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Elfquest Dollz


Some borrowed art again...edited to make EQness
(from scifi.com's website becomeasuperhero.com):



That Meez maker is -really- fun! I've been attempting to make my original elves with it, and they have come out surprisingly well! If anyone is interested in seeing a sample of what I've done then I would gladly post...


That's what this thread is for...please DO post!



Alright! I decided to show these three as they have yet to reveal anything in the stories about themselves, but they are the subject of one thats bouncing in my head.

SnailShell- She is the second child of the chief, and his third offspring. Her bloodline is as known, full blooded elf. (Though there is rumors about her father's grandparents.) She is often neglected over her older brother, so she lives with her uncle learning the human medicines form him.

Wolflight, Daughter of Jivuh and Lastlight. As a daughter, Jivuh denies her in his quest for strong sons from the most appealing women in the village. She accepts this and seeks attention from her mother who gives it to her without question. She and SnailShell are cousins Through Lastlight and chief ShadowShift


WolfPride- Only son so far of Jivuh, and the second of his three children. He as Jivuh's son is the only one Jivuh seems to recognize as his, but Jivuh's continued pursuit of strong son's leads WolfPride to wonder if his father truly cares about him. This leads him to make trouble to gain his father's attention, but it never works out that way. He and Wolflight are fraternal twins.


Unfortunately for the whole village, these three seemed to learn how to make use of Voodoo dolls from the local humans.


Two new ones!!


Very Nice!

I'm sad that you took down all the guest EQ pages from your
website though. There were some lovely artists there (aside
from me--lol).
Dunno if you saw these:

Season's Greetings,


More fun dollies online: http://skype.klonies.com/!

This one straight from the online options (no further edits):




And Timmain even comes with her own Palace! :o Neat!


Glad you liked her. I had to edit to get her
undressed and covered modestly again with hair. Many
dollmakers online don't let the dolls be all the way




Since I've been working more on my Bald Mountain holt elves for cyberpet dragons, I have done a few more of the next generation in a format that is near and dear to me...

The City of Heroes character generator...

The tribe's timeline:
http://www.geocities.com/apogee_elf/tribe2-1.htm (with link to the existing tribe before that point)

The powerful son of Dreamweaver and Archive: Hush

Strong rock and metal shaper Granite

Animal-bonder and fire-shaper Dragonfire

Plant shaper Opium

Extremely strong flier and shaper Scatterstone

New son of two who had been Firstborn and spent time in preserver coccoons, Touch

His sister (father and a much younger mate) Eclipse

Her brother (mother and another mate) Starcap

Burly Rook brother of Granite

The chieftess' daughter (... her first BORN child, but not her first child...) Soulbind

Who says out-of-recognition pairings yeild poor results? Cinnamon would disagree

Obsidian the handsome brother of Scatterstone

The 'first' child of the chieftess - never born, until some intervention... Starbright

Adorable Sparkle who's a bit weird, mostly because she sees things no one else can

Apt huntress Cobra

Extremely different Anvil who grew up knowing more about metals than some trolls...

The jubilant daughter of Opium, Leaffall

(files' messed up but...) Obsidian's son Sandstorm who adopts sturdy armor for traveling

Hush's daughter with firstborn Yasheel, Mindstorm

and finally Fever because you just can't keep those Go-Back genes down (she's 3/4 goback and 1/4 sun villager)

Enjoy :) And yes, I have trial codes for the game should you want to try it out yourselves... :)


I'd like to play with the character generator, but I have no
time to role play and no interest in joining a multiverse
of players online.

I still like HeroMachine and dollz type generators.
It is fun to adapt what I find online into Elfquest.

Ember with a "High One Look":

Only her fingers needed to be fixed. I borrowed the art from

If you really like the City of Heros universe, you might
enjoy the posts I and others made here...



Here's the minis I promised... right now these characters are all I'll make, but I'll make more on request.

And I've changed the layout on http://kat.of-the-night.com/EQ/
Hope you like :)

Nightsea, would you make a doll of Tynami? Pretty please! :)



That one is on a zwinky base, but heavily edited.
The one below is from the fairy website I linked above:

Let me know if I got the details wrong...I haven't seen
a text description of your character, only the dollz.

