892db5fa88]
Created when the first tadpole was born to Seaside Holt, this Ceremony is celebrated whenever children are born. There’s singing and dancing, and a feast in honor of the new life born into the Holt, and a way to reaffirm the choice to settle down and form the Holt. Though that meaning has been lost through the generations.

[b:892db5fa88]CELEBRATION OF PLENTY[/b:892db5fa88]
This Celebration was created as the first foods were found and brought to the tribe for survival. It was affirmation that the tribe had again made the right decision as their new home provided for the tribe. Over the centuries and millennia, this reason has been forgotten, and is commonly celebrated with the bringing in of fresh meat and marine life after the Storm Season (White Cold). There is much feasting, many using their prized recipes on all the same foods. So, while there are many of the same types, they are cooked many different ways so the feast isn’t boring. During this time the Elves rejoice in being out of the caves and knowing that they have survived through another season, and much socializing.

[b:892db5fa88]HARVEST OF REAPING[/b:892db5fa88]
Created after the first Harvest was done when Farming was discovered. This is another Celebration to affirm the choice to settle down. As this meaning was lost over the generations, it is commonly held after the first harvest from the first planting after the Storm Season (White Cold). Much like the [i:892db5fa88]Celebration of Plenty[/i:892db5fa88], everyone who can cook takes some of the Harvest and makes it according to their favorite recipes, and there is much socializing.

[b:892db5fa88]HONOUR THE DEAD[/b:892db5fa88]
[i:892db5fa88]Honour the Dead[/i:892db5fa88] was created when the first deaths were experienced, of which one was the first Chief of the tribe. It is not so much a celebration, as a way for the whole tribe to mourn the loss of tribe members. If the deceased is a fisher, they are given to the sea; hunters are either left in the mountains away from the Holt or in the small woods to the south of the Holt. Farmers and other non hunters/fishers are buried either in the farm lands or the groves of fruit trees to return to the earth and nourish it. There is no singing, dancing or feasting. The body is laid to rest in silence and everyone returns to their homes to mourn their loss. If there is no body to give, where ever they would have been buried, the Elves gather for the time it would take to give the body to its resting place.

[b:892db5fa88]CELEBRATION OF JOY[/b:892db5fa88]
First done when a stranger tribe was found and joined the Holt, this Ceremony was created as a celebration and welcome of the newest members. Unfortunately, new elves aren’t found all that often, so now it is a celebration for any joyous occasion, from Recognition, Lifematings, or just discovering something new. There is feasting, dancing, singing, and sometimes new matings.

[size=12:892db5fa88][b:892db5fa88]Typical Tidewater Holt Cave[/b:892db5fa88][/size:892db5fa88]


On entering a Cave of Tidewater Holt, you would walk down a short, curving tunnel, varied in length Cave-to-Cave, but no shorter then four feet and no longer then eight feet. The tunnel is a defense against too much water entering and flooding the Cave from a storm or hurricane.

At the end of the tunnel you will enter a large Cavern. This is a Common Room, where visitors will gather. Somewhere near the entrance will be pegs on the wall, a place to hang outer cloaks, capes and whatnot. There will be a firepit with slightly raised bench-like slabs around it, covered in soft furs, grasses and the like to make them comfortable for sitting. This room is where main meals will be taken as well.

Depending on the Resident’s occupation(s), there will be one to four side caverns, small-ish in size. These are typically used as storage for both food and occupation.

Off the Central Cavern will also be two or more tunnels similar to the Entrance Tunnel that lead to Sleeping Quarters. These will generally have a large shallow pit lined with furs, grasses, and such. There may be a bench or two covered much like those in the Central Cavern. If the Owner of the Cave is Single or a Couple without tadpoles, then the extra bedroom(s) may be used as a workplace, depending on the Elf.

For underwater, they wouldn't have fur or hides as those would rot in salt water. In place of that would be various forms of sea grasses. They may have woven blankets from both above and below water plants. Also the Caves can be completely full of water, or half full of water, depending on Owner preferance.

Décor per Owner’s whims.

[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]CATRIDER HOLT [/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Catriders are Elves with a mix of Large Cat blood. Generally they have more Elf then Cat blood, and look Elven. Now and again, though, a throw back is born that seems more cat then Elf.

The Cats that bond with the Elves contain a bit of Elf blood in their make up. While they don’t generally have the full speech ability to Send as if talking, they do communicate through pictures. The Catriders and their Cats are still relatively young as a species and can have more throw backs then normal.

