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Three Lakes Holt


About Three Lakes Holt

The war has raged for about two hundred years now. Many have died, but many are still fighting as they try to take charge of their lives in these times of loss. The wild CatRiders warriors, led by fierce Snowcry, have been true to her word, and exacted bloody retributions on their mild mannered neighbors - the PegasusRiders, led by chief Acornsong, whose only fault was to love his twin children too much. And the GryphonRiders, concealing their cruel and treacherous nature beneath their glamorous exterior and their ancient multi-layered society. CatRiders and PegasusRiders are caught in a feud that was started when Acornsong and Snowcry Recognized, while the mighty GryphonRiders will do anything - even destroy every other elf-kin that isn't their own - so that the Three Lakes area can become a sheltered sanctuary for their scattered tribesfolk. Some elves, like the gypsy-iesh Tramps, try to keep on neutral grounds and make the best out of a bad situation - but can they really stay forever out of the war's reach, or will they be forced to take a side as the hatred spreads and rivalry builds? Brute force, diplomacy and deception all tangled in a vicious conflict that may lead to the annihilation of all known elfin people. Will friendship ever be able to rise over these times of darkness?...

Three Lakes Holt is an Elfquest-inspired roleplay. Set on the shores of three magical lakes in the island of Rivercrest, our story deals with three tribes of elves who are bound by war until the end of the time. The CatRiders thrive for fighting, the PegasusRiders are masters of various arts, and the GryphonRiders find sadistic pleasure making their neighbors lives a living hell. There's a fourth tribe of gypsy-like elves, the Tramps; there are trolls and humans, but also many fantastic elements that you won't find in canon Elfquest, like unicorns, phoenixes, pegasi, dragons, and mysterious spirits of darkness who were only said to dwell in old legends. If you like your Elfquest mixed with fantasy, dark atmospheres, epic (and not-so-epic) battles, intrigues, plot twists, and the occasional comic relief - then this may be the holt for you! We have an active play-by-email RPG and stories and pictures from members are always encouraged. We also have great players who work hard to make the game as fun and enthralling as 'possible. Despite the occasional pitfalls along the way, Three Lakes has been running since 2002 and is still going strong!

Region Map

1 - Three Lakes Area
2 - Rockfalls Area
3 - Land of Whispers
4 - Cape Brightwave
5 - Tailshore Bay

The Three Lakes are nested in the middle of Rivercrest, easily the largest island north-east of Djunsland . With their glowing waters, the lakes are also the most prominent feature of the area and a fascinating mystery in and of itself ”“ a mystery that was surrounded by all sort of legends over the years. To date neither the elves nor the humans have been able to determine the reasons beneath the eerie glow of the water, and it’s a common belief that the lakes could very well be “magical”. Whether this ancient magic is good or evil, however, remains a matter of some debate in the various elf and human tribes; some do not fear the closeness of the lakes, others stay clear of their immediate whereabouts. Nevertheless, the water of the Three Lakes appear to be drinkable and so far there have not been records of any poisoning connected to the lakes, aside from the GryphonRiders malevolent attempt to destroy their neighbors (which was due to the poison they poured in the water and not to water itself). Their glow is also the reason why the lakes are known as “the Jewels of Rivercrest” by the Abodean sea-farers. Not all too surprisingly, Rivercrest itself has since earned the reputation of being an enchanted island where legends are born and where many fantastic creatures (from the unicorn all the way to the firebird and the four-fingered “spirits” themselves) are said to dwell.

On the whole, Rivercrest appears to be covered in woodlands. Most of the east coast shoreline is bordered with steep slopes, and occasional rockfalls have been reported. On the far east beyond Killbeak Mountain lays the “Land of Whispers” ”“ a valley that is perhaps best known for being always shroud in mists and in a deep, unnatural silence. Due to the scarce visibility, and possibly to a certain halo of creepiness that seems to hang all over the place, this side of the island remains unexplored to date. Elves and humans alike are “wary” of the Land of Whispers, believing it to be a dark and dangerous place ripe with all sorts of hitherto unknown perils. As it is, a number of legends were spawned around the Land of Whispers; some say it’s a forsaken graveyard of ancient and malevolent spirits, other believe it to be a ravaged terrain swept with atrocious winds, home to blood-thirsty monsters and sleeping fire-demons, a cursed land from which nobody has ever returned.