I love that you put your EQ dollz page back up, organized
by character! Lovely stuff there!

And thanks so much for being my Elfquest dolling friend,



I am in soooo much love!!! Thank you so much!! I could kiss you! :) Gonna get some dollz made soon of Nightsea and at least one of Ember and Leetah. Found an ADORABLE base over at http://www.wayuki.nl


Lovely dolls, people! :D

Can't believe no one's posted tek teks yet (www.tektek.org)... here's my clumsy attempts, more later if anyone likes these...








I used Tektek a lot in the "Who's my Mommy? My Daddy?" game, Leanan.

Sun Village Rayek:

Palace War Rayek:

Siege at Blue Mountain Rayek:

SaBM after Winnie gets her hands on him:

Kings of the Broken Wheel:


Rogue's Curse:

Remind me again why we don't have EQ action figures? I had just as many versions of Worf as there are versions of Rayek and with less reason!

(I realized too late that I'd forgotten the elf ears and I don't want to clog up the Tektek servers for such a small fix.)


All cute!

manga, there are a few EQ action figures, actually. Cutter, Leetah,
Tyldak and Picknose were in the first (& so far only) set issued.
We also got Petalwing and a wolf included. There are new
busts out also and a Cutter figure in a tin. Keep digging thru
the forums and you'll find the info.

Leanan, someone named Penance made some dollz
on these gia/tektek bases that you can enjoy via katcomb's
website...click the WWW link at the bottom of her post.
I also have a version of my character "Nightsea" on that
base hosted by kat!



Another Tynami image for katcombs:

That one is a klonie base with edits.


Let's see... got quite a few more on here!!

Bases by Wayuki and Fabie


That klonie one is fantastic!! I like the green bottom :) Look seaweedy (hehe). Gotta love sea elves. I wanted to make more, but I ran out of time. Did make 2 new heromachine ones.


Katcombs, those dolls are fantastic. I tried to do a Tyleet doll head once...I got about 2 seconds into her hair and gave up. lol So I'm pretty impressed by your staying power.


I love the little new dollz, katcombs!
Ember looks very much like herself and
I think you've captured Nightsea perfectly!

I agree with joselle that you have
amazing patience and talent with the tiny

Another present after reading your text description:



*jaw drops* WOW... just wow


Willowspring I can only take credit for the edits...not the
basic shape. That I borrowed from a website that lets you dress
up fairy images (the link is some posts back in this thread).

Just like this image,

which hopes to look like kat's character called
Change, is from the klonies site...plus my own artistic


take all the credit you want... i think its awesome!


*starts babbling!!* OH WOW!!! I'm SO EXCITED!! I absolutely LOVE that Tynami!!! WOW! Change looks great! That character is from waaay back in 1993 so I don't remember her much. I was gonna make more, but too much has happened lately. I may not get any done for a week or two, but no telling the next time I'll be in town.

My daughter freaked out when she saw Tynami. She's totally loves the look :) hehe

I kept forgetting to post his before... she is NOT mine...

I need to know who made this Timmain. I'm going NUTS looking for the creator.


I designed a sort of moth image in her top.
Otherwise, I hope I matched your description!
I can try again or make more if you give me feedback.

Hope you like them,


Another version of Blackmoth:

Know it is the same base as the other one, but
she did like it...so tada!


So many cute and beautiful dolls! :love:




Please go on making these wonderful dollz. Just on question Nightdea, who long do you need to make such a nice doll?


Not long...got a request? I often whip them up pretty fast indeed.
What kind would you like to see next?



So many lovely elves :love: ... are those habbo dolls in your signature?


Yes they are habbo dollz.
No they are not my signature. Just more images that I tried
to EQ-ify and share.



Well, what about a beautiful Shenshen? :) I like dark skin


Ok, she'll be next.



Elapsed time includes making dinner. lol
Happy St. Pat's,


Oh my!!! I'm so loving the new ones... my daughter isn't with me today, had to go clean out my grandmothers house. She's going to freak out (or have a cow, as I've been saying lately). Didn't get anything new done, but I hope to this week... plus Spring break for my kiddos. :)

As for requests... how about a warrior type Ember?


