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This is where I'm dumping all my random! :-j


Well... I was suggested by Embala to repost my grab bag poetry which went missing during the hacks! I [i:9eda6e1bcf]thought[/i:9eda6e1bcf] I did... but... probably forgot to hit the [b:9eda6e1bcf]submit[/b:9eda6e1bcf] button... wouldn't surprise me!
So... here they are!
Click the titles if they're links! You won't regret it!

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=381526#381526][b:9eda6e1bcf]Bright moons above[/b:9eda6e1bcf][/url]

Here I am now
Leaving this place
I know what to do
I just don’t know how

I was leader-born
My place in the tribe
My path would seem clear
Yet my heart is still torn

So this is my choice
I’m leaving this place
I travel a long road
Alone with my voice

It might not be sane
With dangers around
But I do not fear
To see the lion’s mane

I realize now
Who I really am
Not really a leader
My time would be slow

I’m leaving this night
Don’t be afraid
It is better I leave
Before there’s a fight

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=381535#381535][b:9eda6e1bcf]To my beloved[/b:9eda6e1bcf][/url]

It’s hard to believe that so long has past since you were taken from me. Everyday without you I feel like I’m slipping deeper and deeper into the pool of emotions, my entire soul aches to hold you again.
I did not cross the great water to be parted from you, from brother, from children. With you I had everything I could want; a place to belong, a centre with peace. Now I have nothing. Not even the Now.
I’m lost in the dark without your warm torch to lead me.
Like the bare soil yearns for water I’m yearning for you.
Even a breath of the freshest air seems rotten without you.
High Ones know I’ll always love you.

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=381536#381536][b:9eda6e1bcf]The Circle[/b:9eda6e1bcf][/url]

Come everyone
Let’s gather together.
We sing of the days
Long gone down in darkness.

We sing of the quest
The search for the Palace.
How the High one herself revealed
In northern cold darkness

We sing of the fight
Against wicked Winnie.
A father broke taboo
Protecting the most precious.

We sing of tragedy
Of family broken.
A light in the darkness
The gift from the healer.

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=381538#381538][b:9eda6e1bcf]It was a stormy autumn night[/b:9eda6e1bcf][/url]
And it was Halloween

The elven cubs are out tonight
They’re going trick and treat
Nice Savah gave them each a lolly they now are licking on
Smiling the ring the bell
Wait and then
Behind the door stands Winnie
And Winnie got a gun
My oh my, my oh my
Winnie got a gun!


Strange wind blows
Something in the air
Disaster lurking in the horizon
All good things must end

But don’t be afraid
Stand tall and you’ll see
Wherever hope reigns
There’ll be a new birth

[b:9eda6e1bcf]Before I Say Goodbye[/b:9eda6e1bcf]

Here I sit
Starring into this mountain lake
The face I see
Not my own
My skin so pale
My eyes so dark
Can’t believe
This is the end

Chilly wind
Blowing around me
Ooh how I long
For warmth of family
But though I am shaking
I also burn
Feeling as though
I’ll melt right away
Freezing and sweating
How can this be?

How did I end up here all alone?
A moment without attention
This is the price
Something bite
I still don’t know what
I staggered on
Looking for help
Hoping that someone
Could remove this curse

Hope too son left me
I lay on the cold rock
My eyesight is blurry
This fever so strong
But high above me
A light shines
Through darkness and clouds
Giving me hope
I close my eyes and smile
Take me home


You know I like them all - they are inspiring! Wink

When I must choose:
[b:c9de19e7b3]High Moons above[/b:c9de19e7b3] - cryptic but ringing a bell at me at once ... evoking pictures ... Rayek being the natural choice ... not at all cryptic! Wink

... and - it provokes me to do an illustration ... starting our young tradition [size=9:c9de19e7b3](you can link to my illustrations as soon as I repost them - IF you want)[/size:c9de19e7b3] ... a new challenge for me :D

... and you know what's told about first love :P

[size=7:c9de19e7b3]--- waiting for your stories ---[/size:c9de19e7b3]


Here's a little story I wrote for the 2008 December Grab Bag

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=381551#381551798][b:05c5c24f8a]A winter’s gift[/b:05c5c24f8a][/url]

Bee was sitting inside the small cottage he’d build for him and Shuna just next to the concealed Palace. At first he’d wanted to build it further away, not to disturb the spirits, but then he had realized it; the spirits were Shuna’s family, of course they wouldn’t mind. And he liked it this way; even though they hardly had a quiet moment; every so often little Chitter, the ever-talking hyper-active daughter of the rarely-talking archer Strongbow and the calm tanner Moonshade, would turn up.
And speaking of the devil.
“What’re you doing?”
The little girl clearly had run away from her parents, and, judging by the way she looked, decided that the chimney was the best way to enter. Bee couldn’t help chuckling a little; firstly because no matter how hard he and Shuna tried they just couldn’t get the girl to knock on the door and wait for them to open, she just wasn’t patient enough, and secondly because it still amazed him how easy they could sneak onto him.
“It’s a gift for Shuna. Ten days from now Shuna and I have been married for one year.”
“How much is ten days?”
“Look.” Bee lifted his hands and began to count the fingers. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Let me try with yours now.”
With a curious look in her eyes Chitter lifted her hands so her fingers pointed upwards. Smiling Bee started to count:
“One, two, three, four”¦” and suddenly he realized something; the girl only had four fingers one each hand, he’d been living among elves for so long he didn’t even notice anymore.
A faint knocking was heard at the door, unlike Chitter the other elves had learned how to knock on a door. Quickly Bee rose and went over to open; outside stood Chitter’s older brother Dart.
“Hey Bee. Aah. I knew she’d be here. Come one sis, time to go home. And next time. Do not ignore our sendings.”
“But”¦ I was having fun.” The little girl said with a pout.
Still she left with Dart without complaining.

Shuna was walking around in the forest, not for any other reason than enjoying the nature all around her. She had always loved the spring, and out here in the forest in was much more beautiful than it had been on Citadel Mound.
She didn’t really care where her feet led her; as long as she stayed within Redlance’s thorn-wall she’d be safe. So she just let her feet lead her around, she knew where she was going, it was how she got there that didn’t matter so much. She was going to her own special place; a long time ago, when she’d been a little girl, before she knew the spirits were real, her mother had planted a pine tree outside their house. Of course her cursed father had chopped the tree down, saying that it was a terrible waste of good soil to have a tree standing there. Nothing was planted there again.
So she’d been really delighted to find a small glade where there was a whole bunch of the lovely smelling trees.
Smiling she sat down in the shade of the greatest tree, the one which was her favourite, and began making her gift to Bee.
When she was done she returned to the Holt and was surprised by the busy activity.
“Aah”¦ there you are.” Her elf-brother Sunstream said smiling. “We’re about to celebrate the end of the white-cold. Had you forgotten it was today?”
Had she? But no matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t remember any mentioning of it. Then she cast a glance at her brother who, clearly, was fighting to keep the laughter in.
“It hadn’t been planned. It was only today father was talked into doing it.”
And it was a lovely party; everyone was singing, dancing and having fun. Shuna was sitting with her two special friends, Dart and Kimo. It was Kimo who had shape-changed into a wolf to keep her warm the first winter. And it was them who’d helped her escape from Nunkah.

A few days later Shuna began to wonder why she hadn’t had her monthly bleeding yet. She was pretty sure it should’ve begun. Then it struck her; could she be carrying a child?
“Mother? Can you help me?”
“With what, daughter?”
“I think I’m pregnant.”
A wide smile showed on Leetah’s face. Carefully she put her hand on Shuna’s belly.
“You know what? I think you’re right.”
Shuna couldn’t control her joy. She raced back to their hut and yelled:
“I’m pregnant! Isn’t that wonderful? We’re going to have a baby of our own.”
At first Bee looked too stunned to do anything, then he caught her in a great hug and began to dance around with her.
“What’s that?” Shuna had noticed something on the table.
“It’s a gift. Here.”
It was a beautiful necklace. Simple yet beautiful. Three cords of thread woven together with a multi-coloured heart-shaped stone hanging down as a pendant.
“It’s Ahdri who have shaped the stone.”
“I have a gift for you too.”
“You’ve already given me the most wonderful gift I could want.”
“I started to make this before I knew I was pregnant. Here.”
It was a small wooden casing for his knife, elaborate decorated with small figures.
“That’s amazing.”
The very same evening Bee began to collect wood to make a cradle to the child.