Eastern side of the island notwithstanding, there are no peaks of significant relevance in Rivercrest aside from Killbeak Mountain, whose top juts high among the clouds and overlooks the surroundings hills. The forest thickens noticeably toward the heart of the island, between Second and Third Lake, leading off to the deep woods ”“ and to Rillforest Holt, home of the skittish and elusive PegasusRiders. Further to the west, the trees thin out as the woods lose ground to the meadow surrounding First Lake, where the CatRiders dwell. Here game is not as plentiful as in the rest of the island, and the pursuit is more arduous as predator and prey face each other over open grounds. As a result, the inhabitants of this part of Rivercrest are often hardened by their constant struggle for survival; the area of First Lake is also home to a greater number of predator species.

The north-eastern coast slowly descends into the sandy shore line of Cape Brightwave where some of the most advanced human tribes have formed a small port city. Boats and ships sail all day, crossing the Vastdeep toward the ports in Djunsland and Iceholt. Alas, a small settlement of Tramps has become kin with the Flickfins elves (like WaveDancers elves in canon EQ) of Tailshore Bay, and now the children of such union sail off into the open ocean aboard of ships that are smaller but much faster than the humans own. Interaction between the shipmasters of Cape Brightwave and the sailor-elves, when it occurs, is no more friendly than for any other of their land-bound cousins. With a flash of the typical mischievous Tramp temper, the flamboyant sea-faring elves have taken into assaulting and raiding the ships of their round-eared counterparts. The humans of Cape Brightwave call them “Sea-Thieves” ”“ but they refer to themselves as “Corsairs”.

The Tribes

The CatRiders: warlike cat-blooded elves who are mortal and shorter in size than the other elf-tribes. Think a mix between the Go-Backs and the Wolfriders - that is, if the Wolfriders had cat blood instead. They are (mostly) cold, uncaring and - yes, extremely fearless and brave. They despise softness in all its form as well as magic, though they're clever enough to see that magic _can_ sometimes be used as a tool to get what they want (otherwise, magic for its own sake is perceived as worthless and shameful. Also, magic users aren't treated kindly here, unless they've got the skill and cunning to truly run the gambit). Let's just say they can be quite opportunistic if opportunism's going to get them anywhere at all ;-) Originally led by the rutheless chieftess Snowcry in their bloody war against the PegasusRiders, after her presumed death the tribe split in two groups. One group chose to follow the huntress Meadowlark onto the path of alliance and possible friendship with the PegasusRider. Another group, led by Snowcry's steadfast lieutenant Blade, took off after their missing chieftess to try and find out what had been of her, since her body was never found in the first place. They bond with big felines such as lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars, lynxes, cheetahs and cougars.

The CatRiders dens

The PegasusRiders: mild-mannered, elusive pure-blooded elves who are generally pacific, though the latest generations reportedly have a bit more "fire" to them these days. They only kill for food and self-defense, but some might feel more drawn to hunting than others - one good example being the band of young adults who hero-worship the Chief's Foal and Lead-Hunter Darkroot. They are arguably the one elf-tribe that suffered the most terrible toll in the war with the CatRiders ever since their elderly leader Acornsong Recognized the CatRider chieftess Snowcry. What should have been a new heaven full of promises for their own kin turned out to be merely a death trap. As of now the tribe is torn from within, with their old leader growing more and more distant from them and his brash male son seeking leadership in his own hands. But in these times of change, when fragile alliances are being formed and new dangers seem to be waiting behind every corner, can they really trust an untried chief who seems to be taking much after his mother with his anger, ruthlessness and temper? Or failing that, can they learn to respect his twin sister, who was always said to be the one with more cat-blood in her veins? And on top of it all - Recognition hasn't struck between them for ages now, and the last foal born of it was stolen away in the dark of the night by the ever-vengeful Snowcry. Little wonder the PegasusRiders are such a close-knit community, bordering on skittish. They bond with Pegasi (larger and more peaceful) and Alicorns (smaller and fiery).