She just got here - from her:

how im drooling thats the best im in love with your dolls its perrrrrfect its like you were you were in and reading my mind


I made a new one since you asked, kat.
Wayuki base:
But I also had this one from a while back:

I also tried my hand at making an image of Ember from
scratch...no dolls, no reference photos...just me and my
Paint Shop Pro 7 with a mouse...look in the Ember thread
for the result.

PS: Which Blackmoth did your daughter like best? I tried
a variety of hair colors and styles, as well as body types.

Plus, you didn't say how old she is supposed to be.




Had to come into town to trade off vehicles... finally got that truck unloaded... what a MESS!!! I did a doll of Blackmoth finally.

Base by Wayuki! :) I adore how you added that moth image in her top, she looks great!

I don't remember if I posted this one...
Base also by Wayuki... if ANYONE wants their character made on this or the above base, either PM or email me the description or reference pic :)

PS: Which Blackmoth did your daughter like best? I tried a variety of hair colors and styles, as well as body types.
Plus, you didn't say how old she is supposed to be.

She said she liked the one that you made on Tynami's base (saw that one coming) :) She's 13, but the character is about 20. The Ember is soooo darling!!! Thank you soo much!

'k, gonna go through all these posts and save all the site links so I can put them on the site... hopefully I can find um all :)


OH!! I forgot to tell ya'll! When I made that Leetah doll above, I made a "how to make a doll" tutorial out of it. Check it out on http://kat.of-the-night.com/Tut/


Well, first of all the updates are up at http://kat.of-the-night.com/EQ/ but the character updates are NOT up yet...

Sparklespray (on Meez)
Firesong (on Meez)
Embala (on Meez)
Blackmoth (on Meez)

Below here are all tekteks :)

My World of Danen character, Brin

Another Tynami

Below here are characters from a story I started when I was about 8 years old. I put them here cause some of them are elves :)


just want to say HELLO and I'M BACK, too :D

You were busy, katcombs! Great job - will return later with more time.

Thanks for Embala - looks perfect in her uniform and the Starship background ... whimsical hair-do Grin

It's good to know that all the dollz are save at the Elven Holt, tho I hope they will return in this thread, too ... maybe in nice groops day by day :)


These I'll bring back first - my (more or less mine!) contributions to the Cubby Club:

These dollz were made by elfeneyes - with minor edits by me

Rainsong - cut'n paste the original hat

Savah - just a new hair color

Toorah - proud to say I could help with the hood Wink

Silverseed - recombination of hair-dos and color change

Spray - did her myself - with massive use of elfeneyes costume design

Rainbow - mine again - cut'n paste of the original costume and borrowed hair

Zadori - all mine, even skinnier base :D - original hair cut'n paste - I'm prooud

Oddbit - try of base editing into troll form - unfinished


So glad the forum and this thread are back!


Whew! I'm back! :D Ok, these were all the dolls I did after the hack. We have Haze, Kirm, Mender, Newstar as a cub, Puffer, Treestump and Wing!
[img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/NWD/Haze.png[/img:3cbccedbd4][img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Go-Backs/Krim2.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Go-Backs/Pregnant_Krim2.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Sun%20Villagers/Mender2.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/NewstarCubDuo.png[/img:3cbccedbd4][img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/NWD/Puffer.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Treestump.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Wing.png[/img:3cbccedbd4]

These bad boys I did today and I love Windkin and Suntop especially. :D
[img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/DartCub.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Suntop.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/NWD/Tumble.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/WindkinTeen.png[/img:3cbccedbd4] [img:3cbccedbd4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/WingTeen.png[/img:3cbccedbd4]

Also, update on the OWD collage: Josef emailed with the correct copyright info which is at the bottom and will be posting our work on the Black Mermaid Blog soon.

If you ever post a OWD character somewhere other than here, please use this info:
WaveDancer/Elf-fin Characters © and ™ Black Mermaid Productions, 1993-2009. All Rights Reserved.


