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Logging in, password email and user name problems


Even though we've ironed out many of the bugs in the register/log in process, there are still a few, so I hope this thread will help.

(1) If you are a returning member (from the old Scroll), you need to get a new password. Click the "forgot password" link and follow the instructions.

(2) If you are new to the forum, register and follow the instructions as they show.

If you get a blank email from either process, send an email to "rpini@elfquest.com" explaining the problem. Be sure to include your user name (whether from the old forum, or what you chose for a new one). I'll get you set up.

If you get a password email but it seems as if your user name won't work, read this, it is important. If you chose a name like "Cutter Kinseeker" (two words), the display name will look just like that, but your user name will be "CutterKinseeker" - the forum code does not allow spaces or other special characters. Try logging in again with the modified user name (no spaces) and see if that works.

If it does, welcome! If not, send me an email as above and we'll take care of it.


Dear Richard,
I asked for a new password, it didn't give me one but logged me. Now what do I do?


Hi, my computer crashed and i lost my "In" for the masque site. I tried to reset the password and cut/paste from the email that generated- now it says my username is invalid.
um, help, please? Smile