The GryphonRiders: lofty pure-blooded elves. They were the last tribe to settle down in the holt, but also the most ancient. As a result, your average GryphonRider elf will be much more powerful than any other CatRider, PegasusRider or Tramp counterpart. Devious and untrustworthy, when not downright sadistic toward those they perceive as inferior (aka: all of them, including GryphonRiders peasants and/or nobles of lower rank), they thrive to destroy all the other elf-tribes and turn the whole Three Lakes Area into a sanctuary for their own kind alone. Most of them are really strong magic user, particularly in regard to the more “psychic” sphere (sending, black sending, long-distance sending, mind snare, hypnosis). Think the Gliders ”“ with the obvious difference that the GryphonRiders are not floaters and only an handful of them are “gifted” with this power (meaning most of them must resort to their gryphon-friends in order to soar, there might be one or two exceptions but it’s a rare power, so don’t ask for it). They also master several powers that are unheard of among all other elf-tribes (windshaping, fearshaping, and the Sight). The GryphonRiders live in a Renaissance-influenced society with different classes (Nobles and Peasants), led by the Royal Family; evil King Deathspear, his lifemate Queen Rainlight, and their heir Prince Phobia. Whereas the peasant were “allowed” to house their village on the slopes of Killbeak Mountain (which they later paid for in taxes), the nobles have shaped a castle within the very Mountain where no peasant is allowed (unless it’s a servant or slave to the nobility). Nobles are said to be shallow and materialistic and yearn more power in their own hand (which is undoubtedly true). Peasant on their half are still contemptuous of other elf-tribes, but embittered by a life of hardship and determined to make the nobles pay for all the troll dung they’re putting them through. That’s why recently a secret Rebellion has been throwing seeds among the peasants ranks. They have spies and informants among the servitude and are plotting to overthrown the courtiers ”“ when the time is right (however, your elf can be a peasant and not involved in the Rebellion). Under the generic name of the “courts” are commonly included the Royal Family, the Council of Twelve (advisors to the Crown), the Guards, the Generic Nobles, and the Army. The GryphonRiders also keep Prisoners locked in a dungeon from which only a few have come back. Prisoners are said to be terribly tortured (physically and mentally) upon the whims of nobles, and those who meet a quick end in the Arena (fighting against selected foes ”“ be it humans, wild hippogryphs, wolves, or bears) are by far the luckiest. Among the GryphonRiders everything is measured in terms of power, wealth and advantage ”“ though a selected few still know what honor is all about. These elves bond with Royal Gryphons (larger, body of a lion, head can be Bald-Head Eagle, Black Eagle, Golden Eagle, Tawny Eagle) and Raptorine Gryphons (smaller, body can be White Tiger, Cheetah, Cougar, Snow Leopard, Jaguar, head can be Peregrine Falcon, Red-Tailed Hawk, Kestrel, Harpy, Gyrfalcon)

The Tramps: They are hats-off the most uncomplicated of the three tribes ”“ under certain aspects. These pure-blooded Gypsy like elves take life as it comes and are downright critical of the Three Tribes who, in their opinion, are following the humans footprints. The Tramps are wanderers and nomads who do not live in an actual “tribe” ”“ but they might form small (and not-so-small) groups depending on the time and circumstance. Also known as “the thieves-elves” for a reason, there’s nothing shiney these quick-fingered ferrets wouldn’t prey upon. However, they see nothing wrong in theft ”“ to them it’s just another way of socialization, just like an handshake. They quarrel and squabble a lot (particularly when drunk) but after a few hours, they’re even likely to forget what the fuss was all about and shrug it off as “unimportant”. Tramps will steal from each other, but they’ll also share what they have as they strictly adhere to their own “code of honor”. Generally, they are quite loose in terms of emotional relationships and tend to favor flings over long-term commitment (and yes, they do share); Recognized pairs might decide to stay together if they were already in love prior to it, but they might also chose to part after the mating urge is answered. Also, parents don’t fuss too much over their children and most young Tramps move out on their own when they’re still quite young (70 or so which in 3L would correspond to our late teens), after which they will bear few if any memories of their blood ties. Of all the four tribes they are the most superstitious, clinging fiercely to the myths and legends passed on by the storytellers; for example, they’re frightened by phoenixes (aka Firebirds) and believe in the existence of ghosts (though they do see them as “death omens” of sort, nearing people who are close to death). The Tramps are also strongly claustrophobic and can’t bear being locked up in closed space (the fact that some of them, namely my guy Rokal, are willing to venture in the depths of Killbeak Mountain to trade with the GryphonRiders is a purely economic matter and does not mean that their nerves won’t be snap with much more ease than they would do in the open). Summer heat is also known to make them snappish and irritable, when not downright aggressive ”“ hence it would be wiser not to cross a Tramp in the Sun Glory season. Theirs is the ability to “curse”, even though to date it’s not clear whether this is a true magic (similar, perhaps, to the GryphonRiders “fearshaping”?) or rather a skillful blend of theatrics and power of suggestion. The Tramps are known to trade with the PegasusRiders, the GryphonRiders, and formerly with the CatRiders as well before things went sour with Chieftess Snowcry. As it is, the only half-breed allowed in the Holt must be of Tramp descent (Tramp x CatRider, Tramp x PegasusRider or Tramp x GryphonRider, keep in mind that if the GryphonRider was the female she’d much rather kill herself and her mate than mate with such ”˜lowlife’ beings”¦ especially if she was a noble). Their relationship with the Trolls is ambivalent, meaning that some groups will trade with them while others will be sworn enemies and rivals in business. The Tramps do not bond with animals but may keep pets of different kinds.