Re-posting the color templates:


[b:a621e8e6c2]High Ones[/b:a621e8e6c2]

[b:a621e8e6c2]Sun Villagers[/b:a621e8e6c2]

[b:a621e8e6c2](new) Wavedancers[/b:a621e8e6c2]

[b:a621e8e6c2](old) Wavedancers[/b:a621e8e6c2]

[b:a621e8e6c2](RPG) Desert Nomads[/b:a621e8e6c2]

[b:a621e8e6c2](RPG) Sea Elves[/b:a621e8e6c2]

I have the original race examples from the RPG in process.

Does anyone thing the Plainsrunners (Tier) need their own color, or does one of the above work?


[color=mediumpurple:b9bc60f3d5]i lost all my tekteks. :( i had the links saved in a pm. *facepalm*
on the upside once the forum went down i blurted out 45 new tekteks: the Elf!West cast.
Shall i put them here or on the EW page?[/color:b9bc60f3d5]


You should talk with katcombs, [b:c854be29e2]WhiteGhost[/b:c854be29e2]. There's a good chance that she's already saved the ones you posted here for The Elven Holt. If not - I have them ... but somehow scattered. Would have to go on a little quest for them.

You have 45 new ones? The ElfWest cast? Show! Show! Show! Pleeeaaase!!!

Thank you for reposting the color templates, [b:c854be29e2]Jeedai[/b:c854be29e2] :D Interesting new colors - this slightly yellow RPG Wavedancers could function for some of the New Wavedancers' new look.


[color=mediumpurple:2b9e7180af]I know she's got quite a few, I see them on the webbie but I think the last 3 or so batches is pfft. [i had some wuith khavi, strongbow, moonshade, dart & some other lol i forget exactly who now.] I know i did up a bunch of sunvillagers &random gliders, dont know if those caught. i think i posted them on tuesday or wendsay morning...>_< d'oh!

i know i'm missing a few & the rest aren't 100% right. tried a couple trolls: they looked awful. XD
i think i can fit about 9/post. 12 might be a little much. So!
May i present for your Enjoyment!
The [b:2b9e7180af]Elf!West[/b:2b9e7180af] cast!

Bearclaw: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965180][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0253/b6cd865.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Joyleaf: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23982695][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1909/e7c4107.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Cutter: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23964953][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0227/92a7941.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]
One-eye: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965072][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0241/8c12939.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Clearbrook: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23982539][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1905/8903119.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Longbranch: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965483][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0334/4fb7919.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Brownberry: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23981635][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1842/667f456.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Nightfall: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966581][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0614/461a482.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Tyleet: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23988654][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2149/de76198.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url]Redlance: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966121][img:2b9e7180af]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0502/8f84764.png[/img:2b9e7180af][/url][/color:2b9e7180af]


[color=mediumpurple:ddb1d22275]Strongbow: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966206][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0516/8a2d481.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Moonshade: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966313][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0534/1f54175.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Cresent: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23980293][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1806/7cd3960.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Dart: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965442][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0327/c623413.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Chitter: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966239][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0522/9f8b160.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Brill: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23983292][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1923/eedf660.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Krill: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23983480][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1927/b9b7475.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Treestump: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965233][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0300/a420454.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Dewshine: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966270][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0528/3b71572.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url]Tyldak: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24055673][img:ddb1d22275]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d07/2041/d20b274.png[/img:ddb1d22275][/url][size=9:ddb1d22275]do not like the tektek beards, not happy with Treestump.[/size:ddb1d22275] [/color:ddb1d22275]


NICE ElfWest dolls!

Alas, I did not save many of the TekTeks since I started focusing on Microhero style.

[quote:33196b9422]Thank you for reposting the color templates, Jeedai Interesting new colors - this slightly yellow RPG Wavedancers could function for some of the New Wavedancers' new look.[/quote:33196b9422]

I was going for a Pacific Islander skintone.

It's actually Joffre's color scheme he uses on Asian characters.

EDIT: WOW, elfeneyes! You were busy over the 'hiatus'.


