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The Self-Elf Holt (CLOSED)



What's this?

This is my “Self-Elf RPG”-thread which got lost when the hackers attacked. Thought I'd post it in the right section this time. This is a silly idea I had late one night. I wanted to make a Holt where all elves played were “self-elves”, i.e. elves that are completely based on the players.

It's an experiment of sorts, to see if this would work. I've seen a lot of self-elves around the Scrolls and want to give people an opportunity (if they want it, that is) to put them in a Holt and move them around a bit.

OBS! You don't have to play an elf. Humans, trolls and preservers are just as welcome! Having fun is the key. For simplicity's sake I'll refer to the character as “elf” through the rest of this post, but they are not the only creatures available.

How is this different from any old Holt?

The difference isn't big, but it's there. In this Holt you only ever get to play one elf (or human/troll/whatever you see yourself as). This elf is to be based on yourself as much as possible when it comes to personality, looks and skills; in other words, you have to motivate everything you write about your elf. If you elf has green eyes, you should have green eyes. If your elf is good at climbing, you should at least know how to climb.

There's a bit of leeway, seeing as we obviously aren't elves. It's not likely that a lot of us know how to hunt in real life. Therefore you have to judge your skill-level based on your personality, mixed with your elf's probable experiences; if you're a Wolfrider, you've likely been taught how to hunt – or an attempt to teach you should at least have been made. How much you've learned and how much you like hunting you have to judge yourself.

So we can't have any magic?

That wouldn't be any fun, would it? Of course we could play this without magic, but then again elves do have magic. If you want some form of magic, motivate, just as with everything else. Some magic is pretty “default” - few Gliders don't know how to lift themselves into flight (other things on the other hand...) so if you're a Glider, you're an “odd one out” if you can't fly. Same goes for Sending and Animal-Bonding (depending on what kind of elf you are).

What kind of elves are we?

You decide. You feel like a Wolfrider? You're a Wolfrider. You feel like a Glider? You're a Glider. You feel like some kind of elf not seen in canon? You're that kind of elf; Catrider for example.

Of course there'll have to be some limits, or we'll be up to our ears in different kinds of elves before there's even two of one kind. Try to stick to the “original five” as much as possible or otherwise you might not get any tribe mates to hang out with!

What do I need to write about my elf?

I've posted a Character Information Sheet below this. Remember to motivate, motivate, motivate! all your information. It's more of a challenge that way Wink

What about my family?

Seeing as my entire family won't be joining us and I do wish to “keep” them I thought we could solve it like this: Non-Player Characters. This way you can make up your family and have them putter about in the background. How much they interact with other players' elves is entirely up to you.

But I don't want to play that many elves! What do I do?

Ah yes, juggling a lot of elves can be quite tricky, not to mention that playing other “real people” can be a little awkward. This is where the power of “what-if” comes in:

What if your elf's family isn't with him/her anymore? The world the elves live in is a little more dangerous than ours. What if they had to go into wrap-stuff? What if your elf hasn't met his/her lifemate yet? What if you're actually related to someone else here? It's all up to you!

Who's in charge?

No one, really. I'm volunteering to take care of the practical stuff (getting a forum, coding an eventual website, stuff like that). If there are any troubles we fix them together – either by voting or by discussing suggestions.

So then anyone can join with any kind of elf?

Yes and no. I thought we could have a part of the Holt-forum where new members can post their elf's info and then all Holt members can comment on it (for example: “You forgot to motivate why your elf is a healer”.) When there are no more comments and the new member has edited the things that's needed editing, they become a full member.

Yes, my elf's information will be in that section to begin with as well, so it'll be fair for everybody. I won't “open” the Holt until we have at least three members. That way everyone will have at least two people commenting on their elf.

What kind of world do we play in?

I was thinking a standard “copy of the World of Two Moons”. What level of technology the humans have and how many generations it is since the High Ones crashed we can discuss later, together. The only clear rules I can think of are these:

1. Five members are needed to start a “Holt” - i.e. a home for your elves. For example, the five first players to want to play Gliders should get together and decide some general guidelines for their Holt, a brief history (how the Holt got started, who was leader when, stuff like that) and choose a chief/Lord. The leader could be an NPC (that someone has to move about or who can be moved by anyone in the Holt, you decide) or one of the players' elves.

Mixed Holts are of course just as acceptable.

2. No “fantasy” animals such as dragons or unicorns. This is just my own opinion though, to limit the number of different elves we'll run into. If 90% of the Holt later on want fantasy animals as Bond-Friends I'm outvoted.