Here are some other poems I've written

[b:7f2d74e155]Now Is Forever[/b:7f2d74e155]

From us they spring
Yet they don’t belong to us
Free souls they enter into this world
We should not try do dominate them
Simply help them:
When all their hopes come crashing down
When they feel nothing is worth the effort
Guide them through ”˜till they are grown
Ready for children all on their own
The endless growing circle of life
The young ones grow up
Break free
Then hands shall touch out of friendship not parenthood
And those we nursed will nurse their own precious children
The chain will continue for eternity
Unbreakable through generations uncounted
Take my hand and see the wonders
Join the dance of life and death
Some will take over when some leaves this world
Now is forever

[b:7f2d74e155]Courage by Any Other Name[/b:7f2d74e155]

Courage is not a question of strength.
Courage is not a question of skills.
Courage is doing something
Even when you are scared.

[b:7f2d74e155]Bittersweet Recognition[/b:7f2d74e155]

As lighting from the clearest sky
Something bitter-sweet.
Unexpected catching eyes
Two souls in sudden need.
Although revolted by each other’s look
True beauty is hidden within.
Give into the urging
Let be what must be.
See now the beauty the other is holding
And set each other free.

[b:7f2d74e155]Winnie the Wicked [/b:7f2d74e155]

Hello, my name is Winnie the Wicked
I love to cause pain, not just to train
Promise, don’t run
When I say, “it is fun!”


I know where to go when I need inspiration Wink


You're welcome! :D


Here are some poems inspired by Embala's [url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=380635#380635]wonderful serie of collages[/url] [size=9:e50cd068a2]Yup... inspiration works both ways![/size:e50cd068a2]

[b:e50cd068a2]Madcoil’s Shadow[/b:e50cd068a2]

Shadow of doom
Lingering in the forest
Magic gone afoul
Darkness is coming
Longing to kill
To sever families
Break them to pieces
Loved one from loved one
With poisonous blow

[b:e50cd068a2]Bearclaw’s Farewell[/b:e50cd068a2]

My brave boy
This battle I seek
Is for me, not for you
Now I pass on
To find my sweet Dehl
It’s your time to lead
Because you
My brave boy
Is the Blood of Ten Chiefs
You cut to the core
Like the name you were given
But deep in your soul
You’ll always be


How can I go on without you beloved?
Gentle, wise Dehl
Friend of my mind
My body
My soul
This life
Has no longer meaning
Without you I’m empty
A shell without life
I’ll leave them behind
To be with you

[b:e50cd068a2]Cutter’s Heritage[/b:e50cd068a2]

Blood of Ten Chiefs
Runs through your veins
Sword of your father
Which he won from the trolls
Passed on to you
So you can lead
The Wolfriders will follow
Wherever you go
You’re both a warrior
Strong and brave like your father
And one of wise council
Gentle like your mother

[b:e50cd068a2]End It Together[/b:e50cd068a2]

We stand together now
To repel this monster from our forest
Our loved ones will be avenged
They’re here with us now
Father and mother
Stand with their son in spirit
So we may see
A bright new day coming
Death cannot linger
When we are together


Hahahahahahahahaha ... you did it! You mirrored our little challenge! Hahahahaha ... Grin The whole series!
These are GREAT !!!!! :jump:


Thanks! :D

And yup! If you can make collages inspired by my poetry then I can make poetry inspired by your collages!


A little drawing I made!


I like it !!!!!

and I love your poems !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a lot a lot a lot


Cryptic drawing Wink ... or very tired and uninspired Embala :roll:


A little story!

[b:6651699124]Ooh How It Knows[/b:6651699124]

A young girl is dancing under the shade of a great tree. She is Chitter; the youngest child of Strongbow and Moonshade.

Chitter had always loved singing and dancing; she knew it was a joke that the never speaking Strongbow should get a daughter like her.
“I have to speak for the two of us.” she sometimes joked.
And not even turning sixteen had made her any more silent.

Not playing attention to the world around her she suddenly hit someone a tumbled to the ground with whoever it was. Opening her eyes, which she, of old habit always kept closed when she danced, she found herself staring into a pair of dark blue eyes.
*Neehr!* the sending hit her with full force. No, it couldn’t be. Not him. Not Dart’s lovemate and soulbrother.
Quickly getting to her feet she stormed off to find her brother. He was busy learning Leyla, the oldest of Shuna and Bee’s daughters, how to use the arrow whip.
“Dart!” with no other warning she raced out and flung her arms around his neck. “I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to and it just happened and I know I shouldn’t be dancing with closed eyes but really he knew I do that so he should be watching where he walked”¦”
She would’ve gone on if Dart hadn’t sent to her:
*What do you mean?*
“I”¦ recognized”¦”
*Who? Send. Even though you don’t like it”¦*
No. she didn’t like sending. But she knew she had to try anyway.
To her great regret that simply made Dart laugh.
“Ooh you silly little one. Why do you apologise to me?”
“You’re lovemates.”
Carefully freeing himself from her grip he sat down on the ground, making her sit too.
“Listen, I suppose it should’ve been our parents telling you about recognition, but since you choose to turn to me”¦” for a moment he sat without saying anything.
“Recognition can’t be chosen. It happens to everyone. It happened to me. And the one I recognized already had a lifemate.”
“You’ve already told me that story. And you three-mated with Serrin and Talmah for the time it took Bowki to grow up. But I can’t three with you and Kimo.”
“Why not?”
“Because you’re my brother. Silly.”
“Maybe it’s I who can’t three with you and Kimo.”
She didn’t know what to say. And for a moment they just sat there; sister and brother, theirs souls forever locked to the same person.
After a while Chitter smiling rose and went out to find her newly found soulmate, she couldn’t yet begin to consider him her lifemate.
*Kimo.* she lock sent.
*Here, Neehr.*
Despite her best efforts she couldn’t help finding it nice to hear her soulname that way.
She followed his thoughts down to the river, at first she couldn’t find him but then she noticed a black wolf lying on the ground.
*Not like that, silly.*
In an instant he changed back into elf form and took a step forward; wrapping his arms around her.
The joining was more wonderful that she could ever have imagined. No one disturbed them as they answered the oldest urge known to elves; recognition. At first she wondered why, and then it stroke her.
*You were lock sending with Dart all the time!* playfully she poked him in the side.
After a long blissful joining they fell asleep in each others arms.
It was the sound of movements that made her wake up. At first she was too filled up with the excitement of last night’s events to realize what was going on. But when she opened her eyes she got a shock: the entire tripe were gathered around them.
*Good morning.*
The teasing undertone in Dart’s sending left no doubt it was him who had told everyone what was going on.
“Thank you very much for keeping the secret so long.” She mumbled, unable to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.
“Why would you want to keep it a secret?” Newstar asked smiling. “There’s nothing wrong with recognition.”
“We aren’t ashamed. If that’s what you think mother. We just would’ve liked to tell ourselves.”
With those words Kimo got up and reached a hand down to pull Chitter up too. Then he reached his other arm out to Dart.
*Neehr. Dyrr.*
At first she was a little shocked to hear her own soulname mentioned together with her brother. But of course; they’d always known each others soulname.
*I guess what Skywise was right. ”˜Ooh how it knows!’*


Oh how I know ... this story Grin ... I remember well having read it somewhere, somewhen before.