[color=mediumpurple:593813c84c] Doc Rain: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24056025][img:593813c84c]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d07/2049/5141840.png[/img:593813c84c][/url]Pike: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24056349][img:593813c84c]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d07/2056/f671409.png[/img:593813c84c][/url]Foxfur: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23980537][img:593813c84c]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1813/7d93730.png[/img:593813c84c][/url]
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[size=9:593813c84c]i don't really like the Doc Rain or the Zhantee but i think I nailed Pike.[/size:593813c84c][/color:593813c84c]


[color=mediumpurple:aefb99f5bb]Vurdah: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23988810][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2153/753b234.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Maleen: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23988887][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2156/cf48914.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Ruffel: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23989039][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2202/56fe381.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]
Ahdri: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23981760][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1845/9ce7496.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Savah: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23982097][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1854/ac1f919.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Rayek: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965914][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0435/79e5437.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Suntoucher: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965942][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0439/9168371.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Toorah: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966506][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0603/db45617.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Leetah: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966362][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0542/448b810.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url]Shenshen: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23966451][img:aefb99f5bb]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0555/add9190.png[/img:aefb99f5bb][/url][size=9:aefb99f5bb]iffy on Suntoucher & toorah & I cant tell Maleen/Vurdah& Rufel apart. I think I labeled them correctly? [/size:aefb99f5bb][/color:aefb99f5bb]


[color=mediumpurple:df34daf550]Voll: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23965754][img:df34daf550]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/0411/6481647.png[/img:df34daf550][/url]Winnowill: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23984415][img:df34daf550]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/1951/2f15601.png[/img:df34daf550][/url]Doric Stone: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23986259][img:df34daf550]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2042/fd9f880.png[/img:df34daf550][/url]

And our two most obvious [heh] OCs:
JLP: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23987094][img:df34daf550]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2104/9fc5818.png[/img:df34daf550][/url]White Raven [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/23988254][img:df34daf550]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d05/2136/722d919.png[/img:df34daf550][/url]

[size=9:df34daf550]ahh someonehelp! i cant make my siggy font turn coloursanymore! quick whats the html?[/size:df34daf550] [/color:df34daf550]


wow i'd say so too there Ghost.

okay Nightsea i found the thread. for some reason i thought it was in the keeping in char section >.<

by Nightsea's request my eLouia dollz:

LIghtClub and his twin NightBlade. one played by me (NB), and one played by my Lifemate (LC) on our Holt.

still hunting for the others, be back shortly.


okay think i've found most of them...

A Human, Agrona from my Holt's earlier incarnation that is no more:

her sister Andraste:

My Wolfrider Rascal (who I forgot to add to my Request thread ~ oops):

not my char but anothers from the same earlier Holt, Siefer, there's two pics of him:
[img:2c09251f52]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/1Seifer.gif[/img:2c09251f52] [img:2c09251f52]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/Seifer.gif[/img:2c09251f52]

This is a pic of Starburst, who Kitt drew an excelent pic of later:

another Wolfrider of mine that again Kitt drew a btter pic of, Zephyr:


another's pic from my earlier Holt, one Holly (MANY pics of her):
[img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/joke.gif[/img:741c7ced88] [img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/Holly2.gif[/img:741c7ced88]
[img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/Holly1.gif[/img:741c7ced88] [img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/Holly.gif[/img:741c7ced88]

Not sure where these chars came from anymore, but i TGHINK it was from when I was at Shadow Wood Holt:
two versions of Panya:
[img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/panya2.gif[/img:741c7ced88] [img:741c7ced88]http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k162/RPGthingies/Holt/panya.gif[/img:741c7ced88]






My char Ice:

My Lifemate's char Mermaid:

and now that i've posted out that Bucket, time to search the other one, cuz I know I have more of them....


oops forgot these, my chars on World of Danon, both Moon Canyon Elves. Normally ElfTanner has pics done of the chars there, but these two I created, so no pics but these atm:




well seems the rest of my pics i haven't uploaded to bucket, so when I can get to that, i will. and post them up.