3. Don't be too silly. Yes, the idea for this isn't the most serious in the world, but it won't be any fun to play if all we do is write in chatspeak. Silly pictures, stories and rpgs aren't “banned” or anything, but those things aren't as much fun to make if there isn't something more “serious” to base it on, right?

How do we play?

Completely up to you. Some of us might want to role-play in the forum, post by post. Some of us might just want to write a story or draw a picture. Some of us might want to start round-robins. And yet others might just want to make and elf. It's all good!

There's is no participation demand. You come and go as you want and no one will bother you about it – well, unless you left right in the middle of an rpg with someone, which is just plain rude. If you just want an elf about that others to interact with (in other words, someone plays it for you), or draw/write about, put up a note or something.

Is there a plot?

I have some plot-ideas, at least for my tribe-to-be. And we can make up plenty of villains to bother our poor alter-egos :D We can make up NPC (Non-Player Characters) elves to run around and cause mischief – I doubt anyone here sees themselves as a villain. Then again, I could be wrong.

And seeing as I doubt everyone thinks of themselves as only Gliders or only Wolfriders, our tribes finding each other can also be fun to play out!

There will be a section of the Holt forum just for plot-ideas and plot discussions.

Any questions? Below you'll see an example a CIS (Character Information Sheet) for an elf. It could also be adapted to a troll, human or preserver, with a little imagination.

The forum is over here!


Character Information Sheet

Name: What are you called and why? Would love to know the name's meaning, even if it's a “sound name”, like Leetah or Shenshen.

Previous names: Did you have any names before the one you have now? Mostly practice among Wolfriders and other “descriptive name”-elves.

Soul name: Yes, this is a tricky one. Do all elves have soul names? Let's make it easy for ourselves and say all elves have the potential for a soul name. Some are born knowing there's, some have to go for a search of it, some have never heard of soul names and never will; and they're no worse of wear without it.

Soul name known by: Who knows your soul name?

Species: Elf, troll or human? What kind of elf/troll/human?

Holt: Where do you live? This could take a while to decide with others, so leave it blank until a place has been agreed on.


Age: Seeing as elves and trolls have long, long lives ahead of them, this doesn't have to be your real life age. Use your own judgment – if you think your age is equivalent to a 600 Glider (which isn't old at all for them) than that's how old you are. Other members don't know your real age unless you tell them, so no one can call you on this, but please try to be honest. It tends to become rather obvious later on if you're 13 and trying to play an ancient elf, or something like that.

Gender: As with about, the rest of the members can never be sure of your real life gender, unless they know you. And biological gender isn't everything. So go with what you feel is you and what you can play/draw/write about.

Height: Adapt your real life height to height rules of the kind of elf you are. If you're tall in real life, your a tall Wolfrider or a tall Glider! It's all in comparison with “your own kind” so to speak.

Appearance: Okay, so in real life we're not elves or trolls. We don't have pointy ears or green skin. How can we compare our real self in appearance? Well, just go for the general stuff: colors (eye, hair and skin – for elves at least, trolls can always have different shades of green), facial features, stuff like that. And if you, like me, know you'd never have the patience to get rockhard abs and the like, adapt your elf's body shape after that.

Clothes: Go crazy. Just remember to keep in mind: what would I put up with wearing? What materials are available? What do elves in my tribe usually wear (i.e. not a lot of moth cloth for Wolfriders to use, but their leather is very smooth and soft). And adapt to the weather!

Special items: What do you own that's specific to you? Could be weapons or jewelry or some other small memento. And tools of course.


Weapons skills: Know how to handle a weapon? Which ones and how well? Skill levels wary from “poor”, “average”, “good” and “excellent”. “Excellent” is Strongbow level when it comes to bow and arrows, so be careful with that one! A guideline is that only really old elves (elders for Wolfriders, above the age of 600 for immortals) have had the time to master any skill that well – not to mention a lot of talent is needed.

Skills: What other things, that don't involve weapons, are you good or bad at? Same skill levels as above.

Magic: Do you have any? Sending counts as magic and is the only one you must motivate not having, Most elves know how to send or at least have the potential to learn. Animal-Bonding and Animal-Sendings are also default for Wolfriders and other animal-blooded elves.

All other magic must be explained. If you really, really love gardening you could possibly be a Plant-Shaper. And how good are you at the magic? Levels tend to wary from “weak”, “average” and “strong”. And when we're talking “strong” healers, we're talking Winnowill-level, so be careful with that one!

Position: What do you do in your tribe? Watch the cubs? Hunt? Tell stories?


Parents: Name/Age/alive, dead or something else – in wrapstuff for example.

Siblings: Have any? Same info as above.

Mates: Have any? Same info as above.