What are we looking for?

Active, interested roleplayers (artists and writers are also welcome ^^), people willing to adopt a PegasusRider and to play villains (we REALLY need villains). We are open to both new (CatRiders, GryphonRiders and Tramps only - see below) and adopted characters; at this time we're not accepting playable humans, trolls, or other races, though there are plans to incorporate some of these story elements (together with new elf-tribes yet to be introduced) as the story progresses.

Characters Availability

* The CatRiders: New (must be from Meadowlark's band) and 2 adoptables left.
* The PegasusRiders: Adoptables only.
* The GryphonRiders: New and adoptable characters.
* The Tramps: 2 adoptables left and open slots for new characters (read below)
* Half-blood: I thought I'd include this as well, inter-tribe half-bloods (ie CatRider x GryphonRider or GryphonRider x PegasusRider, or PegasusRider x CatRider - with the obvious exception of Acornsong and Rainlight's children -) are virtually non-existant for the time being. The only exceptions are the Tramps who being (mostly) of neutral alignment have visited all the various tribes at different times and may have produced children with them if Recognition struck. So the only possiblities for half-bloods are CatRider x Tramp (very rare), PegasusRider x Tramp and GryphonRider x Tramp (very rare among the nobles, more common with the peasants). Open for new (created) characters.

Open Positions

* The CatRiders:
- Hunters
- Gatherers
- Elders.

* The GryphonRiders:
The Courts
- Guards (5 slots open)
- Countil of Twelve (5 slots open)
- Generic noble
- Slave Master (1 slot open)
The Army
- Warriors (5 slots open)
- Cadets (3 slots open)
- Retired Warriors.
The Servants
- Queen's Handmaidens
- Stablemen
- Servants to specific noble families
- Cooks
The peasants
- Gatherers
- Housewives
- Farmers
- Traders
- Hunters
- Elders
- Affiliates to the Rebellion (it's a secret organization meaning your character could and *should* also belong to one of the above peasant classes)
- Outcast (can be either outcast from the peasant or outcast from the nobility, open but must have a very good story behind it).
The slaves
- open, must serve under a specific noble family (you may ask, what is the difference between servants and slaves? Servants receive wages for their chores, while slaves are "things" owned by the nobles and can be even passed from one noble family to another, they can have generic chores like servants or specific ones like concubines/courtesans).
The prisoners
- open, can be from any tribe (GryphonRider peasants who were too bold for their own sake, GryphonRiders nobles arrested for committing a crime against someone of higher rank, PegasusRiders, CatRiders, Tramps, and Half-bloods).

* The Tramps:
There are (and there will be after the two years time jump that we'll have in the close future) several bands of tramps that your character can be part of, and each has its own peculiar slots and requirements.
- Rokal's Travelling Jesters
Alignment: Neutral/good
Led by: Rokal (M)
Duties: Itinerant artists (as in circus artists)
Status: 2 adoptables, 3 slots open.
- Calyth's Traders
Aligntment: Neutral/good
Led by: Calyth (F)
Duties: Merchant/Traders
Status: 3 slots open.
- Dashdance's Girls
Alignment: Neutral/good
Led by: Dashdance (M)
Duties: Dancers.
Status: 1 slot open (must be male - and yes being the only guy in the band he gets referred to as "one of Dashdance's girls" even though he's not a girl ^^)
- Renegades
Alignment: Evil
Led by: Lorenos (M)
Duties: bounty hunters, assassins, mercenaries-
Status: open for new characters, no limitations whatsoever.
- Loners and wanderers
- Status: Open for new characters.