[color=mediumpurple:ae2627005b]Spiffy! Did you use a dollmaker for those or do by hand?[/color:ae2627005b]


doll maker, [url=http://elouai.com/candybar4/dollmakergirl.php]This One[/url] to be exact. It's called eLouia.

if you go [url=http://www.elfquest.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5736]Here[/url] you'll find I've begged for Drawing help lol. I have absolutely no Tallent in that area >.<


[quote:e38f0444e6="WhiteGhost"]i had some wuith khavi, strongbow, moonshade, dart & some other lol i forget exactly who now.

The [b:e38f0444e6]Elf!West[/b:e38f0444e6] cast!

Was that White Raven a part of the Elf!West cast? Just making sure :)

[b:e38f0444e6]WhiteGhost[/b:e38f0444e6], I do have the Moonshade and Strongbow and all them on the updates page of the Elven Holt. Alot of your others were mixed into the other pages... I just posted the newest one on there. I know there was one last post, but I didn't get to save um.

Does anyone want me to repost all my dollz or should I stick to the Elven Holt on that part... I may just repost my sprites and go from there.

More later...


[color=mediumpurple:ae6735cf6c]ooooh!!! you did get a lot of them!
i need to redo the whack of preservers, colour-corrected skyfire, timmain, twoedge annnd... i think i had one or two more.

Lol I included WR just because... which is a perfectly good reason.[/color:ae6735cf6c]


Wasn't sure if she was my White Raven... I do need to redo my tekteks of some of mine... though my Daranya storyline people turned out so cute! I love the backgrounds on there... and tekteks are fun.

Todo list:
Sprites - WaveDancers, Leetah set
Micros - Armored Nightfall, Tribal Leetah, Tribal Cutter, Snakeskin (maybe...)

I know I had more...


[color=mediumpurple:7ac818a8b4]anybody know offhand what new blood the coloured skyfire-dream is in? ive completely forgotten![/color:7ac818a8b4]


[color=mediumpurple:64d250236d]My "White Raven" takes [[size=7:64d250236d]most of*][/size:64d250236d] her name from this friendly little fellow: http://www.freewebs.com/ultramarineblue/whiravenqci.JPG
The late lamented sacred white raven of the Queen Charlotte islands :) [size=9:64d250236d]
Its not my picture, its a scan of the postcard i picked up there.[/size:64d250236d]
[size=7:64d250236d]*the rest comes from my usual batch of stories. Ashe's uncle can shapeshift into a raven. As he is albino also= white raven[/size:64d250236d] [/color:64d250236d]


Welcome, Windancer! Like your candybar/elouai maker,
the menewsha avatar creator is free online
(requires download and java).

In addition to using the generator, I edit to create most of
the dollz I display.
Like this one of your character Kelpie:

(I had to add her transparent green skirt...that prop wasn't available.)

Here in the dollz thread I like to encourage you to not only avail
yourself of the art such wonderful programs make available, but to
put your own creative touches in as well.

All I ask is that this thread stay Elfquest and dollz. Canon and personal
characters are both fun to display here.

[bWhiteGhost's tekteks show that with patience and skill you can
get generated props to resemble Elfquest's characters. I don't
believe he puts in any editing, and that's fine.

Some like elfeneyes, katcombs, Jeedai and
myself work with bases and add our own pixels to create the
hair and outfits, ears and fingers, and all the little things that
make the characters "who they are".

It is all great fun and I am super glad the forum is a place
that lets all the creativity flow.

Please everyone post away...old or new we just like to see 'em!

PS: <3 the last batches, elfeneyes! Nicely done indeed!


heh thanks Nightsea. all the chars are elves with the exception of the two humans from my Holt that i posted after the Twins. just sadly, eLouia doesn't give you a whole lot of options. and while i'm somewhat tolerable with photoshop, i'm not good enough to tinker by adding ears and such lol.

i once attempted to "tinker" with an eLouia in photoshop. was a horrible failure. *chuckles* so the most I do now is magic erase the backgrounds so they don't have the white behind them on a forum. if i even bother with that, sometimes I get lazy, especially after hours of going through eLouia options >.<


*giggles* Mine was a mix between Dawnstar (LSH), White Witch (LSH) and Raven (Teen Titans)... The original look for her was more feline, but I settled for her current look when the board started drawing her.


hehe :) Thanks for clearing up the confusion... The Skyfire was in the Hidden Years after the tribe split, so ahm guessing around 24ish. I don't have mine around here so I can't look....