It was nice to read it again ... I really like how you pictured Chitter - a chatterbox even in the most dramatic moments of her life. And the general idea - lifemating between bro/sis and their Soulmate is definitely new.


I posted this before the hack! So... might be there you read it!
And the whole idea occured to me after having read a lot of talk about a Pool-Sust-Chitter threemating! And I got all: Yeah... but what if she recognizes someone [i:765741622b]else[/i:765741622b]? What if she recognizes... [b:765741622b][i:765741622b]Kimo[/i:765741622b][/b:765741622b]?


[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=389530#389530][b:1d93ead250]Dark Secret[/b:1d93ead250][/url]

Something hidden
Buried in the soil
Long ago
It brought forth
An evil unheard of
One boy
Must stand alone
To purge this evil pool
What others thought impossible
He did
This young, brave youth
Like the sharpest Bright-metal
His thoughts brought light
Down into darkness
So that the tribe may strive
And new life flow again


[color=red:2c8095e8e7]Yesterday I found myself in the train... sketching... suddenly I realized... hey... this looks kinda like Venka... well... what do you think?
[size=9:2c8095e8e7](The size may be... not the best... but I gave up trying to figure out the resizing on photobucket...and... btw... don't have a scanner... (or... I have... sorta... on the printer my computer is connected to, which happens to be in the basement while my room is on first floor...)[/size:2c8095e8e7] so I've just taken this on my camera....)[/size][/color:2c8095e8e7]



She clearly has Venka's hairdo and her serious look.


[color=red:b022f72a09]Well... it was actually the eyes which made me think... o... kay... this is Venka's eyes...
[size=9:b022f72a09]The mouth is a little off though...[/size:b022f72a09][/color:b022f72a09]


Miss your last poem, Redhead!

Maybe you want some color for your thread?

You could take them from here and put where they belong.

And if you like them I'll try to make more ... somewhen Wink


[color=red:612893af82]Here's my April Grab bag contribution... once again with a [i:612893af82]wonderful[/i:612893af82] illustration by Embala!

[url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=404013#404013][b:612893af82]Trick, tricky trolls[/b:612893af82][/url]

Trick, tricky trolls tricked
Tribe to the wasteland
Ooh, don’t believe in those trick tricky trolls

A decision was made
To follow the daystar
Tribe tracked through the wasteland
Three long hot days

Thirst made the tribe’s
Thoughts somewhat addled
Tribe tried to take
Things from the strangers
Blue eyes met green
Everything changed

Tribe took time
To take some time of
Two years went by
Twins to the tribes
Two years and three
Things once again stirred

Human told tale
Of dark sky exploding
Tam thought time
Was up for a quest

Timmain told tale
Through the young twin
Tales of how High Ones
First came to the planet

Treewee told this tale
Of the trick, tricky trolls[/color:612893af82]


Thanks, Redhead :D ... I love your poems. They are so inspiring - and because they are unusual as well I'm forced to look for new ways to live up to them.

You don't mind some color here, right? Wink Just a nice background pic ...



Another background - guess you remember :)


Cool! And I don't even need to post the link! Thankieeeeeeeeee!

I really love the fact that you've used Tyleet and Little Patch!


Here comes my May grab-bag poem

Clickie clickie!

No Distance

Eyes meet eyes
In strangest way
Two souls have met
Where bodies have not

Waiting for the arrival
Of your one a only
But not everyone seems to think
These events are to rejoice
Beware of the strangers
The vessel they have is a dangerous one
Only you are allowed
To wait for your soulmate
A few others decide
To remain back with you
Permission is given
Though not very gladly
As the others are too swiftly
Spirited away

A flame burns steady
In the depths of your soul
As you step into the sanctuary
Of the High One’s Palace
Joyful you greet
The one your soul loves
He is of sun
As you are of water

A call across far waters
Calling your friends
A quick as they can
They speed back to meet you
Caught in a whirl
Around and around
Until you witness
The true power of the Palace
Your friends are safe

The pain isn’t over
Fear still has its hold
Over your leader
A desperate act
He captures the wolf chief
As everyone screams out
In horror and despair

A coin has been flipped
A path has been chosen
Now it would seem
There is no going back

Sometimes later
A challenge is made
Father against son
For control of the tribe
A little colourful being
Hear of the events
And starts to recount of another such battle
Vividly it tells a tale
Of family stolen
It’s thus that you learn
The truth of your Klynn
Though he seems so young
He was born long ago
A night he spent
As millennia flew by

In the end the father
Cannot let his son die
Sacrificing himself
He is redeemed for his misdeeds
As the one who was broken
Returns with the wolf chief
Blood fills the water
As the place you call home
Comes tumbling down

Your happiest day
Turned into a tragedy
Yet in the end
Joy fills the waters
As one who was broken
Is broken no more

One last day
You spend with your lover
You both know
Soon is it goodbye
But though you may be far away
In body and flesh
There’s really no distance
When in comes to the soul
A wow you make
To send your souls out
And let them be together
Where your bodies cannot
He promise you to show
All the places he’s been to
To take you to visit
His fire-haired sister

You smile as you part
At last your deepest desire is being fulfilled
As you feel a new life
Growing within you


Redhead Ember

I really love the fact that you've used Tyleet and Little Patch!

Very happy you love it :D - choosing for this poem was really hard for me!

The current poem summons the Discovery nicely - well set wording, rhythm and imagery.
The following background picture first was a choice for the upper part of the collage (decided to use the portraits instead) - It insisted to be used otherwise at least! Wink

... and this is definitly the text limit for a background picture! Evil Grin


Very nice! Both text and background. :D


:( I miss updates - really! It would be nice to have your poems gathered here ... practical for looking them up then and now.
And last not least a reminder for the missing collage illustrations Wink

Anyway ... here's a background pick for one of the older poems

I'm thinking about a real collage for this theme ... then and now ...


Admitted! I'm lazy... :oops:

Love your background pic... but... had a brief what poem's that moment...


Embala love the new collage with the poem. Fits perfectly. :D


Short and perfect and also wonderful collage to go with it.


Do you still remember this? Month ago I made a background pic for another of your old poems




You're faster than me!

Wolf Fawn

It was a great day in the Go-Back lodge. The hunters had just returned with a large game and now Roff was busy preparing the meat for the fires. Except one fair haired elf child didn't seem content with waiting.

"Yun. No!" Karra yelled as her young daughter swiftly darted forward, seized a small piece of meat and started munching away on it. Ever since the girl had started getting her share of the hunters' kills she shown a clear preferance for raw meat, snatching bits away if someone wasn't fast enough to stop her. And she was uncannily swift.

"You have to wait for the meat to be cooked." Karra explained her young daughter.

"But..." Yun said, "burned meat's YUCKY!"

To her surprise Karra suddenly heard a soft laughter behind her, turning to see who it was she saw Urda, the elder who'd been left in charge when Kahvi had disappeared off on her quest together with her newborn daughter.

"What?" The somewhat challenged mother asked, half annoyed, half amused.

"Well..." The temporary chieftess began. "Given Yun's age it's fairly safe to say that she's a result of the Dance, wouldn't you say?" Asked Urda, not needing to explain what she meant by 'the Dance'.

"Yeah, I guess." Karra began uncertain. "What about it?"

"I'm just thinking, you were dancing quite a bit with that silver haired Wolfrider, weren't you?"

"Weren't everyone?" Karra replied with a laugh. "You think he might be Yun's sire?"

"Seems so." Urda smiled.

Yes. It seemed right. It seemed right that her war dance daughter had been sired by one of the Wolfriders. And who else than the star gazer who seemed to have been showering himself in the attention of the Go-Back maiden's? Smiling Karra looked over at her daughter, only to find the girl starring up at her, tears in her eyes.

"Am I not a Go-Back?" The girl asked, her voice trempling as she valiantly fought to keep the tears from falling.

"Of course you're a Go-Back." Karra assured her. "You're just a Wolfrider too. Now go play and stop pestering Roff."