- The CatRiders
Badger: Male | Soulname: Sibi | Age: 484 | Appearance: long grizzled hair and amber yellow eyes. | Tribal duty: spy. | Bondbeast: Slim (Panther-Longtooth hybrid)
Bluefox: Female | Soulname: Zinn | Age: 459 | Relations: daughter of Tsoel (Tramp), estranged lifemate of Slashed, mother of Russet, adoptive mother of Sundrop and Phoenix, aunt of Phoenix. | Appearance: short black hair, yellow eyes, darker skin than a full CatRider. | Tribal duty: thief. | Bondbeast: none. This character MIGHT be taken - if interested contact me.
Talon: Male | Soulname: Koeb | Age: 300 | Relations: Half-brother of Grimdance, Recognized lifemate of Meadowlark, father of Frostfur. | Appearance: short brown hair and ice blue eyes. | Tribal duty: hunter, warrior, scout and second in command to Meadowlark's CatRiders. | Bondbeast: Micestalker (lynx)

- The PegasusRiders
Acornsong: Male | Soulname: Kyo| Age: 1295| Relations: Soulbrother of Midnight, Recognized of Snowcry, father of Twistsea and Darkroot. | Appearance: long auburn hair, green eyes. | Tribal duty: chief and plantshaper. | Bondbeast: Tailless (Pegasus) | ADOPTION NEEDED!!!
Icefire: Male | Soulname: Orah | Age: 980 | Relations: Son of Moongem, father of Cascade, uncle of Fireflame, enamoured with Midnight. | Appearance: Shoulder length black hair, ocean blue eyes. | Tribal Duty: scout. | Bondbeast: Ironclaw (Alicorn)
Infallible: Female | Soulname: Gyl | Age: 1400 | Relations: Sister of SharpArrow, Recognized Lifemate of Weed, mother of Loudsong and Moonlight, aunt of Sundrop and Skyfire. | Appearance: Long straight fire-red hair pulled back in a low ponytail, moss green eyes. | Tribal Duty: archer. | Bondbeast: Willowflash (Pegasus)
Moss: Male | Soulname: Borwi | Age: 150 | Relations: brother of Boar, lovemate of Moonlight, cousin of Leaffall, Firststorm and Rainwhisper | Appearance: black hair and chestnut brown eyes. | Tribal duty: hunter. | Bondbeast: Frogskin (Alicorn)
Quickbrush Male | Soulname: Varl. | Age: 194 | Relations: great-nephew of Mistflower, cousin of Snowflower and Greenlight, lovemate of Windswept. | Appearance: shoulderlength brown curls, deep gray eyes. | Tribal duty: metalshaper and drum player. | Bondbeast: Thunderclap (Pegasus)
Rainwhisper: Female | Soulname: | Age: 500 | Relations: sister of Leaffall and Firststorm, cousin of Moss and Boar. | Appearance: acorn brown hair, cornflower blue eyes. | Tribal duty: carver and gatherer. | Bondbeast: Copperwing (Pegasus). This character MIGHT be taken - if interested contact me.
SharpArrow: Male | Soulname: Layl | Age: 1300 | Relations: Brother of Infallible, Recognized lifemate of Stream, Father of Sundrop, Uncle of Loudsong, Moonlight and Skyfire, Friend of Mistflower. | Appearance: short golden curls and deep green eyes. | Tribal duty: Archer. | Bondbeast: none.
Windtime: Male | Soulname: Oei | Age: 2001 | Relations: Lifemate of Mistflower, father-in-Recognition of Lonewings, grandfather of Mole and Whitefox. | Appearance: long white hair, his eyes are white with cataracts - completely blind | Tribal Duty: elder, carver, songshaper. | Bondbeast: DarkHorn (Alicorn)

