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Photo album oddness


Has anyone else run up against this? Right now, in EQ_Art_Gallery, I've uploaded 8 albums' worth of images - 3 for the 2010 Fan Calendar (print, wallpaper and wallpaper wide), plus 5 other albums of Elfquest art (3 calendars and 2 portfolios). If you go to here to look at/for them


you will see the most recent 6 albums, with a link at the bottom to see the others. When I click on that link, I get a page with the EQ site frame, but no other album images. Do you get the same? Has anyone else tried uploading more than 6 albums? I'm looking into it but want to know if it's something site-wide, or account-specific.


Yep, same thing happens to me. Just a blank page with frame instead of the next two albums.


A blank page as mentioned before - and I can not even "jump back" to the former site with the other six albums.

I must either close the window and start again from your link in this thread


it leads me back from the blank album site to the EQ_Art_Gallery's main site when visiting directly from there.


OK, so it's not my browser. I have a bug report submitted to the forum software people; let's hope they reply quickly. I have a TON of art I want to share and I need a lot of albums to do that - and they should all be easily accessed.


Good to know, until it gets fixed! I'm at like 4-5, and I'd put up on a group to open another album for different projects. Thanks for the info!


I wouldn't say that the problem is really fixed by now.

The second site is not properly loading for me ... looks sort of "compressed" and unready. Trying to refresh gives me the too well known blank site.

Nevertheless I can click on the "comressed" pictures and open the album ...but when I try to jump back I get the profile site of EQ_Art_Gallery instead of the the first album site.

Well ... it works for now - more or less. I'm wondering what will happen when more albums are added, though.


What I know for now is, avoid using the underscore (_) character either in your photo or your album names. There is an bug somewhere in the code that doesn't like that particular character.