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Elfquest hardcover signed by 11 authors 350 made


I have a Elfquest hardcover the blood of ten chiefs volume one, it has 11 signatures and says it is blank of 350 it is red with gold wolf and border has silver lettering. does anyone know what it is and what it goes for can not find any info on it it has only been opened to sign in perfect condition. and if anyone wants it let me know


That would be a special edition (first edition?) of the first of the short story collections, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Elfquest_publications#Prose_Fiction

I picked up one of these off of eBay 3 years ago for $30, not sure how much or if the average price has changed since then. Haven't seen many of them around so I grabbed it when I could. The paperback version is much easier to get ahold of.
I don't know if the "_ of 350" is the numbering for the signed series or some other limiting factor. Mine doesn't have this numbering on it, and it was not autographed (well, not until last year when I got Richard to sign it at Comic-Con :D )


One of the authors who signed was piers anthony so I think maybe have it graded and valued have not seen much on this book