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Elfquest Books, Busts, etc. for sale


I'm going to be putting some Elfquest miscellany on eBay in a few days, but I figured that I'd let the forum get first crack at the loot. I'm selling most of these as lots and I don't want to break them up. Feel free to PM or post with questions as to more detailed description of book conditions. Asking prices are negotiable via PM, but please don't assume that I'm desperate. This is mostly to clear shelfspace.

Elfquest Donning Starblaze softcovers 1 - 4: Secondhand editions with minor cover curl. $30.

Elfquest Father Tree Press Hardcovers 5 - 9 Hardcovers (Seige at Blue Mountain, Secret of Two Edge, Cry From Beyond, Kings of the Broken Wheel, Rogue's Challenge): Minor shelf wear. $250

Dark Horse Elfquest Busts - Cutter, Skywise, and Leetah: $90 for all three. Wolf bookends not included, but you can make me an offer. ;)

ElfQuest DC Digests Wolfrider 1 & 2, The Grand Quest 1 - 14: $100

Reader's Collection lots:

1. Rebels, Jink, & Skyward Shadow - $25
2. Reunion (significant shelfwear) - $5
3. Forevergreen (significant shelfwear) - $5
4. Wolfrider - $25
5. Wavedancers - $35
6. Shards, Legacy, & Huntress - $45
7. Kahvi - $35
8. Rogue's Curse - $35

Searcher And The Sword (hardcover) - $15
Discovery (softcover) - $10
A Gift of Her Own (dent in cover spine) - $10
The BIG Elfquest Gatherum - $15

Novels - Journey to Sorrow's End (mass market pb), The Quest Begins (trade size), Captives of Blue Mountain (trade size): $30

Or everything above for $700. (Hey, a girl can dream. ;) )

Painted Cutter Miniature - PM me about this one.

Other stuff that might be of interest to comic-book fans:

Fables TPBs 1 - 5: $40
Fables TPBs 8 & 9: $16
Fables: The Last Castle: $3
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall (hardcover): $15
Blacksad: Arctic Nation (English, ibooks ed.): $15
Blacksad: Sketch Files (English, ibooks ed.): $10
Wolverine: Weapon X (hardcover): $10


Starblaze editions
Father Tree Press editions
Dark Horse busts
DC Digests editions
Reader's Collections
More Reader's Collections
Even More Reader's Collections
The Return of the Reader's Collections
RC's and Others

Weapon X

Favored method of payment is Paypal and I can PM people with shipping estimates. I prefer not to ship outside of the US, but I'll consider it.


Oh how I wish I had money. The store I worked for got only ONE copy of Blacksad when it was new, and therefore I wasn't able to buy it. :( Ah well. No moneys. Good luck on those!


All of the items are now up on eBay, along with some more comics and manga that I haven't read in long enough that I'm probably not going to revisit them, so time to reclaim the shelf space. You can get an overview here.


EBay's implementation of their new store subscription has managed to tick me off, so I'm dumping my inventory at auction and clearing out. Comics and manga aside, I figured these two auctions might be of interest to the board:

Elfquest Dark Horse Busts - half off retail price

Wendy Pini's Masque of the Red Death v. 1 - bidding starts at .99

The rest is here.


Hello, I am interested in Rebels,skyward shadow, jink,ascent, reunion, forevergreen, the discovery,sarcher and the sword and a gift of her own,what is the total for these volumes?
Also I'm Italian, how much the shipping costs for Italy?

And what guarantees me if I decide to buy?

Thanks in advance, greetings