- The GryphonRiders
Lord Abyss: Male | Soulname: Keln | Age: 1000 + | Relations: Recognized lifemate of Nuance, brother of Starfall, father of Rosehip and Gauntlet. | Appearance: Shoulder-length wispy silver hair, dark blue eyes. | Tribal Duty: Elder noble, retired warrior, and Royal Inquisitor of Killbeak Mountain. | Bondbeast: Softwing (Raptorine Kestrel Gryphon)
Lord Harshbark: ( Male | Soulname: Golm. | Age: 739. | Relations: father of Slayer, Shadow Wing and Pureheart. | Appearance: Black hair with a sienna-red sheen, blue-black eyes. | Tribal duty: Elder noble and member of the Council of Twelve. | Bondbeast: ShadowCall (Royal Gryphon)
His Royal Highness, Prince Phobia: Male| Soulname: Zariil. | Age: 365 | Relations: son of King Deathspear and Queen Rainlight, half-brother of Dark Avenger, cousin of Twistsea and Darkroot, nephew of Snowcry. | Appearance: ash blonde hair, aqua blue eyes. | Tribal duty: Prince. | Bondbeast: unbonded. This character MIGHT be taken - if interested contact me.
Lady Poison: Female | Soulname: Zariil | Age: 456 | Relations: lovemate of Deathbringer. | Appearance: short black hair and startling orange-red eyes. | Tribal duty: poison maker and member of the Council of Twelve. | Bondbeast: Whip (Royal Bald-Head Gryphon) | ADOPTION NEEDED!!!
Her Royal Highness, Queen Rainlight: Female | Soulname: Jil. | Age: 365 | Relations: sister of Snowcry, Recognized to Deathspear and Deathbringer, secret mistress of Deathbringer, mother of Phobia and Dark Avenger, aunt of Darkroot and Twistsea. | Appearance: long golden blonde hair, pale icy blue eyes. | Tribal duty: Queen. | Bondbeast: Mystery (Red-Tailed Raptorine Gryphon) This character MIGHT be taken - if interested contact me.
Lord Shadow Wing: (Male | Soulname: Venn | Age: 112 | Relations: son of Harshbark, half-brother of Slayer and Pureheart. | Appearance: long black hair and green eyes (think Haken) | Tribal Duty: noble, warrior. | Bondbeast: Tawny (Royal Gryphon).

Aelort: Male| Soulname: none | Age: 163 | Relations: son of Hiss and Rain, half-brother of Fireflame, Recognized of Twistsea. | Appearance: long silver hair and warm brown eyes. | Tribal duty: acrobat, master of the high wire. | ADOPTION NEEDED!!!
Hiss: Male | Soulname: none | Age: 856 | Relations: estranged lovemate of Rain and Neeloh, father of Aelorth and Fireflame. | Appearance: sleek black hair, black moustache, amber eyes. | Tribal Duty: storyteller and flute-player.

Why join?

Because I have so many plans for this holt and am unwilling to let it die (as, I heard, are several players... meaning 3L did warm its way into their hearts :) ). We'll be running into dangers, meet new tribes of elves (in the work even as I type this!), visit new places as well as uncover mysteries from the elves own past.

Fan Art

My fan art thread for Three Lakes can be found here :)


2005 Golden Wolf Award:
Most Magical Character "The Jedi Knight" Honorable Mention - won by Nightmare (played by Kristina).
2006 Golden Wolf Award:
Favorite Interaction "Hades & Persephone" - won by Pureheart (played by Makesha) and Slashed (played by Marie).
Most Striking Character "Narcissus" Honorable Mention - won by Demar (played by Shannon).
GWA Judge Personal Award - won by Christina R.
2008 Golden Wolf Award:
Best Male "Superman" Honorable Mention - won by Rokal (played by Christina R.)
Best Female "Wonder Woman" - won by Twistsea (played by Soraya)
Best Nasty "Lex Luthor" - won by Deathbringer (played by Marie)
Best Group Over 1 year Old "Cosmopolis" Honorable Mention - won by Three Lakes Holt.
GWA Judge Personal Award - won by Christina R.

How to Join

E-mail me at anonymouswolf3@yahoo.com, IM me at anonymouswolf3 on Yahoo IM, or just PM me here at the Scroll ;-)
Our Yahoo!Group: http://games.group.yahoo.com/groups/Three_Lakes_Holt
Our Website: http://3lakes.ifgd.net (majorly under costruction).


That looks grea CR


Thanks! I'll do my best to keep it as up to date as possible... and include more stuff to come! (for me, this will be the "year of working off my butt on all the unfinished project waiting to be put online - Three Lakes website and Sunstream & Brill's FL and Mohawk and a few others that I have not yet ever named yet! ;) )


what mapping program do you use? it looks pretty darn good lol. I use Profantasy's Campaign Cartographer, but I still haven't learned everything on how to use it well, just enough to get by lol.

i think I'm going to follow your lead though and add my Holt Tribe descriptions here. I already have them posted on my forum... but I don't have such an extensive history written out like you.


Er... :oops:... to be honest, I don't have any mapping software on my pc. The maps were all done with Paint Shop Pro Anniversary Ed. only ^^ I did a sketch layer and then worked with colors, picture tubes and patterns until I got a nice enough result


wow! Surprised well done then. anytime i tried something like that i got frustrated cuz my attempts didn't look like my imagines, why i went and bought the Profantasy. lol now at least they are close enough to not make me snatch myself bald headed in disgust lol.


LOL yeah it was a nightmare of a job... especially Killbeak Mountain *whew*


heh i bet.