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A Paradise of Light & Shadow (High Ones "Holt")


The Original Thread which spawned this one: Holts on The New EQ


"Here." Said Mensa with a warm tone.

"Here?" another voice responded in the darkness. The stars around them had come back, the enclosed space- light up again.

"How many times have been through this, Malev." answered a brisk voice.

"Everytime you find a place to settle, we leave."

"Shh..." answered a smaller meeker tone. "This place is good."

"Good? Keva..... What do you mean 'good'? You've said that about the last set of worlds and we've always found life their..." Tenab interjected.

"I mean look." Keva gestured with a slender arm to the viewer. It flared a soft white light. "Open grasses, and food animals, the eat the plant life. There's nothing I nor the other's can sense that we could call 'sentient'." Keva added.

"Then our search is over, Keva?" the voices were in unison, a single voice, a single thought, a single feeling resounding through evening the sleeping memembers of the group: Hope.

"Yes. Our Search is over."

---Thus Begins the Light of Hope--

-So Far Established- {This Will Be updated with the 'Basic Facts as they develop and are brought to light}:
Two groups of High Ones- both have traveled the universe but each side has seen the sentient lives best and worse charactistics.
The "Light" have embraced ('The Way' of Live and Let live, Community comes first, but individuals are important too. Balance & Growth.)

The Darklings have developed very individualistic approaches to living. (Think of these more along the lines of Humans, interms of actions and understanding though they are High Ones.)

The two groups have come to land on different sections of an unsentient llife-filled world.


All right! A new thread! I quite like the concept and the beginning story.

Not sure I'm all for the adoptables as opposed to self-created characters (I really love coming up with characters and especially names Tongue) but I can see how that would be better because we have groups of High Ones. I guess it is easier to have adoptables since we can't really have any wandering elves. In reality I don't mind playing any kind of character personality or powers-wise, but I just like coming up with the name and looks, heh.

I guess both the groups have arrived in a "Palace" of their own? I think it's interesting that they can be two very different groups with different values - the others go running in the forests and the others start chopping the woods to build or whatnot!

Unfortunately I haven't read the newer EQ-comics (yet), so I don't know much about Haken and the friends. So if there's some super important High Ones lore, do point it out. Wink


Take your time. I'd say its important for te 'feel' of what perhaps the Lightlings & Darklings /FIRST/ experienced when they touched down on their very first worlds, but not for this particular venture, though it give you an idea of how things worked on the Palace.

Yes, both High Ones will have Palaces -both of which function extremely well. As for the 'Adoptable' its just a 'name' (which may or maynot change- I feel the Darklings might change their names to suit themselves (something more Wolfrider-ish/ Or WaverDancer Style). The Lightlings probably would keep their names but add things onto it, : Zahran FastFire- it can't be all give- Fastfire is probably his taken appellation because he is a FireStarter.

I mean there are plenty of /other/ people on the ships other levels... Hundreds really. When the Lightlings & Darklings left they took enough people to start strong populations with good genetic diversity (probably 2500 people on each side, though its good to imagine that many may not have come back to their bodies yet or are shaking off the wrap-stuff sleepies or are completely still encased. Probably a few of the women are pregnant(considering they've been to other worlds recognition's probably returned a few times over)


Ah, I never realized there are so many people asleep in the other levels. I guess that makes perfect sense though! And it's a good idea that they have already started recognitions and getting pregnant, so they're a bit closer to the concrete world by now.

So what kind of things need planning right now? Their environment? The group members and their positions/skills?


Well I have a map!

The Center island (Omeista) - And yes they all have names all the continents have names and sizes. I can add them here if you'd like.

Big Center Island: Omeista (O-may-sta)

Small Island: Naurista (Na-ru-ee-sta [To the right of Omeista]

Southeast continent: Zisen (Zie-sen)

Northeast Continent: Tysia (Tie-sea-a)

North West Continent: Xiuo (Shoe)

Anyway the Lightlings start calling themselves the Raeloch & the Darklings- are the Eldaris.

Because this world is only 'somewhat' based off Elfquest we can kind of do what we want.. sort of.

Right now the groups are rather small- about 10 or so elves on each side- since they're just getting things together and they know waking too many would be /bad/.

-Hunters & Gatherers (They're got a few Timmain-individuals amoung their number so there are true shaped hunters)

-Builders (Those who like Kaslen have started to Shape, Trees and Rocks to become homes, but also trying to not damage the ecology too much by making unnatural things)

So far that's about it.


this just gets more and more exciting as time goes on Smile sorry i keep missing your IMs, Starshine...but shoot me a PM or something if you have anything specific you want to ask Smile


I think that all sounds very good, StarShine! Nicely thought of, and I really like the map. Very impressive!

