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For Sale ElfQuest: Big ElfQuest Gatherum & Wolfriders Gu


Hi! I'm new to this site and these forums, but I have been a huge ElfQuest fan since I first discovered the graphic novels back in the 80's. I'm thrilled to have found out about this site (a good friend recently e-mailed me and said I should check it out) and plan to spend plenty of time exploring it.

I hope no one minds, but I have an auction on EBAY right now that some of you might be interested. It is for two hardback EQ books: The Big ElfQuest Gatherum & The Wolfriders Guide. Both books are in pretty much brand new condition.

ElfQuest: Big ElfQuest Gatherum & Wolfriders Guide[/b:b31024bf56] (2 Hardback Volumes)
Ebay Item number: 200323158896

You can search for the title or the item number or here is the direct link. Please check it out if you are interested. Thanks everyone!



Quick follow up - this auction ends tomorrow (Sunday March 29th) so if you are interested in these books, please click over and take a look.

Thanks everyone!!!


Hi all,

I re listed these two books at a lower price. If you are interested (there were quite a few people that were watching the last auction) please check the new EBAY auction out.

EBAY Item number: 200325885064

Direct Link:

Thanks everyone!!!


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know this auction ends tomorrow, Friday April 3rd. If you are at all interested in these two books (The Big ElfQuest Gatherum & The Wolfriders Guide to the World of Elfquest) please click on the link in the previous post and take a look!

Thanks so much!