"AYOOOAAH!" Yun yelled as she ran out to find her agemates.


And another little story!

"You Knew"

Sorrow's End was buzzing with exitement. Everyone talking about the big news of the day; The Twins! The revelation that Leetah had been carrying two children for the past two seasons had been met with amazement by all the members of either tribe.

Vurdah, busy helping with the preparations for that night's celebrations, looked up to where the proud parents were sitting side-by-side, each with a tiny bundle, and each with a peculiar amused look on their face.

Suddenly Vurdah remembered what the healer had told her almost two seasons ago, "I promise you may share in my babies' care." Leetah had told her. Looking up at the healer and her Wolf chief lifemate realization hit Vurdah like lightning from a clear sky.

"You knew!" She yelled. "You knew all the time."

"Of course we knew." Leetah replied, winking at the other girl. "I'm a healer, and the mother. Cutter and I just decided to give everyone a little surprise."

"And so you did." Said Savah with a laugh. "So you did."


I love it, Redhead Luvlove Great that you are writing again!

Especially the first and the last scene - you made the "wolf fawn" so alive, so close to the heart. Miscievous and funny in the beginning ... so very touching in the end. I've wished to hug and comfort little Yun ... but her mother did well.


Glad you liked it! Smile

And of course Yun would be miscievous! She's Skywise's daughter!


"You Knew"
O.O ... I remember this! And I've read it a second time with equal pleasure Smile

I like how lively you describe the scene. It's not only words and sentences - you are drawing a picture in the reader's mind.


I love your scenes! They are perfect little snippets. (More! More!)



I promise I'll keep this thread active! Smile Glad you guys like my little snipperisnipstuff!


(And... I'll try a little more at making good of my promise!)

Sight Grows Stronger as Darkness Comes

It was fascinating, the Daystar. Strange how it could be both what kept them alive, made their grops grow, and transformed the Cold dark desert night into the brightest day, but at the same time be able to take all their lives away if it shone for too long.
He could stand for hours near the edge of the Bridge of Destiny, starring up at the bright Daystar, contemplating what it was, and that was exactly what he was doing that day.

He had made his usual climp up to the Bridge in order to greet the raising sun, something he'd been doing ever since he first learned to run quick enough to get away from his parents, nobody - not even himself - understood why he was so fascinated by the Daystar, but he was. It was his 'thing', just like rockshaping had been Alekah's 'thing'. He could still remember the day, so very long ago, when she had made the sun symbol.

"Hello there, isn't it our little Daystar greeter?" A voice suddenly sounded behind him and Anatim, knowing very well that he was disobeying his parents - again - quickly turned to make some excuse. To his surprise the speaker was Alekah, the granddaughter of Savah, and Someone he'd long had a crush on, even though she had already recognized and her son was actually older than Anatim himself.
"Yeah..." He muttered, unable to say anything else.
Alekah smiled at him before she, to his great shock an amazement, began slowly crossing the Bridge. When she reached the other end she carefully began using her rockshaping powers to create something on the rockface.
"Do you like it?" She asked upon returning.
He could only not, completely silenced by amazement, her creating, a beautiful replica of the daystar, was sitting on the wall at the other end of the Bridge. The real Daystar on the other hand...
"Look." Alekah said, "It's light already. I'm sorry I distracted you from doing what you love the best, but now I think I better get you back to your parents."
She took his hand and together they walk back towards the village.

That had been a long time ago, Alekah had died several years ago - everyone in the village had mourned her passing - and her son now had a son of his own, a little rascal named Tekshu.
As Anatim thought about those events of a time long ago - completely forgetting everything around him - he began to notice some weird dark spots in his eyes. Rubbing them - his eyes that is - he quickly looked across the Bridge of Destiny towards Alekah's symbol, to his great shock instead of seeing the symbol as clear as he usually did all he saw was some smudged forms, no matter where he looked it was the same.
Starting to get scared, especially as he quickly noticed how his eyesight seemed to get worse and worse by every moment, he quickly made his way back to the village - falling several times on his way Down - and ran to Shireesh's hut.
"Anatim, what's the matter?" the elder woman said as he stumpled into her hut.
"I... I can't see!" He replied, still out of breath from his run.
"Have you been starring at the Daystar again?" Shireesh asked, her tone halfway between worried and reproachfully.
Ashamed, knowing that his current problem was his own fault, Anatim nodded.
"What have I told you about starring at the Daystar for too long?"
"I was thinking..." He muttered, realising, even as he said it, how stupid it sounded. Shireesh didn't say anything, but suddenly he could hear someone giggling in the corner.
"You were thinking?" Said the familiar voice of Toorah who, despite the fact that he'd at first seen her as an annoying tag-along, had quickly become his best friend.
"I'm sorry, Anatim, but most of us are perfectly able to think without starring at the Daystar, ruining our eyes."
"And ruined I'm afraid your eyes are indeed." Shireesh said, "I have no remedies to help restore what the Daystar has taken."
Suddenly his fear was gone and he smiled, realising something; just as the Daystar was his 'thing' and rockshaping had been Alekah's 'thing', the use of herbs and salves to heal was Shireesh' 'thing', and something told him that it was becoming Toorah's 'thing' too, why else would she spend so much time in the elder woman's hut?
Maybe losing his ability to see had somehow given him the power to see what other people's 'things' were.


I love it, Redhead Clap

You gave some of the ancient ones more life ... using the few we know, carefully adding well thought out bits and pieces.

Little anatim is pictured in a very loving way. I felt with the adult when he suddenly noticed his eyesight vanishing and stumbled home in panic. And then the sudden acceptance ... in one way it's feels rushed, not probable ... in another way it's strangely fitting for Anatim, the Suntoucher. It was "his thing".

Have you considered to post this in Suntoucher's thread, too? Or put a link to this story at least? His threads needs some love, too Wink


Thanks. Wink

As for posting in Suntoucher's thread, well... until I've gotten my issue I think I better stear clear of the Keeping in Character listing.


A very sweet story, Redhead! I have always liked the SunToucher- and it was so nice to read this story about his younger years.


Thanks luna! Wink

Erhm... maybe I should re-name this thread. The poetry has been sorta, absent, recently.

Everything Fades

"Woodlock, Rainsong. Are you not well? You know, we could wake up your son from his sleep. Surely he could help."

"No, Ruffel. Mender cannot help us, and neither could Leetah, if she had been here." Rainsong replied with a smile. "Woodlock and I are simply old, and nearing the end of our lives."

"WHAT?" Ruffel all but yelled, before sitting down in front of the elderly Wolfrider-turned-Sunfolk couple where they sat in their usual spot outside their hut. "You're nowhere near as old as Savah!"

"Ah, but Ruffel. You must remember that Savah is not a Wolfrider." Woodlock added, smiling like his lifemate. "All Wolfriders have a bit of wolfblood in our veins, making us mortal."

"So..." Ruffel began, the thought being completely alien to her. "You go through life, knowing that one day you'll die, no matter what. Doesn't that frighten you?"

"Why would it?" Wing, coming by with carrying some berries (not dreamberries, thought) he knew his parents particularily loved, asked. "All we feel, every single day of our lives, is the feeling of being alive."

"Look! Grandpa! I got it!" Bowki, Wing's young grandson, suddenly came up to them and said, proudly holding a bit ravvit in his hands.

"That's good!" Wing said, ruffling the boy's hair, making it (almost) as wild as his father's. "You have some hunting skills from your sire's side of the family, that's for sure."

Smiling proudly the boy tossed the ravvit into his great-grandfather's hands before running off to find his friends.

"Does he know, about being mortal?" Ruffel asked, but then quickly continued, "No. You're right, it doesn't matter. Even if he knows, he's happy!" Smiling she got up to join her friends - and lovemates - leaving the Wolfrider-turned-Sunfolk family behind.