I really like the names Raeloch and Eldaris. Also it makes sense to have only a few elves to start things off and not wake up quite so many right away. Do you need any help with planning anything specific or is it coming along just well? Smile


Feel free to plan to away, throw things up on the board. It's a collaborative effort, and the more -not my own ideas there are- the better.


I'm pretty awful at coming up with independent plot lines...which is not a ringing endorsement as a player. But I get better as things progress. Thinking about three characters now...two Raeloch, one Eldari.


I'd love to hear about them. Snippets of what people created.

I should tell you guys that Omeista- the big center island has a climate like New Zealand-- it has a lot of different climates in one (A micro-climate-zone?)


Which one of the islands is Omeista? Is it the Southwest one, or what is that? Or did I miss something completely?

I guess my character could be Vordai the rock-shaper, if that's all right. Vordai can be a he or she depending which we need more, I don't mind either way. I wonder what kind of "professions" the group of ten needs? Most of them hunters/gatherers and builders like StarShine pointed out, but maybe also some other specific people are up and about. Like a leader, a healer and so on? Probably also one magic-user who can "go out" and whatnot? Or what do you think?


Not much has fleshed out in my head, but I'm thinking one hunter per group, for me, and a ...more gentle character. Cubsitter was my initial thought, but there's probably not quite a need for that yet. Tanner, maybe.


I think a healer would be appropriete, and most of them can use magic (at least a little). Rockshapers are useful too, good for making tools.

There is definately one who can 'Go Out' (one for each group essentially)- sort of the Shaman type person.

I think the Raeloch (Lightlings) rule by council, and group consenus/ appointed leaders.

Eldaris (The Darklings) by strength or some other set of traits.. or perhaps they've already established a system of governance.

I do think a lot of the people aren't job specific yet, there are only 10 awake- and its mostly to keep build something suitable/ stable for the others to live before they start to deconstruct the Palaces.


All of that makes sense to me. I like the idea of ruling by strength with the Eldaris. Will it matter on which continents the groups settle on? (And which one is Omeista?)


Omeista's the on in the middle of the planet-- its the at the center of the map! Smile
It's kind of cool, actually I am figuring the names are in their language (assuming that the groups know about each other... (well vaugely.)


What's the South-West continent called then? Or is it an unknown territory?

Oh, do you think the two groups know that other High Ones are in the same world? Or maybe they'll find out about each others during the game, I suppose.


The south Western one has a name.. I just don't remember what it is...

And yeah they're on the same planet. The Darklings/Eldaris perhaps landed in the South Western continent (which has a harsher climate) and the Lightlings/Raeloch landed on Omeista (which as I've said before is like New Zealand and is an microclimate-- having a lot of different climates (about it is also about the size of Australia). Most of the other contients are HUGE (Europe+Asia+indian subcontinent sized places)


Ah, ok! I was merely confused because I was thinking.. Aren't there more continents than names here? Grin

I'm afraid that I don't have much input in the creating of a Holt. I'm not very good with the High One lore (as you know) so I have no idea of what needs planning. But as soon as we get started, I'll be all in, hehe.


Well this is pretty original-- I was hoping other people had ideas. imput ect. Cause I haven't done this in years.


Are we looking for plots or starting setting or creatures into the world? Since it's your original world, I feel a bit hesitant to just come up with stuff, heh. But I don't think super detailed planning is all that neccessary, we could just start playing and if the elves can only explore a small-ish area at once (at first), we could just come up with stuff as we go along?

I wonder where our game will start? Has the tribe JUST landed or have they built a camp or such? Either would be good, I think.

What kind of information do we need of the adoptable characters? Name, age (how old are they anyway?), looks, magical and other skills, position in the tribe(?), personality? Are High Ones related to each other or are they all 'brothers and sisters'? Tongue


Hm you know I haven't thought about that.


*shyly comes in* hi! *waves*

Can I join in? I've never been in a Holt before, and I have no idea how much time I'll be able to spend on it... but I'd love to try!


* comes in and waves *HIWave2

Can I join in to? I also have never been on a holt before and also have no idea how much time I'll be able to spend on itWink I also do love it to give it a try and I always wanted to join a holtWink


Yeah sure. We're just trying to flesh out ideas at the moment- trying to build up a base to work from, something a little solid before we start doing any roleplaying.

Right now we need 'ideas' stemming from the ones we already have.


I still think it'd be nice if people can create their own characters. But if others think adoptables are a better idea, should I come up with some information sheets then? Should our High Ones be related to each other like normal people? Wink Or just the brothers and sisters kind of setting?