Children: Have any? Same info as above.

Other relatives: Have any? Same info as above.

Recognized: Yes or no? If yes, with who?


Personality: Who are you? And how much of that can be seen on the outside? This section might be good to find a friend to help you out with.




Brief summary of your elf-life. Remember, this doesn't have had to be anything like your real life. But try to be a bit realistic (as much as an rpg involving elves ever gets at least). If you want to be the sole survivor of a massacre or anything traumatizing as that, you must be prepared to play your elf's, i.e. your own, reaction to that! Same goes for Recognitions and other big life events.



If yes, fill in the info below:








Can others use your character? If yes, specify how. Can they draw a picture of him/her? Write a story? Maybe even play with them in the rpg?

How would you like to participate? Drawing pictures? Writing stories? Role-playing? Just leaving your elf for others to draw/write about/play with?


Once more, FORUM LINK!


Interesting :) I've had the Otherforest do exactly that for over 25 years now. :) Not that I've got an active group but it does have a history on yahoo... and in my sig :)

.... edit - my sig, which apparently vanished with the hacking too. O_o


Interesting Smile I've had the Otherforest do exactly that for over 25 years now. Smile Not that I've got an active group but it does have a history on yahoo... and in my sig Smile

.... edit - my sig, which apparently vanished with the hacking too. O_o
Interesting indeed - sorry, had no idea there already was a Holt like that, didn't mean to steal your idea! Would like to see a link :D


My siggie works now :) It's too bad they're not retro-sticky sigs. :D

I don't personally have the time to oversee MY Otherforest, plus it's not in the Elfquest universe it's more "based loosely on" it. it's got it's own whole background and history to the planet it's on, very different from Abode.

Feel free to swipe ideas though, I put a bunch of things into a thread myself, about such things -but it too got wiped. I think I put down "what goes into a Holt" which is it's own page. I think people found it pretty useful for the couple months it was up. :)


Thank you for the generous offer! You're not interested in making a self-elf for this Holt 8) No pressure at all - seeing as there is no demand for participation. Just a lot of pseudo-serious sillieness. Role-playing is by no means mandatory.


I might, but I always get stuck between things: I'm sort of a healer, but I'm rather bitter. I'm not physically toned, but I *know* a lot about hunting and the like. :)

I should just be a storyteller heheh.

>_> I have not just one but THREE instances of "myself" in the Otherforest. The first, Snow (later called Snowdrift) from my high school years, then Blackbuck (my male alter-self) from about 10 years ago, and then Vellum, who is more based on a version of me from another GAME, but then moved into the Otherforest... heheh.


Yeah, getting stuck is never too much fun. That's why I chose to have the "comments from other members"-system. Through that you get a heads-up for what you might have forgotten to write, tips on what you could write and light critizism if you've written something that doesn't make sense.

And self-elves do tend to change a lot through the years, don't they? I remember this one elf I made when I was 13... Let's just say we're all lucky I grew up Wink

What do you see yourself as, anyways? Glider, Wolfrider, something else?


I'm not sure which tribe, though a fair-skinned one since I am that. But I did realize... I have tattoos :) I'm thinking about extending that, I'm in the forum now, looking over the rules more indepth and thinking on it :) Perhaps a cat-tribe, I've got 8 cats. :) hehehhee.

A question about magic: multiple low-grade powers? Animal-bonding/sensing and a low healing would be what I'd kind of think about for me.


Hey, as long as you can motivate your choices I'm not gonna say no (I'm not the leader of the Holt, not really). The only thing I'd have a problem with would be if you create a power-gaming elf. In other words, a healer as strong as Winnowill with silk soft lavender hair and so on and so forth... And I'm quite convinced you'll make a "realistic" elf.

Sure I can't convince you to join the Gliders? We have cats! *hehe* But you might want to play a cat-blooded elf. And "default" powers I don't think need to be motivated. Not having a common power would be weird - for example, a Wolfrider who couldn't bond with wolves. What's your motivation for being a healer?


Well, a glider perhaps if they're intending to have larger cats around. Heck, one of my prior rpg characters (my namesake lol) lived in a place with both birds and cats. I'm going to keep this one pure-blooded, but since I *am* a 'cat person' to an extreme, I'd love to have cat bonds.

Anyway I'm working on the cis now. :) we'll see where I wind up, I'm amenable to being wherever there are people.


Good luck with that, can't wait to see the finished results! Having other elves than Gliders around is also nice - that way we could possibly arrange for a finding-other-elves-plot rather early on :D

And speaking of finished, I am, so I'd better sneak off to bed now.


lol That's right, you're waaaaay across the world from me.