Catrider Holt is situated in Web Forest, and the Elves there have just been recently woke up, thanks to a couple of Human cubs from one of the Human camps close by. Catriders are hunter/gatherers, they don’t farm, but instead take as the forest provides. Much like the animals of the forest, the Catriders have learned to store nuts and berries, and dried meats for lean times. A few know how to fish the streams and rivers in their forest.

Catrider Elves live much like any primitive tribe of people. There is pottery and basket weaving for storage. They tan hides for clothing. They use pretty stones, wood, bone, quills, ect. for decorating. Except the dried foods stuffs, they eat everything raw, like their bond cats.

[size=12:892db5fa88][b:892db5fa88]Bond Cats of the Catriders[/b:892db5fa88][/size:892db5fa88]

[b:892db5fa88]White Tigers[/b:892db5fa88]



[b:892db5fa88]Mountain Lions[/b:892db5fa88]

[img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/lynx1.gif[/img:892db5fa88] [img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/lynx.gif[/img:892db5fa88]


[b:892db5fa88]Snow Leopards[/b:892db5fa88]


Wanderers are Elves that come from else where. Either they have been lost to the two tribes already here, or they come from far away, and can be of any tribe. This is really set up for those of us who have elves from other places that we’ve grown attached to, but don’t play anywhere. After Adoptables are all taken up, this will also be for those who join or existing members who wish to bring in a new character. If you wish to bring in a favored elf, please PM myself or Swiftwolf with a character set up, and we will look it over. It would be rare indeed if it gets denied, but I am not going to say it won’t happen.

[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]BRIGHTMETAL TROLLS[/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]General Troll Info[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Descendants of ape-like creatures, they too were in the Palace of the High Ones when it crashed on the World of Two Moons. They took to any caves and tunnels in any mountain range. Over the centuries they have evolved and changed much like the elves have. Any relations with elves can be from out right conflict to grudging respect and good trade relations.

Trolls are big, burly, ugly and materialistic. They have a genius for crafts, forging, and jewelry-making (yes, Dreamberry Wine falls under Crafts). Their natures depend on each individual tribe, ranging from extremely violet and war-like to cowardly and conniving.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Brightmetal Trolls[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
The Brightmetal Trolls are fairly reclusive creatures. They go about their lives, many without concern for the world outside their tunnels and caverns. Their caverns are a network of caves and tunnels. The only actual Troll work that is noticeable, are the tunnels they have dug searching for gems and ores. So, caverns and caves are still fairly natural except for shelves and cubbies that a troll may have carved when they took up residence in a particular cave.

The Troll complex is haphazard at best, a confusing maze at worst. Only the trolls truly know where every tunnel leads or dead ends. An outsider would be lost within a few passage turns. The Complex is located in the south-western end of the Mountain Range that graces the Island. The tunnels cover the entire Island and even extend to the Mainland.

The Brightmetal Trolls are only 96 members strong. They once had trade relations with the Catriders, but have lost contact with them when they were wrapped in webbing. They have uneasy relations with the Northern Trolls on the north-eastern end of the Island. Brightmetal Trolls claim the whole south-western spur of land as their territory, leaving the bulk of the Island to the larger Northern Trolls.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Brightmetal Male Trolls[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Troll males tend to do the hardest labors from digging tunnels to forging brightmetal. For the most part, the males of Brightmetal are cautious, not cowardly. They will have no problems quickly taking up arms to defend horde, home and loved ones. Most males also aim to build themselves the largest horde ever.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Brightmetal Female Trolls[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Generally most female trolls have, to varying degrees, all the maidenly virtues: greed, deception, opportunism, manipulative ness, coyness, vanity, and fickleness. For many they are nothing more then adornment for their men, and hearth keepers, although there are, of course, the rare odd exceptions.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Brightmetal Mumps[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Like children everywhere, they are curious, mischievous, serious, spoiled, devil may cares, helpful, pranksters, always in trouble, and wondering what the adults are making such a fuss about at most given times. The personality of the mump will be dependant on the temperament and upbringing of each child.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Male Troll Occupations[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Occupations that are specific to the males of Brightmetal are thus:
Weapons Crafters, Non-Metal Crafters (handles to weapons and tools, ect), Tool Crafters, Miners, Guards/Protectors, and of course there is always one King.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Female Troll Occupations[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Occupations that are specific to the females of Brightmetal are:
Hearth Keeper (generally for a male relative or mate), King’s Harem, Weaving, and Mump Sitting.

