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Westering Holt


Westering Holt is a new (but not brand spanking new) Holt dated during the time of the long sleep for Cutter's tribe. Westering Holt includes Wolfriders, Wavedancers, and Plainsrunners...

Chief Sureshot has led his tribe for more turnings of the seasons that he or anyone else cares to count. They're holt is safe, far from humans, and and has been their home for even longer than Sureshot has been alive. However, over the seasons their numbers have gradually increased until it's a strain on the immediate resources. Sureshot comes to the realization that the tribe must divide.

Choosing his youngest daughter, Stormfire - still a cub in many eyes - Sureshot allows his tribe to choose for themselves who will stay, and who will go. He only asked one to go with his daughter - the tribe's healer, Mist.

Stormfire gathered her new tribe together - some eager, some doubtful, some clearly reluctant but having reasons of their own to go - she headed out into territory no elf of their tribe had been through before. A long trek west along the river brought them to the remnants of Blue Mountain. A turn south passed them through the short-lived holt in the Forbidden Grove.

Travelling carefully, and avoiding all signs of humans, Stormfire led her band further south, across grass plains until they reached a small river. Following this, they came to a sheltered bay, surrounded by the thick forests that were their natural home. There they decided to stay.

As Sunsong, their plant shaper, turned her attention to shaping secure dens, the rest of the tribe went to work to find and prepare stores for the coming winter. Walking close to the seaside, they discovered they weren't the only elves in the area; the Wavedancers were there first. And when spring came, the nomadic Plainsrunners discovered a Wolfrider who'd wandered too far from the forest.

At present, the Wolfriders are still in search of their new holt, but they'll find it very soon. We have no characters currently available for adoption, but have plenty of room for new character creation. We invite you to come and look over our forum, read our posts, get to know our characters. And, we hope, create one of your own so you can play with us! :)



Welcome to the boards! Your holt looks neat!