[img:38fdd038fa]http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa84/JediClone/elfquest/Micros/Sunstream_Skivvies_byJeedai.gif[/img:38fdd038fa] [img:38fdd038fa]http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa84/JediClone/elfquest/Micros/Sunstream_Astral_byJeedai.gif[/img:38fdd038fa] [img:38fdd038fa]http://i202.photobucket.com/albums/aa84/JediClone/elfquest/Micros/Sunstream_AstralBlush_byJeedai.gif[/img:38fdd038fa]

[b:38fdd038fa]Phoenix: [/b:38fdd038fa]I know I hadnt gotten around to answering your question on Rosetta, but this is pretty much where I started. Kat's site and the sites she links to gave me a pile of reference material for the Microhero style.


er? which question? OH the one about Squid's pic. lol no worries that's cool. pretty good to tinker with stuff like that. i don't think I'd have the ability unless i dropped everything else for a few days to tinker myself and sort things out. which of course I can't really do, cuz then i'd be neglecting other obligations (yea I know I need to get over to WoD and post >.< I swear I'd meant to today, but got side tracked with Scrolls o.O)


well i d/l-ed off that Link Nightsea. heh only took me 37 minutes to do so instead of half the night.... ooops the nights already half over for me. *shrugs* aw well. anyway i'll check it out tomorrow (hopefully) and see what I can make for here. *grins* i love doll programs :D


I admit: some are better then others
[url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24130466][img:267ba1ea67]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d10/0136/612a388.png[/img:267ba1ea67][/url]No-wing: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24130480][img:267ba1ea67]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d10/0137/67d9766.png[/img:267ba1ea67][/url]Petalwing in cage: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24130453][img:267ba1ea67]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d10/0133/6ccd197.png[/img:267ba1ea67][/url]



[color=mediumpurple:a7b746bf68]Huntress Skyfire: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24129187][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d09/2344/6973658.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url]Two-edge: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24128171][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d09/2246/1150419.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url]Timmain: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24130361][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d10/0123/bd0b813.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url]
Timmain: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24130318][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d10/0118/cfae266.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url]Nonna: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24127559][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d09/2220/ee90357.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url]Adar: [url=http://tektek.org/avatar/24128017][img:a7b746bf68]http://public4.tektek.org/img/av/0902/d09/2240/e1b3980.png[/img:a7b746bf68][/url][/color:a7b746bf68]


Good luck with it, WindDancer. I find it a fun one as
dollmakers go:

One Embala, the rest I hope you can guess.

PS: WhiteGhost:
The blue preserver is perfect...cept a small rodent died on it's head?
The one with the fall leaves is excellent! Poor Petalwing is caged...aww.
Love the new Timmain with the swirling wind background...that is excellent hair! Oh, and maybe you should make them on the male base...so they aren't so breasty? I know that can change the options...but since they don't need clothing anyway...could it hurt?


[color=mediumpurple:d76dafcf43]I was just wondering that myself... *Goes to make male doppelgangers*
Well think of all the wierd things you see preservers have on their heads- acorns, leaves, old socks..


Boobs or no I think the female base looks better- more elongated & skinny. What do you prefer?[/color:d76dafcf43]


Well here's where editing would improve things...combine them!
Put the male middles (chest and pelvic areas) over the rest of
the skinny female form? I'll try it and see...gimmie a second
or two here...
Here's another version of Embala to tide us over while we wait...

PS: Did it...

How do you like it now?


[color=mediumpurple:1afb699775]Thats a little too detailed for me to attempt! But I egarly await the ... [DumDumDuuuum] Frankenzerver![/color:1afb699775]


twas easy...just copied the male middle and pasted it on the female
form...and now we have frankenbase for genderless preservers
ala tektek.

Forgot to say before I liked the little singing note bubble with them



[color=mediumpurple:589c51762b]That is so neat! It makes it look "Right"! :D:D:D[/color:589c51762b]


That frankenTek looks great, [b:34f55d2811]nightsea[/b:34f55d2811]!