[b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]Occupations Shared by Both[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Then there are those occupations both sexes can do equally well:
Herbal Lore, Gem Cutting, Jewelry Making, Wine Making, and Farming/Gardening.

[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]PRESERVERS [/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Small winged, bug-like creatures, unisex in nature. They are flighty and frivolous, they spit a gooey web type substance that can cocoon creatures and put them in a form of suspended animation. They do not seem to reproduce and they are immortal, only violence ending their life. They are bright and colourful, wear no clothes, and seem to have leaves and acorn casings and such stuffs as hats.

[b:892db5fa88][size=12:892db5fa88]HUMANS [/size:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88]
Look like Lakota, more Earth Mother view of life. One big winter camp, breaking up into smaller bands in the spring thru fall. Matriarchal, children are traced through the mothers. There’s one Head Matron in the winter camp and as many minor Matrons as small bands that break in the spring. When the Matrons die, a Daughter takes her place, in the case of no daughters, then sisters, nieces or female cousins are looked at for replacement. Women for the most part cook, clean hides, gather herbs and plants, and in the case of the band that stays at the Winter Camp during good weather, farm. Men generally hunt and make weapons. Both will fish. There are a handful of women who hunt instead of doing the woman stuff. And there’s even men who cook and do other womanly things.

The Women make the decisions and can even divorce their mates by placing their things outside of their living dwelling. Men do not have the options of divorcing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do something to cause their mate to want to divorce them. The female Head of the Family decides on marriages and other important Family decisions, while the Matrons of clan and Tribe make the major important decisions, i.e. where to hunt, farm and if a marriage is profitable to all involved, what to trade with outsiders, ect.

Humans are also the [b:892db5fa88][i:892db5fa88]only[/i:892db5fa88][/b:892db5fa88] peoples to have an Adulthood Ritual for their children. Adulthood is 16 years. Both youths must first go before the Medicine Woman and go through a [i:892db5fa88]Fasted Vision Quest[/i:892db5fa88]. They must sit in a hut separate from the tribe and fast for three days. Then the Medicine Woman gives them a tea made of hallucinogenic herbs to drink. As they fall into a stupor, they will have a vision of what their place in the tribe is. Of course it’s in symbols and such, and nothing direct.

[b:892db5fa88]Example:[/b:892db5fa88] One destined to be a hunter, might see themselves as a forest creature being killed by a weapon.

[b:892db5fa88]Example:[/b:892db5fa88] One destined to tend to an animal type might see a certain herd type animal and milk, or cloth or meat.

After their [b:892db5fa88]Fasted Vision Quest[/b:892db5fa88], each Candidate speaks privately with the Medicine Woman and explains the vision they had. The Medicine Woman then takes the Candidate before the Matron and tells both what the Candidate is destined for. The Matron then pairs the Candidate with one skilled in such. If there is none to teach, then the Candidate must learn by trial and error, or choose to travel to another Band to learn form one there who knows (if such exists). Once the Candidate completes their chosen profession for the first time, they are considered an adult.

[b:892db5fa88]Example:[/b:892db5fa88] First bow, first weaving, first kill, ect.

[b:892db5fa88]NOTE:[/b:892db5fa88] Human Adoptables are still under construction. As I work to tie in all the camps and the main tribe.

[size=12:892db5fa88][b:892db5fa88]What the Main Village and Camps kind of look like.[/b:892db5fa88][/size:892db5fa88]

[b:892db5fa88]Main Village[/b:892db5fa88]
[img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/MainVillage2.gif[/img:892db5fa88] [img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/MainVillage1.gif[/img:892db5fa88] [img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/MainVillage.gif[/img:892db5fa88]

[b:892db5fa88]Traveling Camps[/b:892db5fa88]
[img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/Camp1.gif[/img:892db5fa88] [img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/Camp.gif[/img:892db5fa88] [img:892db5fa88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/RT/Camp2.gif[/img:892db5fa88]


Woot! Your map looks great! :D


lol thanks. it's been through many incarnations, but that is the current map of the area. as the Holt progresses (hopefully) and Chars venture beyond their comfort zone, I plan to add more.


unfortunately, both halves were done separately, and didn't mesh well together. the program only allows for like 800x800 sizes lol but it works and that's what counts. my forum sizes the post down so it's smaller there and not so noticable. *laughs*


okay well during the recent Down Time, I made a revised Doc with Advertising the Holt lol. so i've added some pics, cleaned up and put things better together, and deleted a post that was redundant now. strange I could delete one post, but not any of my other ones. *shrugs* oh well now it's all together-ish lol


Has anyone heard from Winddancer?