When Wing, who said long with his parents, sharing Bowki's catch with them, got up Woodlock called after him as he walked away:

"Remember to keep up the counting."

"I will, father. I will." He replied, knowing full well what his father's parting message meant.

True enought, the next morning, as she was going to fetch Water, Ruffel found them, sitting side by side, the bones from their last meal still scattered around them, their hands locked togehter.
The entire village mourned their passing, then they took the bodies and carried them into the Mountains surrounding Sorrow's End, knowing that though the couple had lived as Sunfolk for the larger part of their lives, they were still Wolfriders and this was The Way.


A peaceful passing.

I love how you arranged a family meeting of the generations quite casually. It's so fitting that youthful Bowki, proud of his prey, provided the last meal.

The old couple seemed very calm, happy and in peace with The Way ... they appeared a bit too well, maybe. Showing their advanced aged in some hints like voice, skin or physical weakness (besides ruffel's general concern) could have added to the vibe.
Then again ... who knows how elves actually age? It can be rather different from Humans, even for the mortal ones.

Now I wonder whether it would be this way for a Wolfrider dying of old age ...
Aging gradually without really showing - like a cat - and close to the end age strikes visibly and brings serious limitations. and then the elf chooses the time - and leaves the body by will.

It's a perfect ending that you made this couple leave together - close in death as they were in life. And that the Sunfolk let them closed the circle as Wolfriders.

I was ... surprised that you have chosen Ruffel as the Sunvillager who learned about mortality and The Way from the Elders - and found the bodies.


Okay, first of all, it seems that New Blood sorta indicates that Rainsong and Woodlock were already dead when Dart and Serrin recognized. But anyway...

As for their appearance; I decided to leave that up to imagination! Smile

Why Ruffel? Because she's a well known character, but not really a main character in any way!

At first I was going to have Ahdri make a tomb for them, then I realized No! Woodlock and Rainsong would not want that!


Okay, first of all, it seems that New Blood sorta indicates that Rainsong and Woodlock were already dead when Dart and Serrin recognized. But anyway...
There are enough fans who consider most of NB "fanfic" XD ... so no need to worry about some artistic licence! Wink

As for their appearance; I decided to leave that up to imagination! Smile
Good way when nothing is stated for reference Wink

Why Ruffel? Because she's a well known character, but not really a main character in any way!
You will understand - later.

At first I was going to have Ahdri make a tomb for them, then I realized No! Woodlock and Rainsong would not want that!
Once again ... I'm sorta baffled ... and you will understand later.

Your choices are well thought over ... you've really captured the spirit there!


So, did I get something very right about the Final Quest Special, or something very wrong?

Also, one more thing; There was a very good reason I chose to have them pass away at the same time; I simply could not bear the thought of one being without the other.


(One more of my random oneshot drabbles)

Eyes Meet Eyes - Again!

It was a calm and beautiful day in the Sun Village.
As calm as a day can ever be with a pair of curious, active twins around. Af first little Ember had caused quite a stir by running off to the wolf dens, until Cutter and Leetah laughting had explained that it was completely natural for Wolfrider cubs to spend time in the dens.
Ember's twinbrother, seemingly deciding that his sister shouldn't be the only one getting into trouble, had ran off to the Bridge of Destiny, giggling at what he called his "tickly feel". The worried parents, grinning a little that it for once was their calm son who caused the biggest amount of trouble, had caught their wayward son and now he was sitting in Savah's hut, laughing every time she made the light behind her chair glow.

With both their over-active three-year olds kept as much out of trouble as possible, Leetah and Cutter left Savah's hut and almost ran into Newstar. The young elf girl was starring at her parents, who in turn were starring at each other. However, Newstar wasn't the only one starring at the pair, in fact everyone around seemed to be starring at them.

"What's... up with mum and dad?" Newstar asked.
"I think..." Leetah begun uncertain, then she continued with more certainity as she realized that her suspicion was indeed true. "They just recognized!"

Her Words caused the Village, which had turned very quiet as everyone starred at the pair, to errupt into shocked talk:

"Recognized? But..."
"Their son, Wing! He's still so little!"
"Newstar too!"
"Three recognitions in such short time?!"
"Has this ever..."

The talk went on for a while, until Pike suddenly spoke out over the crowd.

"You know, sister." He said, clearly struggling to keep the laughter away. "The cub won't make itself simply by you two starring at each other like that!"

That comment seemed to pull the lifemates out of their trance, laughting Woodlock grapped Rainsong and dragged her off to their hut, while everyone behind started laughing.


I love it! Your stories are so sweet, Red!


Thanks. Smile
I've always wondered what Rainsong's and Woodlock's third recognition would've been like.


I love the ending, Redhead Laugh - can so imagine this scene: Rainsong and Woodlock mesmerized ... *it.really.happend.AGAIN!?! Hypnotize* ... and brother Pike all mischievous and practical!

The talk between the baffled Sunvillagers ... so ... so "Village!". I should forgive them - this must have bee THE sensation of decades! (besides the existance of other elves) Wink

And the start ... this peek at Ember's and Suntop's toddler escapades ... a handful each of them. So funny and cute. I like that "the well-behaved one" caused the real trouble.

Yeah A lovely little story, Redhead!


Thanks! Smile


Time to bring the poetry back!

Little Brother

Little brother,
look at you;
you are so strong and brave.
Your courage I could never have,
it you, your father gave.

You are running with the pack,
forever free and wild.

But one thing I cannot deny;
you make me sort of scared.
You are my brother,
that's for sure,
but also something else.
In your eyes I see this world,
so frightening,
and cold.

Little brother,
unlike me,
to this world you belong.
Our mother's gift is yours to keep;
wolf-blooded brother,


I love your view on Timmorn through his sister's eyes. We know so few about their real relationshop but I can easily see it this way in their childhood and youth, Redhead.


Thanks Emby.
Actually... it was only a few days ago I realized that Timmain's daughter is Timmorn's sister! Headbang3

What I imagine is that a part of her wanted to protect her "baby brother", but another part knew that he was the strongest, and would likely end up being the one protecting her.



Not that I actually think that this is his sister ... fits your mind picture, tho (the second to last one)


This poem is inspired by events in the Final Quest. Both the Special and the preview for Final Quest #1 Wendy posted on FB.


Lost The Way,
will I find it again?
To be honest;
I'm not sure I want to.
Living in danger,
no longer for me:
Now I'll find my own Way.



Found a choice,
will it bear my hope?
To be sure
I don't dare to believe.
Living in safety
now enables me:
Create beauty the way I see.

Sorry ... couldn't resist ^^


It's nice.


a comment ... sorta ^^


To Earn a Name

Chapter 1: Spider's Daughter

“Come back here, you stupid girl.” The tall hunter stood at the edge of the great woods, yelling to a smaller figure standing in between the trees.

“Why don’t you come in a get me yourself?” The smaller figure yelled back. “Oh, that’s right, I forgot. You’re afraid of these woods, have been so ever since your first wife left you. You think I haven’t heard the stories?”

“I have a reason to not wanting to enter these woods; evil spirit lives here. My first wife was in cahoots with them.”

“They can’t be worse than you. I’ll take my changes.”

With those words the small figure turned her back to everything she had known in her short life, the tall hunter remained at the edge of the woods, still yelling but not daring to come closer. Eventually the sound of her father’s voice – for her father it was – diminished and the sounds of the woods around her grew in strength. She was the daughter of the Spider, and ever since her mother had died she had heard nothing but harsh words, the only touches she’d felt from a parent’s hands had been almost endless beatings.

At first she was exhilarated by the fact that she had finally done it, had finally left her life of abuse behind. Gradually, though, another feeling began to take precedence within her mind; the feeling of fear, of loneliness. She was hungry, so very hungry, ever since she had left the village she hadn’t eaten anything, in her hurry to get away she hadn’t had time to bring food with her. Though the woods around her were filled with berries and nuts she dared not eat anything, not knowing what was safe.