Sooo... what do we need most now? Character descriptions? World descriptions? Plant/animal descriptions? Plot ideas?


At the moment I'd say we need just character descriptions. This world is completely alient, we might not even have 'normal' animals... so I'd say leave the animals up to the players..

I think we can simply just have rough character descriptions. I mean what people look like is it up to them..


Humanoid (so either human-like or elf-like (think around 5'0 -6'0 feet tall)
Any color skin is probably applicable as long as its not too outthere (if this world like Pandora( from Jame's Cameron's Avatar has a lot of blue then our people can be blue skined) but I think our worlds probably got a lot more colors so we should probably stick to human color-skin tones.)


I was thinking about more technical stuff about how the RP goes. I hope we could have several threads going on at once, based on which characters are interacting and where. In most Holts they seem to have every game happening in one thread and just tag the characters in each post, but I think that is really confusing and I don't really see why it would be neccessary. What do you others think? In my opinion it would be good to have a thread for each game and maybe a little description of what is happening in the first post.

I made a sketch of a CIS (Character Information Sheet):

Player: Tehaar

Name: Vordai
Soulname: Dnarr
Age: 1900
Gender: male

Hair: brown and long
Eyes: light brown
Skin: fair
Other: (here you can have scars, tattoos etc)
Clothes: (and here's the clothing and jewellry and such)

Magical skills: rock shaping
Other skills: tanning
Position in tribe: builder, tanner

Life-/lovemates: -
Children: -
Recognized: no

Personality: (I'll write something for my character when we'll have a place to RP in Tongue)

What do you think? Any suggestions to improve it? I'm not sure if the family relations are neccessary - do the High Ones have parents and siblings and so on?


I don't think the High Ones have started Recognizing already... since they've barely left their home planet... right?

And I think the reason for the everybody-in-1-thread thing is that this makes it easier to interact with a lot of people at the same time, or quickly after each other... plus you could get things happening in 1 thread that aren't noticed in another but should be important... you know?
It's both got it's pros and cons...

And will be working on a character sheet for 'my' character soon Smile


I think StarShine said earlier that our High Ones would have already started recognizing and having babies. It might have been in the previous thread, though. We were thinking that they have traveled into several worlds already, and haven't found a place to settle down yet. (Until arriving on this planet.) Either way is fine by me. Smile

I guess you're right about the everybody-in-1-thread thing, faeriegirl. I suppose it makes it easier to jump into a game that others are playing. Most people must like that system since it's so common, hehe. I just prefer playing with fewer people at once, so maybe that's a part of why I'm not too fond of the system.


aha.... I guess I missed that Recognition part then Wink Whatever we want, I guess Wink

And why not start off with several threads if that's preferred? We can always experiment with a common thread, and see what's liked best...


Yep, and since our Holt isn't all that huge yet, I think it would work just fine to have separate threads for each game. If it doesn't seem to work, we can always change the system, and experiment, as you said!

The question is, where do we play? Should we just go ahead and create a group here at the official EQ forums or head to some free forum provider, what do you guys think? I'm not sure of how the group forums here work, so I don't have an opinion yet. Tongue


Ok, first try for a character sketch! Is it any good?

Player: faeriegirl

Name: Dahli
Soulname: Myrr
Age: 2000
Gender: female

Hair: blond and long, barely curling.
Eyes: blue
Skin: fair
Other: (here you can have scars, tattoos etc) none so far.
Clothes: blue&natural colored clothes, long skirt tight top, skirt might get caught in bushes etc a lot so might cut it off later.

Magical skills: Sending average, maybe some dormant skill? No idea.
Other skills: has learned to handle the bow. Still no Strongbow-level though. Can get around with a dagger fine too by now.
Position in tribe:

Recognized: no

Personality: (will do that later)


I am pondering starting something more... formal in terms of posting but I think and group here on the Elfquest site might work since we're remaining small probably.


What do you mean formal? Like a separate forum or a formal posting-order? (Just asking for clarification, not opposing in any way. Wink)

I think that in the long run a separate forum might work better and be easier to administer (than a group here), especially if the Holt becomes bigger. But I don't know which sites host free forums, I haven't administered a free forum so I'd need to look into the details of how those work.


Well.... we could always start in a group here, and move to another forum site if it gets too big or anything? At least for now it would be easiest...


Well it shouldn't be hard. I can get us an AcornRack site (Free with FORUMS!) And they have logins ect. So we can have a nice little club. But lets work on putting together a solid world to fill the pages with.

If we need help world building:


We can start with these questions, but I want to get all the pages-work done first.


Why not start a group here for the starting stuff we have already? Could make a thread with character descriptions, with world stuff, with ... oh, everything!