I will probably start posting my own Preservers here rather than revive the solo thread.


Please do post your preservers, Jeedai!

I meant also to say I liked your pink smiling Sunstream!



Back again. Our temp home was:

Some of the ones that kept me busy:


Roliana finally got one of those "dream avatar makers":

Personal characters:




Really really nice. I'd like that Strongbow doll on my site, pwetty pwease?


As always, folks are free to take my dollz for their own use,
as avatars, on their websites, etc. So long as the Elfquest
copyrights are respected wherever they go.

I would like credit for creating; simply mention my forum
name "Nightsea". No links or complicated texts or art tags

Blanket permission to repost is a given for any user of these

PM or email can get you a copy of images that comes straight
from me, rather than one hosted by photobucket, where the
quality may suffer.

That's my "dollz adoption policy",


PS: Long rants on copyright issues aside.
And notwithstanding any potential claims from "base"
art creators. This stuff is fanart...so hopefully it is
fair use.

PPS: I am always flattered when folks ask to host my images
and I like to visit them, so letting me know is great!


[b:868c0a7029]Nightsea[/b:868c0a7029]? how do i save the finished image on that program? i've ried right click, click, the drop menues, and see no way to save them *blinks* am i just being blind? lol


Ahh... pooey!! Don't be so formal.... :(

But thanks for the approve... :D


Rain....I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE his hair....someone fix it!!! Ahdri makes me feel better and the blue is her NB dress.
[img:b14a82167e]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Rain.png[/img:b14a82167e] [img:b14a82167e]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Sun%20Villagers/Ahdri2.png[/img:b14a82167e] [img:b14a82167e]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Sun%20Villagers/Ahdri3.png[/img:b14a82167e]


There is no "save" feature on the menewsha maker, if that is
what you are asking, WindDancer. You need to have
image software (or use screen capture and the default Paint
program). If that isn't clear, ask again and I'll do my best
to walk you thru.

See my first post for some links. And get a photobucket
account to post images free on the web that you can then
link here for display.

Just thought I'd lay out the formal version for the record,
nevaratoiel, and you are welcome as always!
Your forum info. on your site/link is missing (you know
that little box in your profile).



lol i have bucket, no worries there.

ugh! so i basically have to print screen or something similar. well that's a bummer, specially since half the time I can't get my Print Screen to work right >.< but thanks that's what i was basically wanting to know.


Sorry your print screen is wonky. But really, if you like
dollz you'll need to get some software. Gimp is free to
download off the web, and you can find versions of
Paint Shop Pro on this page (scroll down when you get
there): http://practice.chatserve.com/. I use
Paint Shop Pro 7 myself.

It helped me make your character Kelpie:



[quote:a5c74d9c0c="Nightsea"]Just thought I'd lay out the formal version for the record,
[b:a5c74d9c0c]nevaratoiel[/b:a5c74d9c0c], and you are welcome as always!
Your forum info. on your site/link is missing (you know
that little box in your profile).

Yeah.... that happens when forums get hacked. My site isn't up now, I'm revamping it, so there isn't much to see yet... But it's going to be great, some changes, new stuff... and hopefully more to come. :D

EDIT: Now I've fixed the link! :D


That Surge [img:d99f8e4c0d]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v477/Night_sea/roliavasurgewithwatercircle.gif[/img:d99f8e4c0d] is awesome!


Thanks, Arthis!

Tymber's Foxhair again from Lunaii:



Rillfisher!! I think she turned out great! Along with Serrin and SUntop from New Blood.
[img:9674c464c4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Rillfisher.png[/img:9674c464c4] [img:9674c464c4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Pregnant_Rillfisher.png[/img:9674c464c4] [img:9674c464c4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Sun%20Villagers/Serrin.png[/img:9674c464c4] [img:9674c464c4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Sun%20Villagers/Pregnant_Serrin.png[/img:9674c464c4] [img:9674c464c4]http://i59.photobucket.com/albums/g299/astevens85/Dolls/Elfquest/Wolfriders/Suntop3.png[/img:9674c464c4]