Had she made a mistake running away? Back home she at least had food every day, even if it wasn’t much. She could go to sleep every night with a roof over her head, not having to worry about wild animals. Out here night was coming with all its scary sounds, and it was cold, so very cold. Yet in her heart she knew that she could never go back; she had crossed her bridges and burned them behind her.

Thorny branches swiped at her, adding new cuts to her already bruised face, her arms and legs were soon all but dripping with blood. Still she kept going, not daring to stop.

Suddenly the ground gave way underneath her and she fell, tumbled down for longer time than she dared thinking about until, finally, her fall was broken. Unfortunately the fall wasn’t the only thing that was broken; with a sickening crunch her leg snapped, and a pain more intense than anything she had ever felt shot through her. Unable to withstand it she let out a pained, anguished, scream; knowing full well that it ruined her every change of remaining undetected.


@RedheadEmber - woah, interesting premise! :D

Nunkah's daughter sounds like she can give as good as she gets - I like that! The apple fell far from the tree for sure. I'm hoping she runs into the elves - and gets to know Shuna? I'm sure she'd be proud of how differently her ex's daughter turned out. I like how she represents a middle ground between hostile humans and those who are friends to the elves. She doesn't care overtly much (at least thus far) for the "evil spirits" of her father's tales, she only knows that hardly anything can be worse than continued abuse at the hand of this calloused and nasty tempered man. She wants to break free - and cares little for the fighting or the ancestral elf/human hostility.

Can't wait to see how this continues!


Chapter 2: Girl Without a Name

She couldn’t fall asleep now; if she did it would be the end, she would die from the cold if she wasn’t eaten by wild animals before that. She had to fight it, had to stay awake, but she was tired, so very tired.

The sound of someone, or something, climbing down towards her jolted her awake, she tried to jump up, only fall back again with a pained scream as she accidentally put pressure on her injured leg. Eyes wide with fear she stared through the half dark at the figure, suddenly she realised that it was another human.

“Don’t try to move.” The figure said, coming closer. “That leg’s broken.”

Really?” She asked through clenched teeth. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Chuckling lightly the figure came over and gently sat down next to her. Slowly he – for a male it was – reached out towards her leg, only for her to flinch and attempt to move away.

“Sorry.” She muttered when she realised that he meant to harm. “It’s just that the only man who has ever laid hands on me so far has been my father and he...”

“Did that to you?” The man asked darkly, indicated her face which, despite the quickly fading light, clearly showed the signs of abuse. Unable to reply she simply nodded, then sat in silence as the man examined her leg.

“That leg needs fixing, and quick.” The man said, looking concerned. “Unfortunately it would be too risky trying to climb up with you in the dark. I’ll keep you company tonight, and tomorrow I’ll get you to my grandmother, she can fix you in no time.”

“She must be really good.”

“She is. She’s the best. But where are my manners? I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Shukopek, and you are?”

“I don’t really have a name. My father calls me ‘stupid girl’, when he’s being nice.”

“And your mother?”

“She always called me ‘my sweet dancing child’. She died a long time ago, I haven’t been dancing since that happened, nor will I do so again for a while.”

“I’m sorry, about your mother. But I think you might be dancing again sooner than you think.”

“You really have great faith in your grandmother’s abilities.”

“So will you when you meet her. Now, try to sleep; I’ll keep watch.” The man, whom she now knew was called Shukopek, said.

Deciding to trust him, and unable to stay awake any longer, she fell into a deep slumber. Only vaguely sensing when her new companion light a small fire next to her.


That's a great story, Red! The girl is absolutely believable. you've added so many little bits and pieces, almost casually, that I already believe to know her. Kind Shukopek makes much sense. *claps*

Looking forward to more. :)




(I'm quick)

Chapter 3: The Spirits

When she awoke the next morning the girl was shocked to see a huge slate grey wolf starring down towards them and even more shocked when Shukopek yelled something in a strange language and it quickly turned around and darted away.

“He’s one of my mother’s best friends, I asked him to fetch my grandmother.”

“The wolf is...” She began, then she remembered the stories her mother had told her. “Hang on; my mother used to tell me stories about my father’s first wife. She had two spirit companions; one of them a boy who could transform into a wolf.”

“That was him up there, Kimo. You’re the daughter of ‘the Spider’, of Nunkah?”


“And I’m the son of Shuna, your father’s first wife.”

“Who’s your father?”

“His name was Ikopek; he was a good and kind man.”


“He was killed not that long ago, by men who couldn’t understand that ‘the spirits’ aren’t spirits at all, just people like you and I, only different.”

“You know them? The... not-spirits?”

“Of course I do.” He replied with a smile. “My mother was adopted by them.”

“So, when you talked about your grandmother...”

“She’s one of them, Leetah the healer. My grandfather is Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders. I’ll introduce you to everyone when we get to the Holt.”

The girl was about to ask Shukopek if he thought that was wise, bringing her to the spirits’ home, and then she remembered what she had yelled to her father as she ran into the woods. She would take her chances with the ‘spirits’. Not that she had much of a choice anyway.

It wasn’t long before the sounds of movement was heard at the top of the cliffs, looking up the girl saw the wolf from before, this time accompanied by a beautiful woman whose entire being radiated kindness.

“Your grandmother?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer.

Quickly the pair – Leetah and Kimo, she quickly reminded herself – climbed down towards the girl and Shukopek. As soon as they were down Leetah kneeled in front of the girl, while Kimo went over and sat down next to Shukopek.

“This might feel a bit weird.” Leetah said gently before placing her hands on the girl’s leg.

A strange sensation shot through her leg, it wasn’t painful at all – quite the opposite – and the girl could all but feel how the broken bone began to be mended and knitted back into its right position. Eventually, though, Leetah stopped; her face drenched with sweat.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I can’t do any more.”

“It’s okay. When my leg broke I thought it meant I was going to die out here.”

“Don’t worry. Now let’s get you back to the Holt, a good period of rest and your leg will be as good as new.”

Shukopek tied a splinter around the girl’s still broken leg, then she climbed onto his back and the four of them began the slow, difficult ascend out of the small canyon she’d fallen into.


Not only quick, Red - you have become d*** good!




Great tale ahead.

May she reach..



Thanks for the comments everyone.


Chapter 4: Home

When they reached the top the girl was about to climb down from Shukopek’s back, only for Leetah to quickly shake her head.

“Don’t be silly.” She said. “You can’t walk on that leg.”

“You aren’t much of a burden anyway.” Shukopek added.

Quickly the unusual company moved through the woods, a lot quicker than they would have done if the girl had had to hobble along on her own. In no time they reached their destination and the girl couldn’t help but letting out an awed gasp of wonder. A huge tree – its branches reaching far into the sky above – stood in the centre of an open patch in the woods.

“That’s the Father Tree.” Shukopek explained, carrying her over and gently putting her down on one of its roots. Then he turned to the gathered people and said something in the strange language in which he had spoken to Kimo earlier.

“Welcome to the Holt.” One of them, whose hair was partly tied into a high knot, said. “I’m Cutter, chief of the Wolfriders. What do you want us to call you?”

“I don’t know.” The girl said after a while. “I guess you’ll just have to call me ‘girl’ for the time being. Until I find a name, make my own name out here. Is that weird?”

“Not at all. It’s...” Cutter began, only for his voice to be drowned out by a loud rumbling coming from the girl’s belly.

“Dear child.” Leetah exclaimed. “You must be starving.”

In no time a huge amount of food had been placed in front of the girl; there was so much, and it looked so delicious, that she had to almost physically restrain herself from just gobbling it all up, thus risk making herself sick.

“How long can I stay here?” She asked once the worst hunger was gone.

“For as long as you wish.” Cutter replied. “This is your home now, if you want it to be.”

‘Home’, she liked that. The village in which she had grown up had never been home, she felt more at home in this place than she’d felt before in her life.