At least for now I think I'd prefer a group here... just so we won't have to make all-new accounts and all...

and what exactly do you mean by the pages-work?


Weeelll I must say I'm more interested in casual role playing than administering a whole world and a whole new reality. But if you'd like to have the world designed before we play, well, why not. But I think I'll be more enthusiastic to jump in when I can just design a character and start playing. Wink

I don't mind making a new account, but I suppose someone could put up a group on these forums too. Anyone willing to be the administrator of the group?


I don't mind being admin... that is, if you and StarShine don't want it... it's originally your idea, after all...

And I do think that at least some sort of world-description could come in handy before we start playing... so we have a basis from which to start!


Oh yes, some world info is good. But I just looked at the list on that world designing website and... I guess we're not going for that detailed stuff, are we?


Not immediately, I guess. I think it's easier to make a very broad description... and then fill in any details we need while playing!


The More admin the better. And someone else inspired me to start putting together the information before 'play begins'. Its easier to get a sense of the world and the beings in it.

In this world, we know there are definately GIANT animals (Wolves (other carnivores,Birds,'Deer-like things). I figure we'll keep it in the realm of possiblity, though we could also have dragon-like beings as well.) Just to sketch it out.

I want to have a little to put up on the sight before we start the site and forums. that way people can just /read/ what they need to know basics and then as the story goes on and develop as the characters learn about the world they've found themselves on... the information can grow too.


Sure, sounds like a plan. I'll come up with adoptable characters, but I'll leave the world design to you guys. I like the idea of giant beasts though. Dragons, not so much. Tongue


Giant beasts I agree with... something like avatars.. "Sabertooth MooseLions!" come to mind. But we don't have to have anything quiet that unusal.


Ok gang quick inventory what do we have so far?



Sure, sounds like a plan. I'll come up with adoptable characters, but I'll leave the world design to you guys. I like the idea of giant beasts though. Dragons, not so much. Tongue

What is it that every one has against dragons I wonder? I think they are great. They are magical creatures just like the elves so they fit together...


Hehe, I'm not exactly sure what it is about dragons and ElfQuest elves that doesn't mix in my opinion. Maybe it's just the lack of dragons in canon EQ, maybe the fact that I'm not a particular fan of dragons in general? I don't know about others' views on this though, but I do get the impression that many people don't like dragons in RP Holts.


That's true, but technically elfquest elves don't bond with anything except wolves (unless you count the Goatriders that Freefoot discover in the novels.) so big cats and such would be the same thing. (but I have those too.) Smile

I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just curious is all. I"m wondering if that is why people aren't joining my holt even though you don't have to have a dragon elf, or even interact with them, or even see a dragon...


Heh, well on the subject of bond animals, I mostly like bond wolves like the Wolfriders, bond birds like the Gliders and deer like the Go-Backs. The giant beast idea in general, I think it fits with the giant hawks and such. But I like it the best if they're animals in the wild, not neccessarily bond-animals. Smile Though I don't think the latter option would be a problem for me either.

And there's just only so many RPers and quite a few Holts, so I'm sure there's nothing wrong with your Holt. This Holt planning seems to have been a bit forgotten, also? I got so enthusiastic about my other Holts, that I must admit that I forgot about Paradise of Light & Shadow completely. :o


Same here. I've been busy with college.. so perhaps we should simply contintue planning and plan to make it up later? Like keep this around to add and develop ideas on?


*pokes* Anyone still here? Anyone still wanna continue?


I do kind of but it seems that has sort of died down.

I think the drive for EQ places might work better as a MUSH perhaps than a PBP /PBEM setup.


could be...


So, I wrote an introduction-like thingie for this holt... a sort of starting point.
In case there's anyone out there who'd like to continue... please do.

It was a strange world, the one they were nearing. Although it looked blue-green, like their home planet, this one was smaller, and had two suns. Curiosity overcame the elves in the round, sphere-like spacecraft, and they changed course to take a better look at the surface of this planet.

Then, panic! Panic from the control room! The controls had suddenly stopped responding, rendering them helpless against the gravitational pull of the two-sunned planet!
Their shell, their protection was no longer the same. Instead of protecting those inside it, the sphere was now speeding towards the planet on a crash course.

Helpless, scared and on the verge of panic, the elves could only watch as they sped toward solid ground. Regardless of bracing themselves, the huge crash of the spacecraft shook them all over, knocking most unconscious.

The golden-colored sphere was clearly visible inside the crater it had created in the forest. Big trees were knocked sideways as the sphere crashed, barely slowing it. Not a single animal had remained near the crash site, not between the trees nor in the water of the nearby stream.

Inside the space-sphere, the elves slowly regained consciousness...