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Site on mobile phones


This weekend I was away from home... and I thought I'd check on a thread or two here.

But I ended up in a phone-version of my dashboard... with only the new friendships and status updates, and no way of visiting any threads!

Please please please fix this?? I'm often visiting the Scroll through my phone, so would like to be able to do this in the future too! Happy


I've listed LOTS of issues I've had with my phone on the website, and most of these are either listed in my phone blog or in 'general bugs' on this topic, a few threads down.

Seems that you're having more trouble than I am, though, as I can usually play with the view settings enough to get where I want to go. Usually takes me at least 5 minutes to get to any particular goal. It also drains my battery dead if I leave the site open in my phone's browser and close the browser. As such, i've just given up except ot check something every once in a while.

I'm sure it's on Richard's list, right before "make site work perfect for everyone" lol

I'm thinking, as I look around, that a mobile port of the site isn't high on the list, though, but I'm sure it's coming, just may be a while.


It seems I didn't see something on this phone page... The link saying 'full site'. So now it is possible again to check from phones. I'm posting this from my phone Wink
and I guess it depends on your phone and network how easy it is to do this.


Well... Update on this subject....

Got a new phone that shows the same thing you mentioned and its downright annoying! However its not as bad as my old windows mobile phone and there is a workaround for you.

On mine, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the mobile versoin there is a link for the "full site" which is very similar to what shows on a regular computer. Exceptions will follow. It seems to me that the mobile site isnt set up yet and is set to defaults like the reporting issue that was recently fixed a few months back. I do hope the fix it though for one major reason: if you are inactive for like 5 minutes (its random) a link will retunr you to the mobile screen with no way back. So if you are trying to read something in the tnl cantina and click to the next page it may go to the mobile page instead and you have to spend time and bandwidth to get back to where you were. This is what needs fixed worse than updating the page imo.

The exceptions to the site working on my phone other than that is that posts get sent but the box wont refresh, effectively locking that page and making you wonder if it posted.

Another is that the gallery doesnt load popups right... Infact no popups work right. Tried adding a friend the other day and it located the popup offscreen. When i coukd locate it it didnt have valid links. I think this is tied to the posting issue in some way but this is just a hunch. It may just be my phone. Im running a galaxy s with android 2.1.

The other issue is with the digital eq. The new zoom version does not work at all and i cant view the comics at all. As this was part of the reason i wanted a web accessing phone its kind of a letdown. Perhaps with the new update (if it ever gets here) some or all of these problems will go away.