Slowly but surely the girl recovered from her emotional and physical wounds, the treeshaper – Redlance was his name – fashioned a pair of crutches for her, enabling her to move around in the Holt on her own. Soon she found herself being drawn to the company of Ohler and Newstar, talking to the pair while Ohler worked in his small garden. Thus she was also able to pick up the strange language the spirits – or elves as she learned they were called – spoke, though she still frequently had difficulties.

“Something bothering you?” Ohler asked one day as they were working together in his garden – for as soon as the girl had become able to walk without her crotches she had swapped merely talking to the pair for helping with the work, learning much about the various plants at the same time.

“No, and yes.” She began. “It’s just, I’ve been living here and I haven’t found a name yet.”

“It’s no hurry.” Newstar said with a smile. “One day, I promise you, you’ll find a name.”


Chapter 5: Naming Matters

Ever since that day the girl began actively looking for a name. However, she soon came to realise that finding a name was much more than simply taking a random word, or making up a word on her own; she wanted a name that was her name, a reflection of her new life.

“I wonder how everyone here was named.” She said to Shukopek one day. “Your name is pretty easy to explain, your parents just took ‘Shuna’ and ‘Ikopek’, put them together and came up with ‘Shukopek’, didn’t they?”

“Guess you could say that’s the simple explanation.” Shukopek replied with a smile.

“You want to know how everyone here was named?” Nightfall asked, coming over and sitting down next to them.

“Maybe not everyone, just a few; to give me a better idea of where to look for my own name.”

“Well, then.” Nightfall began, “I’ll start with Cutter. Do you know why he’s called what he’s called?”

“Because of his skills with a sword, I suppose.”

“That, yes, but more so for his ability to cut to the truth of things. Then there’s Newstar, she was named so because she was the first child born to our tribe after Madcoil.”

“So, sometimes a child is named for a skill, sometimes for circumstances of their birth.”
The girl said. “But how can the parents know about their child’s skills?”

“We can communicate with our children in the womb, so we know. But you know what? It seems somewhat silly to me to tell you how or why parents name their children, what you need is advice to how an adult may get a new name. Take Redlance, he was Redmark before, until he saved our old chief – Bearclaw – from a marauding longtooth. Or Sunstream, he used to be Suntop, and then he purged an ancient pool of bad magic.”

“So, if I want to make a new name I have to do something really heroic?”

“Not necessarily. Take Freetouch; she got her adult tribe name pretty much because she’d grown too old for her old name – it still reflects who she is of course.”

“What was her old name?”

“Chitter. Rarely has the Wolfriders seen a more talkative cub. She even managed to make her father speak out loud.” There was a clear hint of laughter in Nightfall’s voice, there was no doubt that the fact that Strongbow, who only spoke out loud when he had no other choice, had sired a cub who could rival the Preservers in talkativeness was a rather big joke amongst the Wolfriders.

Smiling the girl looked around the Holt; the talk with Nightfall had given her a better idea of where to look for a new name. She had been looking in all the wrong places, so far she’d looked at the world around her, while she really needed to look inside; look at who she was, truly was.


I follow your story eagerly, Redhead!

I'l good to see how she's slowly feeling "at home" with the Wolfriders, makes friendws (love the Newstar(Ohler connection) and now she's ready for her "spirit quest".


I wonder what name she will take! :D I can imagine the Sun Folk maidens encouraging her to pursue her dream to become a dancer, when her leg will heal. Will she ever meet Ember's tribe and know Khorbasi, as well as learn of the other elf-raised kid Little Patch?


Chapter 6: The Escape

Who was she? She had never really thought about it before, or rather; she had spent so much time being told that she was nobody – just a girl – that she had ended up actually believing it, the more she tried to look inside herself, the more she realised that she was still too hindered by the harsh words she had grown up hearing.

Then the winter came. It was quickly decided that the girl would spend the winter down in the old troll caverns; there she could help with the work in the forges, while also getting time to continue her search.

“This is hopeless!” The frustration being too much she sat down on the floor with a heavy sigh. “How can I ever look inside myself, ever find out who I truly am, when every time I try all I see is my father; telling me that I’m nobody?”

“You have to stop thinking of him as your father.” Windkin said, coming over and sitting down next to her. “After all; he was never really your father, was he? Fathers raise their children, support them. They don’t tell them that they’re nobody. I’m sorry to say it but you humans are rather silly with your insistence that siring a child also makes you the father, and if someone else than the sire raises the child everyone involved – especially the child – should be ashamed.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“What my foggy-headed grandson is trying to tell you is that you can’t find out who you are until you manage to escape your father.”

“I thought I already did.”

“You ran into the woods, yes. But you haven’t truly escaped, have you?” Windkin asked, tapping her forehead. “He’s still there, inside your head.”

That was true. Why was she even allowing old ‘Spider’ to take up residence inside her head? Closing her eyes she looked inside herself, only this time she was ready when the shadow of her father appeared in her mind.

“Stupid girl!” It said, looming above her. “You’re nobody. Just a girl. Useless!” The words continued for far longer than she dared think about, it took all her strength of will to not instantly break free of the memory.

“It’s not true!” She yelled. “The only one who’s nobody is you. And I’m no longer your daughter.” Opening her eyes she was surprised to see the four elves staring at her, their expressions halfway between bemusement and concern.

“You okay?” Ahdri asked gently.

“I think I’ll be just fine.” The girl replied with a smile. “I spoke out loud didn’t I?”

“Yes.” Came the soft reply from Clearbrook. “A good thing too, otherwise we would have been really worried about you. After all; your other trips inside your mind was never that long.”

Not long after spring returned in earnest and the girl moved back to the Holt. As the days became warmer she once again found herself occupied with the work in Ohler’s garden, yet often she would find herself looking at a section of the woodland floor where the flowers seemed to bloom in greater abundance than anywhere else. Somehow the flowers made the girl think of her mother, but this time there was no ache, no pain.


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RedheadEmber said: “That, yes, but more so for his ability to the truth of things.

Quick note on this sentence about Cutter's name; I think the words "cut to" are missing. Ability to cut to the truth.


faeriegirl said: When's the next part coming? ;)

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faeriegirl said: Quick note on this sentence about Cutter's name; I think the words "cut to" are missing. Ability to cut to the truth

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Chapter 7: Transformation

“It’s Ruffel’s grave.” A voice spoke beside her, turning around the girl saw a dark haired elf woman, dressed in a beautiful purple dress.

“Yes, I heard about what happened to her. You must be Moonshade.”

“I am. I’ve come to ask you if you want me to make you some new clothes.”

“That would be nice, but…” The girl hesitated, shooting a sideway glance at Moonshade’s dress, “I don’t think see-through would suit me.”

Smiling Moonshade lead the girl towards the big mountain towering above the Holt, though she had quickly learned that ‘the mountain’ was in fact the Palace of the High Ones – ancestors of all the elves – she had never been inside before. As they entered she could not help but letting out a gasp of awe and stand in the doorway as if frozen in place.

“It’s okay.” The tanner said with a smile. “Shuna felt weird about this place at first too. If it gets too much for you you’re welcome to go outside for a while.”

Unable to speak the girl simply nodded and followed Moonshade to a small room within the Palace, the room was filled with various kinds of leather and fabrics in more colours than the girl had ever known was possible.

“You made all that?” She asked.

“Most of it. Now, let me see; I think this would be just you.” Quickly Moonshade went across the room and took down a roll of leather, golden like honey. Holding it next to the girl Moonshade nodded, clearly satisfied with what she was seeing.

“I like it.” The girl said with a smile. “But… erhm... I stink! Is there somewhere I can get a bath? A place that isn’t a newly thawed river that is.”

“We do have a bathing room. It’s not far, just ask along.”

