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If I opened a new Blue Mountain roleplay, would you join it?


Years ago, I made a Blue Mountain roleplay... http://bluemountain.atspace.com/

I had to quit for reasons of real life... now I'm thinking about starting again, with a new storyline and new players... but that's assuming I get any players?

This time, it would be entirely a forum based roleplay. The background info would be the same, but the personalities of the characters could be remade (those characters we only know by name or who are made by the players that is - Winnie, Voll, Tyldak and other defined canon characters would retain their canon personalities). None of the things that happened in the old roleplay would have happened here. If you were there, you could make the same character again, but possibly those your character had relationships with wouldn't be the same.


I loved Blue Mountain and, considering that summer's here again, would gladly join the holt if it started up again. Dancin' Especially if I got to keep my characters. Grin


I'd like to join a roleplay like that, so I would Smile


Hmm, I think we need a few more people to get a RP started. I'm trying to RP with six people in Three Moons Holt and I doubt a RP would work with just three players in it.


I'd Join! ^^


I think... if two more people say they'd join, I'll make it.


okay, come one guys/girls, who wants to? Happy


Sure, I'll join, but I'd probably be on the fringes. Occasional artwork and short scenes. If it's possible to play Aurek/Egg, I'd like to. There's one other particular background Glider I'd like to play, too. If I can snag a pic of him, I'll upload it.

[EDIT:] This guy...

Didn't someone once make a webpage with pix of all the Gliders from all the books?


Nowth made a gliders gallery, but the links to the pictures don't work anymore.


I'd love to join too. Smile


Sorry, Myu and others - I started studying and am now too busy to run a holt... I made this topic in the summer when I wasn't certain if I would pass the entrance exam.


Oh, I see. Unfortunately I was too late...but it's ok and good luck with your studies!