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I'd like to which thread I posted in...


It's been sort of annoying me for a while now, the fact that I can't see which thread I posted in. I'm so much on and off that I really don't keep track of all the replies, since I simply don't have time to browse through all the replies, if there is like 9572495 replies...

Is there any possibility that this option can be added to the forum?


I don't want to bump this up, but I'd really like to know.... Is it possible? A simple yes, no, or maybe will suffice. With maybe to be explained. Evilgrin


I'm anything but sure about the possibilities you have to manage the informations you get from the site. But "unsubscribe" to the Forum in general (in the settings) and then "subscribing" to single threads (with the thread tools or when posting) should mainly do the trick. When you do everything right (still figuring out how to do this myself Wink you only get notifications from the threads you want to keep on track.

That's just what I know so far - and still trying to figure out exactly.


I think you don't get my question. I don't want to subscribe to threads. I absolutely despise it when I get an e-mail notice every single time someone replies to a thread I subscribed to. Which means I'll never never ever do it.

What I mean is; You are viewing a page with threads, like the link below.


As you can see, on the left side of thread title, you can see if there's a new reply since you last visited. There is an icon.

means someone has commented on this thread since the last time you visited this page.

means no one has replied since you last visited the page.

My question was, and I guess it's mostly to the people who built the site and forum, if it's possible to have another icon saying in which thread you (in this case me, myself & I) have posted in at some point or another.

That's the question, sorry if you, and anyone else, misunderstood.

Oh yeah, I just thought of another thing. What about making the whole forum read. I haven't found it... Thanks.


Huh ... does this WORK for you? It doesn't for me ... :/


You mean the icons, being read and unread? Nah, doesn't really work for me either...