“Right.” Smiling the girl ran outside the room and it wasn’t long before she’d managed to find the room, ripping her old clothes off and discarding them in a pile on the floor she went into one of the basins. After soaking for a while, she began washing all over her body, amazed at how smooth her skin was when it was not covered in cuts and bruises – though of course it was not nowhere nearly as smooth as that of the elves. She was done washing, having also cleaned her long brown hair – though she still thought it was rather dull – and was leaning against the edge of the basin, when Moonshade came in with the new clothes.

Getting out of the bath the girl quickly dried herself before putting the new clothes on. Never in her life had she seen anything so beautiful; the dress, made from the honey-golden leather, went down to just below her knees, the edge cut in a way so it became slightly wavy. Instead of making sleeves from the same leather as the rest of the dress, the tanner had made elbow-long sleeves from dark red silk; she had used the same silk for a wide belt to hold the dress together.

“Wow.” The girl said, looking at her reflection on the Palace wall. The she looked at her hair which, though clean, was still a rather dull brown colour, and rather heavy since she’d never cut it in her life, making it hang all the way down to her knees.

“Will you help me?” She asked, holding up her hair while indicating Moonshade’s small knife.

“Sure, how much?”

“At the shoulders, I want a good chunk out of this.”

Doing as asked Moonshade cut the girl’s hair, and instantly it bounced upwards, relieved from several year’s burden.

“I like it. There’s just one problem.” The girl said, attempting to blow her, now freed, hair out of her face.

“Wait here.” Moonshade said and left the room, soon after returning with a piece of the silk. Smiling the girl tied her hair back with it before once again looking at her reflection. She liked what she saw, she had a feeling she could walk right into the middle of the village, and old Spider would never know who she was.

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Chapter 8: Like Music

It was strange, the girl thought as she went outside again, feeling beautiful. She hadn’t felt beautiful since her mother died – it’s hard to feel beautiful when everyone around you tell you that you’re ugly. Her heart lighter than it had been for years she found that she just had to start dancing; laughing she began leaping and spinning, dancing partly to the sounds of the woods around her, partly to the music in her own mind. She was so caught up in her dancing that she didn’t notice the root sticking out of the ground, her foot became trapped beneath it and she fell flat on her face.

“You okay?” Newstar asked, running towards her.

“Yes. Yes.” The girl quickly replied while sitting up, turning around she saw everyone looking at her, clearly worried. Suddenly she couldn’t help herself but burst out laughing, soon everyone joined in.

“Guess you aren’t used to people falling flat on their faces when dancing.” She gasped out once the laughter had somewhat subdued. “You’ve probably never seen such a ridiculous dance.”

“Trust me.” Dart said dryly. “I’ve seen much worse.” He shot a sideway glance towards Sunstream, who in turn looked at Shenshen, who once again burst out laughing. In no time everyone was laughing again, even though this time most of them had no idea why.

“I hope what happened doesn’t mean you won’t dance anymore.” One of the Sun Villager maidens – Maleen her name was – came over and said to the girl a while later.

“Of course not. Why would it? I’ll just have to be more careful next time, I guess keeping my eyes open would help.”

“You.” Maleen began, with disbelief in her voice. “You’d closed your eyes?”

In reply, the girl simply nodded, a smile edging around her lips, and soon she found herself once again bursting with laughter.

“I know!” She all but yelled once she had regained air.

“What do you know?” Ohler asked.

“My name. I’ve found a name; Laela.”

“It’s beautiful.” Leetah said with a smile. “What does it mean?”

“I don’t it means anything, but it’s me. It feels right.”

“It sounds like music and laughter.” Newstar said. “Quite fitting, considering that your laughter sounds like music.”

“Laela.” Cutter said slowly, as if tasting the name on his tongue. “It’s a good name. Guess it is settled then; you have broken free from old hurts and are no longer the girl without a name. Now you have a prober tribe name; Laela.”

“And if you want to.” Newstar said, walking towards Laela together with Ohler. “A family. Like Cutter and Leetah took in Shuna and made her their daughter, so we would like to take you in, make you our daughter.”

“That sounds wonderful.” Laela said, walking over to her new parents. She was no longer ‘Spider’s daughter’, no longer the girl without a name. Now she had a new family, a family that had welcomed her with open arms, and she had a name, a name like music.


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Thanks. :D

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Chapter 9: Family

The next day Shuna, Shukopek and Kimo returned from having spent the winter at their hive a short distance away, as soon as Kimo had changed into elf-shape Newstar went over to him and whispered something.

“Is it true?” He asked delighted, looking at Laela. “You’re my sister now?”

“I guess so.”

“It’s wonderful.” He said, rushing over to give Laela a firm hug. “I’ve always dreamt of having a little sister, but as you perhaps know us elves can’t have children that easily. And then my father…” his voice faltered, the loss clearly still strong in his heart.

“Your father must have been very kind.” Laela said softly.

“He was.” Newstar said a gleam of longing in her eyes.

“Somewhat crazy too.” Ohler added. “Always getting into trouble when he was a boy. And who was charged with getting him out of trouble?”

“You? Why?”

“He was my brother. My brave little brother.”

“I wish I could’ve known him.” Laela said. “And Ikopek too.” She added, turning to the two other humans. “And thank you, all of you, for teaching me that fathers are good and kind, and family much more than blood.”

That spring Laela was like a newborn, taking in all the delights of the woods about her, most of the time she spent with her elf-father in his, or – as he insisted on calling it – their garden, tending the plants. One day as they were working the Preservers came flying into the Holt, acting as erratic as only the little winged creatures could act.

“Little Boy Big-Thing go shout-much. Shout-much!” The one named Petalwing screeched. “Make big noise.”

“A young human boy?” Laela asked. She still didn’t quite have the hang of the Preservers’ weird speech habits, but she had figured that ‘Big-Things’ where humans.

“That must be it.” Kimo said. “Should we look into it?”

“Why not?”

Quickly following the Preservers the siblings, the elf-boy and the human-girl, raced to the edge of the woods where there was indeed a human-boy; he was peering into the trees, though not quite entering, all the time shouting at the top of his lungs.

“Sister!” he shouted. “Sister please come home. Please! I’ll make father treat you properly from now on. I will, I promise!”

“Who is he?” Kimo whispered.

“My brother. My half-brother.”

“But the age difference between you doesn’t seem that great, and if you remember your human-mother’s name for you…”

“You know of old Spider, don’t you? Do you really think he would stay faithful to a dead wife?”

Without words, Kimo simply shook his head, his eyes dark.

“She was hardly cold in the grave before he remarried; the boy over there is the oldest of his and his new wife’s children. I’ve never had any strife with the children, not for lack of trying from their mother’s part.”

“What shall we do? He seems pretty determined to keep this up.”

“I’ll just have to tell him to go home.”

Ignoring Kimo’s protests Laela stepped out from the cover of the trees and towards the boy who was still shouting, his voice getting more and more hoarse.

“Hello, little brother.” She said softly, smiling to the boy.

“Sister!” He yelled when he saw her, rushing over and threw his arms around her with such a force she almost fell over. “Are you going to come home now? I’ll tell father to treat you properly from now on. And my mother too, I promise!”

“I’m sorry, little brother. I know you mean well, but you cannot change the way your parents treat me, and I can never return. My life is out here now, and I am happy.”

“But, the spirits.”

“Are good and kind. They took me in. They don’t want people to fear them, or worship them. All they want is to have their place in this world, to live in peace. Now, go home little brother, and when the time is right tell everyone who’ll listen what I just told you.”

“I will, sister. And I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. Every time you feel lonely or sad, look at the moons and remember that there are forces of good at work in this world.”

Nodding the boy turned and began walking back towards the village of the Hill-Hopper clan, once she couldn’t see him anymore Laela too turned, from one brother to another.

“You think he’ll do as you told him?” Kimo asked as they walked back towards the Holt.
“I hope so.”

“One more thing; you never refer to Spider as your father anymore.”

“Why should I? This winter, while I was staying down in the Troll caverns, Windkin told me that fathers are those who support their children. Ohler has been more a father to me than old Spider ever has.”


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