I loves the internet! :D


Yes, the internet is made of awesome! I've had a lot of fun here,
not to mention met a lot of great people.

Saw you're CIS, will go comment. Feel free to comment on mine
as well! Now we only need one more member to get our elves


I hope others join... Kinda lonely in there!


Is anyone else even going to join up? :(


I really could! I love the idea of this thing and I've though about joining in some rpg in near future and then I though that a holt could be even better. Yes. I'm really interested in joining in this thingie.


Please do, though the owner apparently hasn't been in for a while and I'm still the only other participant :(


[quote:7797921a92="Suoviitta"]I really could! I love the idea of this thing and I've though about joining in some rpg in near future and then I though that a holt could be even better. Yes. I'm really interested in joining in this thingie.[/quote:7797921a92]
We would love to have you! All you need to do is go to our [url=http://theselfelfholt.freeforums.org/index.php]FORUM[/url], register as a member (so you can post), fill out some info about you-as-an-elf (or troll or human or preserver, whichever you feel like) and post it under Pending Characters.

All the "rules" and other information can be found in the forum. If you have any questions or ideas, just ask/tell us; we're here to help and come up with new things for the Holt!

And as soon as there's three of us we can start this up for real! :D

[quote:7797921a92="Apogee"]Please do, though the owner apparently hasn't been in for a while and I'm still the only other participant :([/quote:7797921a92]
Sorry 'bout that, I'm horribly good at going MIA every now and then. I'm still around - neither dead nor bored! I've just been busy with real life :(

Am now going off to reply to things you've written in the Forum. Once more, sorry for being so bloody slow!


Yay good, I was getting kind of worried, because you were here and talking, and then nothin! I'm glad it was nothing bad, and now I know so I can be more patient :D heheh.


[quote:72a7d37b57]We would love to have you![/quote:72a7d37b57]
I'm glad to hear that!

I've been writing information texts about my character and I've though seriously should I join or not and finally today I though that "Yes, I definitely have to.", now I just have to finish the character informations (and draw the picture). Hehe, I already registered to the forum.


I failed to notice that Suoviita finished her character until now and that Leanan joined us. Sorry about that, your elves look great!

If anyone's still around I would love to start rp-ing a little :D Made a post in the forum about it, if you're interested.


Hehe, no worries! And thankies. x)
Hmm, as I already posted on the forum, that rp-ing idea is great - I've been looking forward to play rpg in somewhere as I haven't done so for a long time. :D


Everyone come join us! :D This will be fun!

I am using Go-Back Leanan from Kinseeker's Dream... kind of. More me and less bravado.


shure i guess :twisted: Grin

I am Woebringer a human Destron Headmaster and i pilot the Seeker jet Magnumlazor , and I am here to drain your puny planet of its precious energy sources to make energon cubes. :twisted:




ok i Put on my Robe and Wizard"s Hat.... :twisted: Grin


You actually read XKCD? Surprised


Yay, XKCD reference!

Anyways, guess who finally bothered to figure out how to move topics in the forum! All elves have been moved to "Approved", as there has been no complaints.


The wolf sneaks between the bushes still looking for prey.
The smell off his prey its a glory in his nose after a long time of traveling through wastlands. But the knowlegde about the other wolves which dwell here tells him to be careful...

Hi i hope its ok when i "storme" this thread? but its the wolfs way to enter without asking, but to agree the consequence.

my charakter is close up to be adult and looks like my avatar.
last but not least please excuse me for my bad english^^


Hi Dozer!

You want to play a wolf? Anyways, all info for joining is over at our forum (you'll find the link on the first page of this thread).


Hmm, I'll be joining, though I think it'll be as a Glider also. A very short Glider. >> I just need to draw something for it, and then actually get it onto my computer. I can always just add that to the profile I suppose.

Now to actually finish the profile and then, you know, join...


Yay new people.


All info about joining the Holt can be found here. Basically you register on the forum, make a self-elf, then post his/her CIS under "Pending Characters" and wait for at least two members to voice their opinions on it.

Once you're approved by at least two members you can start playing.

We also have some rules.

So glad to get another Glider! Come join the High Cliff Holt and discuss the ways of our tribe :D


Haha, thanks. I've looked, now just finishing up the profile. I'll wait on uploading the picture and just put it up whenever I actually have it uploaded.


Hello all self-elves! I've finally gotten the time to play around in this Holt (as well as the others I'm in), so if anyone else still is interested in playing here, I can post and stop 'blocking' the RPG.

Also, if someone would like to share the responsibility of the forum with me, that would be very nice! Another moderator would make it much easier to keep the game going Smile